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Rudra and Soumya makes RumYa (Part 1)

Hi everyone.I present to you my very first ff on Rumya.I have never written a ff here or anywhere else so I am a bit nervous & excited to see the reaction.I am a reader here nd I hv read many ffs written on Shivika so I thought to write something different.This ff has been on my mind since RuMya marriage happened bt I am writing this now.Please do tell how was the first part.
The brackets after speakers name are the representation of the person coz I will not use their names so a shortform.Enjoy & feel free to leave your comments

Whole family was gathered in the hall.The elders of the family were seated.OmRu were standing together behind the back of Jhanvi,Tej,Pinky and Shakti.Soumya and Priyanka were standing together behind Daadi and Sumo’s ai.Shivaay was seated with his beloved wife Annika(yes they are happily married in my ff ?).Rudra nd Soumya were looking at each other.They both were worried.When a voice grabbed their attention.It was sumo’s aai.
Sumo’s aai:-Thankyou so much all of you for taking care of my Soumya.
Jhanvi (J):-arey isme thankyou ki kia baat hai.Ye to bilkul hamari apni priyanka ki tarhan hai (what the need of thankyou in this, she is like our Priyanka)
Su.A :- nhi phir b haj kl zamany koi apnon k liye itna nh krta ap logo ne tou ..(now a days no one do this for someone close,you people still did soo much for a..)
Dadi:-Tou tmhara kehna ka kia matlab ha Soumya ghair hai hamary liye.Ye to meri apni poti hai.Khabardaar aaj k baad tmne hamien or isy alag kia ( what you want to say,Soumya is stranger for us.She is my own grand daughter)*Daadi hugged


Soumya while sitting*
Pinky(P):- Yes yes mummy jees is rights.Ye to hmari apni bacchi hai
Everyone smiled
Su.A:Waisy mery yaha any ka ek imp maqsad to ap loag janty hi hain.Kia kehty hain aap loag baat pakki krdun(Btw you all knw why I came here.What you people say should I proceed .she is talking about her rishta here)*Soumya looked on worriedly*
Shakti uncle(S.U):-Haan dev acha larka hai, uski family bh achi hai hm sb mily huay hain unse aur phr wo hamari Soumya ko pasand bh krta hai(Yess Dev is a nice boy,we have met his family they are good people and he even like our Soumya)*Rudra clichéd his fist.Anger could be seen through his eyes*
Su.A:-Tou phir haan krdun(Should I say yes then)
Dadi:-Haan hamaien to koi aitraaz nahi (Yess we have no objection)
Omkara(O):-Someone please ask the one who has to marry.*pointing towards Somya*
Dadi:-Arey haan beta batao tmhein koi aitraaz to nh(Tell do you have any objection)

Soumya looked towards Rudra.Her eyes started to fill with tears.She ran towards her room without saying anything.Rudra wanted to stop her but he kept quiet due to family
Dadi:-Haye sharma gye(she got shy)
Shivaaye(SSO):-Tou phir mien un logo ko bula leta hunk al lunch par.Date sb kl hi decide krliengy.(So I should invite them all at lunch tomorrow.We will decide the remaining things tomorrow then)
Su.A:- jaisa aap logo ko theek lagay
And everyone got busy in talking about the upcoming Soumya & Dev marriage.Rudra left the hall and headed towards Soumya’s room.While everyone was busy two people were noticing all this.Thy both looked towards each other & found tht both of them were thinking same.
Who do you think will it be?

Precap:-Annika and Priyanka bring Soumya down in a beautiful gown.Rudra gts lost in her beauty and innocence.The two people who noted them before again notice this.

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