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Short story contest ||swasan|| story 5

NAME OF THE STORY ;; “The Angel of our Love”
THEME ;; Sacrifice..



The story is set in delhi where 2 students of ABC university of medical science,fall in love .They are swasan .Swasan have a common friend ragini.Ragini had seen them from the past 5years and had a lot of importance for their love.She lived with Swara and was an orphan.

Swasan Pov

Misunderstandings were slowly entering our lives .We almost gave up and ebbed away from eachother .But what we did not realise was that someone valued our love even more than us.Its not that our love was not true but at that time it was going through tests which we could either fail or pass.We would have failed if that someone would not have given us the strength to make our love pass.

Ragini,our best friend who was 3 yours younger than us whome we considered as our sister.In terms of love she had always been unlucky.her father had died in an accident the day she was born.her mother died when she was 3.she only knew her 3 aunts who were going through separations and divorces,she herself had gone through 4 failed relationships herself .She belived in love only after she saw ours.she is the one who nurtured it let it grow and even protected it as far as she could.she was relly devasted when we had decided to part ways and in that dilemma she cut her wrist and wrote us the following letter:


Raginis letter:

Dear swasan.

I had never believed in love myself until I saw yours .I was so happy 5 years back when I got to know that 2 of my best friends are going to be a couple .you were my only hope.I had always seen love fading away when I was around and I dont want that to happen with you.so I am going away from all the lovers life so as to let love exist.


She died to let our love live.Today we are married for two years but we still hav’nt forgotten her who was the angel of our love.



Hi Readers…..You can judge the story and give marks……scheme of giving mark is

~Concept ;; out of 5 marks
~ Name of the story ;; out of 2 marks
~ Justification the theme ;; out of 3 marks


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