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Rishtey(Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 42 (Swaragini & Suhani Si Ek Ladki)

“Shekar”screamed Tej. “Try to understand tej it’s about Gini’s happiness.” said Shekar. “And what about Varun’s happiness Shekar. Why he has to suffer. Do you even know how much he loves Ragini? She is his only happiness. After his mom left this world I thought I lost him almost and Gini filled the void space in his life and brought him back. I will lose him again Shekar please try to understand. By the way Gini is just our Amanat now in your house. When she got engaged to Varun that day only she belonged to Varun. I will not let you snatch my son’s happiness for your daughter’s happiness. I never thought Mr. Shekar Gadodia will break his promise” said Tej with rage. Shekar left from there angry. “I can risk anything in this world for my son’s happiness even our friendship Shekar” said Tej determined.
Shekar stood beside Pankaj. Nitin helped Shravanthi to stand and stood beside Ragini. Ragini stood away from him. Shekar watched them confused. Nitin looked at Ragini painfully. Ragini controlled her tears and looked forward with chin up. “Radhu I think this jealousy prank is getting serious” whispered Ishan. Radhika went and helped Shravanthi stand and signed Nitin to cool Ragini.
Manny and Suhani stood holding each others hand. Manny kissed Suhani’s hand and winked at her. Suhani blushed and lowered her head. Manny dragged her near to his chest and encircled his hands around her shoulder. Arjun stood beside Shruthi and she blushed tucking her hair behind her ear and he kissed her ear for which she looked at him shocked. He winked at her and smiled widely.
“Now you can exchange the rings” said the Pandit. First Rachna made Kabeer wear the ring blushing. She was feeling restless from many days. Kabeer asked her what happened through eyes. Rachna nodded her head and smiled weakly. When Kabeer was making Rachna wear the ring he heard a familiar voice which said “Kabeer…” Kabeer stopped his approach and widened his eyes. A tear dropped from his eye and the ring slipped from his hand. “Ananya” said Kabeer leaving a lump of breath. Rachna who was looking at him confused and looked back. A girl was standing who was weak and in white simple chudidar. Her eyes were weak and pale. It looked like she will fall anytime. Kabeer turned and found Ananya. Ananya smiled through her tears and she was about to faint. Kabeer could not control himself. He ran and held her in his arms. “Anu…. Ananya…. Get up look your Kabeer is here only. Wake up please” said Kabeer patting Ananya’s cheeks. If you see a person whom you loved in front of you when you had accepted that they are dead how will you react. Kabeer forgot everything for the time being. He even forgot that he was getting engaged to Rachna. Dadi closed her mouth shocked. Rachna moved stepping backward. Kabeer lifted Ananya and headed out to hospital forgetting everything. Rachna nodded her head not able to grasp that her world scttered in a second. She ran to her room and closed it. Everyone who were shocked jerked due to Rachna’s cry. “Rachu” screamed Suhani running behind her first. Rachna leaned to the door and burst out crying. “Rachu…. Rachu….” screamed Shruthi beating the door. “She is not opening the door Aunty” said Shruthi looking at Rachna’s mom. Rajinder also tried calling her but no response. “Siyappa queen open the door. See I will kiss Ani. Open the door” said Manny banging the door. Tears flowed from his eyes. Nitin pushed him back and hit the door with his shoulder hard. His shoulder got hurt. Ragini’s heart pained. The door was strong enough. Even after Manny joined Nitin it did not break. Nitin saw the window beside door. He did not take a second to act and broke the glass with his hand. The glass pieces pierced his skin and his hand started bleeding. Ragini looked at his hand and opened her mouth shocked. She started running to him but Shekar held her hand to stop her. Nitin opened the latch of the door and all entered the room. Nitin and Manny who entered first were shocked looking Rachna who slit her wrist. “Rachu” screamed Rajinder entering. Nitin moved swiftly to Rachna and tied the hanky around her wrist to stop further bleeding. Rachna tried get out of his hold weakly. “Rachu” screamed Nitin and stopped her struggle. He lifted her and placed her on bed. Shalini came and checked Rachna. She tied the band aid around Rachna’s wrist and gave her injection which she instructed Manny to get. Rachna winced in pain due to injection in half conscious state. “Dadda leave me” said Ragini pleading Shekar. Shekar stood with null expression. Every drop of Nitin’s blood which fell made Ragini’s heart pain. Ragini released her hand from Shekar’s hold with much difficulty and ran to Nitin. She held his hand and started crying. Her tears fell on his wound. He smiled through his tears. He wiped her tears with his thumb finger of other hand. Ragini forgot her surrounding and hugged Nitin tightly. Nitin placed his hand on her head and let his tears flow. Shekar looked at them painfully. Tej neared them and dragged Ragini out of Nitin’s hold. Ragini looked at him shocked. Nitin held her hand. Shekar looked at Tej pleading but Tej did not budge. Nitin left Ragini’s hand when he saw Shekar’s painful eyes. Ragini looked at Nitin who left her hand shocked. “She is just Varun’s Amanat with you Shekar. Just make her understand” screamed Tej. First time Nitin saw Shekar’s helplessness. Tej headed out from there.
“How could you even think about it Siyappa queen” said Manny sitting beside Rachna who was sitting like lifeless body staring infinity. Everyone were looking at her state painfully. She burst into a bitter cry hugging Manny. Tears flowed from Manny’s eyes. He caressed her hair. Nitin sat in front of Rachna and cupped her face with one hand and said “Only Kabbie bhai is in your life? We are of no importance? I know I’m not of any importance but I have always found a naughty younger sister in you. Are these people have no importance in your life? Why did you think about it. Look at them. How sad they are and how much they love you” Rachna hugged Nitin and sobbed more. Nitin held her back and consoled her. Suhani came and sat beside Rachna and said “How could you think about leaving me Rachu. How could you? You know na I can live without my mom but not without you. How could you” Rachna hugged Suhani and both of them burst into a bitter cry. Radhika came and Manny got up and gave her place to sit. She hugged Rachna from back. Rachna tilted bit to Radhika and hugged both Radhika and Suhani. Ragini who was standing in front of her looked at her anger and with tears in her eyes. She ran out of the room. “Gini” screamed Rachu weakly. “You know she hates this suicide concept.” said Radhika cupping Rachna’s face. Rachna nodded her head sobbing. Ragini stood in hall and sobbed holding the chair. “Sorry” said Rachna who came out with the help of Radhika and Suhani. Ragini turned and hugged Rachna in bone crushing hug. “Dare you think of leaving us alone” said Ragini sobbing. “I will kiss Ani” said Manny completing. “Manny” screamed Suhani hitting him playfully. “Maine bola na Manny dur rahiyo Ani se” said Rachna smiling through her tears. Manny smiled widely. Suhani and Radhika hugged her from either sides. Shruthi hugged from Ragini’s side. All had tears looking at their friendship. Shekar walked out wiping his tears which only Nitin noticed. He followed him. Shekar sat on the bench in the garden. Nitin went and sat beside him. Shekar was staring ground. Nitin held his hand. Shekar looked up at Nitin. Nitin hugged him to console him. “What if my Gini takes such step” said Shekar sobbing. “No uncle. She will not do such thing. I promise you. I will go away from her. Mai apko sharminda hone nahi dunga” said Nitin consoling Shekar. Shekar dragged himself shocked. “Beta” said Shekar. After so many years Nitin felt his Dad called him. He smiled through his tears. “I know that you want to break Ragu’s engagement. You have sacriced so many things in your life for your Gini’s happiness. Now I won’t let you sacrifice your self respect for her. You will not do this” said Nitin. Shekar cupped his face with one hand and said “Can you call me Papa?” Nitin nodded suppressing his cry. Shekar hugged Nitin and caressed his hair. Nitin placed his head on Shekar’s chest and controlled his cry. “No wonder my Gini said she can’t forget you. You are like a bad habit. Once someone comes across you they cannot drag themselves away from you” said Shekar.
“Kis mitti ka bana hai Nittu tu?” asked Manny standing beside him in college. Nitin looked at him confused. “Why are you letting her go now. Just because of stupid engagement? When Shekar uncle understood your love why are you backing off now?” asked Manny. Nitin looked at him shocked. “I heard you both that day” said Manny. “Manny please don’t say this to anyone please. It’s about Shekar papa’s respect. I can handle my heart break but he will not handle his respect being ruined” said Nitin pleading Manny. “Fine I will not tell this to anybody but I won’t let you people separate” said Manny and headed to class. Nitin looked down and found Ragini who just entered campus and was looking at him. He turned and sobbed. Ragini felt bad. She wiped her tears and headed to her class.
“Hua kya hai in dono ko?” asked Shravanthi when she saw Nitin and Ragini who faced each other on their way but walked past each other as if they don’t know at all each other. “I have no idea” said Radhika confused.
“Finally I’m back” said Varun removing his glasses standing outside the airport. “I will surprise Gini so let me go to her college first” said Varun. He instructed the cab driver to take him to Ragini’s college address.
“Gini. Isn’t it burning. Come will go to medical room” said Shruthi concerned holding Ragini’s burnt hand which was burnt during practicals. Nitin who was walking in the corridor stopped looking at Ragini and they looked at each other without emotions. “Come” said Shruthi dragging Ragini with her. “Ouch” said Ragini wincing in pain. A tear still could escape Nitin’s eye feeling her pain. “Leave Shru. This pain is not more than the pain I have in my heart” said Ragini looking at Nitin with null expression. A tear escaped Ragini’s eye also. She walked from there swiftly. Nitin wiped his tear and followed her. “Ragu” called Nitin not able to control himself. Ragini closed her eyes letting the tears to fall from her eyes. “Nothing is left to talk Mr. Nitin Roy” Nitin stood in front of her looking straight into her eyes. “Come will go to medical room. You are hurt” said Nitin. “Why this concern now Mr. President. Then you didn’t feel concerned when you left my hand. Then you did not feel my pain when you were enjoying your new girlfriend’s company in engagement” said Ragini with rage filled eyes. Nitin’s anger crossed its limit. He held her elbow with full force and dragged her near to himself. His nails pierced Ragini’s skin and she winced in pain closing her eyes. Nitin touched his forehead with hers. His touch conveyed all his emotions. They both burst into a bitter cry closing their eyes.
“Gini” heard Ragini and opened her eyes shocked. “Varun” whispered Ragini recognizing his voice. She freed herself from Nitin’s hold and turned. She saw Varun standing with his baggage. She ran and hugged him in a bone crushing hug and cried. Varun looked at her and looked up and found Nitin looking at them with tears in his eyes. Nitin and Varun had a eye lock with null expression. Varun had infinite questions running in his mind. The bag in his hand dropped and he encircled his hands around Ragini’s shoulder. He held her head and consoled her. “Bhayyu” said Radhika shocked looking at Varun who was hugging Ragini. She looked at direction Varun was staring. She found Nitin standing looking at them painfully. Varun’s hand traveled on Ragini’s shoulder and touched her elbow. Ragini winced in pain when Varun touched her wound. Varun got concerned and dragged her out of the hug and analyzed her wound. He understood Nitin gave her this wound. He looked at Nitin with rage and tried approaching him. Ragini held his hand and stopped him and nodded her head in no. Varun looked at her and stopped. He neared Ragini and wiped her tears and kissed her forehead. Nitin closed his fist and closed his eyes. Ragini closed her eyes. She felt difficulty to breath and fainted in Varun’s arms. “Ragu” screamed Nitin. “Gini… Gini…” said Varun patting her cheeks. Nitin ran to her and tried touching her face. Varun stopped his hand. He lifted Ragini and headed from there along with his bag. Radhika kept her hand on Nitin’s shoulder. He turned and hugged her sobbing. Radhika caressed his back consoling him. ____________________________________x___________________________________
“Aur Kuch baaki hai jo tum yeha phir aaye ho?” asked Rajinder spotting Kabeer when he opened the door. “Papa please give me a chance to explain” said Kabeer pleading. “You have lost that right Mr. Khanna. When my bacha tried taking her life for an idiot like you that second only I decided I will keep my daughter with me all her life but will not let her marry a jerk like you” said Rajinder and tried closing the door. Kabeer stopped the door and asked “What?”. “Get lost”said Rajinder pushing him. He fell on the ground. “Kabeer screamed Ananya who had come with him and was sitting in his car. She came out of the car and helped him to stand. “Rachu” said Kabeer sobbing. Ananya wiped his tears and consoled him. “You be here” said Ananya and headed to Rachna’s home. She ringed the calling bell. Rajinder opened the door and found Ananya. “Kaun hai baba” asked Rachna coming out of her room. Rajinder turned and Ananya entered the home and stood beside him. Rachna looked at her shocked. She headed inside her room. Ananya dragged Kabeer inside and headed to Rachna’s room. Rajinder tried stopping her but she did not budge. Kabeer stood at Rachna’s room door. Ananya entered the room and sat in front of Rachna. “Hello. I’m Ananya. I think we did not had proper first meet” said Ananya. Rachna was looking at her bed not able control her tears. Ananya lifted her head holding her chin and saw the tears which were flowing uncontrollably. “She really loves you madly Kabeer” said Ananya smiling through her tears. Rachna looked at her confused. “Ahhh. You both are really stupid. See I was woken from coma after 3 years. I fell down from the hill when my accident happened. Some people saved me but I fell in coma. There was one more dead body in that area of a girl who committed suicide. Her body burnt with my car. So all assumed that I’m dead. My bad luck or yours I don’t know two days back only I came out of coma. I told them Kabeer’s address because I wanted to meet him as soon as possible. When we reached his bungalow the watchman gave your address. Poor fellow forgot to tell that it was his engagement venue. I came here and when I saw him I couldn’t control myself and called him out. I was fainting so he took me and ran to hospital” said Ananya. She held Rachna’s hand and continued “I did not knew that Kabeer has moved on thinking I’m dead and now he has only you in his heart. I know it was all my mistake that I spoiled your engagement. I’m really sorry” Rachna hugged her and sobbed. Kabeer looked at Rachna painfully. He saw her band aid covered wrist and closed his fist. “In one minute I came to know that how madly he loves you. I’m sorry really sorry that I came in between you people” said Ananya. “No Ananya dee it wasn’t your fault” said Rachna. She cupped Rachna’s face and said “Thank you. If you weren’t there Kabeer would have been like a soulless person. You cheered him and made him a person what he is now” Rachna smiled through her tears. Kabeer stood near her bed. Rachna got up and hugged him encircling her hands around his neck. He held her back and both of them burst out into a bitter cry. Kabeer composed himself and consoled Rachna.
Ananya got up from her bed and neared Rajinder who was watching them with tears in eyes. “Uncle this time don’t waste time in engagement. Direct shadi karvado inki” said Ananya and chucled. Rajinder side hugged her and said “Thank you beta” The both looked at Rachna and Kabeer. Kabeer wiped Rachna’s tears and kissed her forehead closing his eyes. Rachna closed her eyes.
Rajinder and Ananya smiled widely looking at them.
“Ani…. Ani…..” screamed Manny in college corridor. “Ohho Manny why are you screaming?” said Suhani patting his back. Manny turned and hugged her immediately. “What happened Manny?” asked Suhani. “Jaan I saw very bad dream. That you are going away from me” said Manny sobbing. “Ohho Manny you are seriously lost it. Where will I go. Even if I die I will torture you like chudail” said Suhani rubbing his back. Manny dragged her out of the hug and looked at her with fierce eyes. “Manny” said Suhani. “You think I will live without you. I will die…” before he could complete, he felt Suhani’s lips sealing his lips. Manny’s eyes popped out due to shock. Tears flowed from Suhani’s eyes. Manny cupped her face. Suhani dragged herself when she felt difficult to breath. “Dare you speak about death Mr. Manpreet Chadda again” said Suhani panting heavily. Manny hugged her and placed his chin on her head. “I will not. You also should not speak about it” said Manny. Suhani nodded her head. Then Suhani saw Shruthi and Ishan watching them mouth open. She blushed and closed her eyes. Manny’s phone ringed and he picked it up. “Manny ke bache I had told you na to stay away from Ani” screamed Rachna from other side. Manny smiled listening her scream. Suhani asked him who through eyes. “Wo kya hai na Siyappa queen. I’m so irresistibly hot that your Ani only couldn’t control herself and kissed me. Are you listening Siyappa queen. Ani kissed me that too on my lips, Tujhe awaaz tho aa rahi hai na” screamed Manny. “Manny” screamed Suhani. “Shameless” said Suhani. “See she blushed and went. Awww I feel so pity on you. Che aisa nahi hona tha tere saath. Ab kya karegi. Siyappa queen ka band baj gaya. Babaji ki buti…Babaji ki buti…..” said Manny and danced. Rachna huffed in anger on the other side. “Ahhhh” she screamed and disconnected the call. And threw her phone on the bed. Kabeer who was sitting in hall with Rajinder came running inside Rachna’s room. “Rachu what happened?” asked Kabeer cupping Rachna’s face. “Manny… Manny…” said Rachna and sobbed. “Kya hua Manny ko?” asked Kabeer concerned. “That Manny Gummy bear kissed my Ani” said Rachna like a kid and burst out crying. Rajinder looked at her confused. Kabeer and Ananya had the same expression. “Wo bhi he kissed her lips” said Rachna like a small kid. Kabeer dragged her into a hug to stop her from revealing more. Rajinder looked around embarrassed. Ananya looked at Kabeer confused. He signed her he will explain later. “Shhh Rachu baby relax” said Kabeer consoling her.
“Bhayyu. Whatever you are doing is wrong” said Radhika to Varun who was sitting beside Ragini who was lying on bed still unconscious. “Shut up Radhu. I said na I will talk to Gini let her say” said Varun angry. “He loves her bhai” said Radhika sitting in front of him. “This is love? This is his love?” asked Varun showing her the wound on Ragini’s elbow. “What kind of love is this Radhu tell me. I was mentally prepared to let her go from the day we got engaged. Before all of you came to know I knew that she loved someone. And I know my Gini if she loves someone she will never think about giving that place to anybody. I knew for her our engagement was just a compromise and she will never love me. But I will not let her go to him now. His love is hurting her. And I cannot see her hurt. Let her tell her decision I will happily go away from her. But that fellow doesn’t deserve her. First he never understood her feelings. You have not seen but I have seen that pain in her eyes. And now he is hurting her like this. I will not let him hurt Gini. Not now not ever.” said Varun. He stormed out of the room. A tear dropped from Ragini’s closed eye. Radhika looked at Ragini painfully. “You are completely misunderstanding Nitin; bhayyu. I’m sure you will realize soon how much he loves Gini.” said Radhika to herself.
“Nittu” said Yashu placing her hand on his shoulder when he was staring the dark sky. “Love is so stupid na maa. I only held her and tortured her without letting her go away from me. Now when first time she came out of her Dadda’s hold I left her hand. I don’t deserve her Maa. She was right. Not she even I cannot fight her Dadda. He is the bestest Dad in the world” said Nitin with painful eyes. He turned and hugged Yashu. “Tujhe Gannu ji pe bharosa hai na?” asked Yashu. “Haa maa. Now how can I not trust him when my sorry when Ragu made him trust” said Nitin with cracking voice. “Then leave it on him. He knows the best” said Yashu and caressed his hair

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