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Our Rain Confession OS ~ Maria

Twinkle’s POV,
I was jogging in the park of my society in my favourite pink tee back and grey track pants with earphones in either of my ears, listening to songs. After around four rounds of the park I felt thirsty and sat down on the chair nearby where I had kept my water bottle. I picked it up to find that it was empty. I cursed myself for bringing a small bottle. I kept the bottle aside and looked up to see a tall boy with a water bottle in his hand which he was offering me. Without any introduction, I grabbed the bottle and drank water to fulfil my thirst. After a few seconds I found him sitting next to me just staring at me. I returned him the bottle saying thanks. He smiled at me. “You seem to be new here! I have never seen you here.” I asked in curiosity. “Yes, actually I shifted here a few days back. I was busy in settling all my things, and today after everything was sone I came here for jogging.” He replied with a cute smile. “Ohh I see, I’m Twinkle Taneja, and you?” I eagerly asked. I don’t know why but I felt attracted to him. “I’m Kunj Sarna.” He replied. We shook hands and got up together to continue jogging. We discussed about everything in the society and in this place as he was new here. We exchanged our phone numbers and after some time went back to our respective homes.

“It was fun talking to him. He is so cool.” I remarked as I reached home. This became a daily schedule, we used to meet in the morning for jogging and we used to chat a lot sitting together. I shared my entire life with him and he also did the same. We became very close friends and knew each others secrets very well.


Kunj’s POV,
I had started loving her, I mean she is so cute, each day we met I started falling for her more. She was simple yet beautiful and bubbly girl. One day I was invited for my friends birthday party. Not that I didn’t have any other friend who was a girl but she was special. I usually love to flirt with girls but with her it was never possible. So as I was saying I was invited for a birthday party. I didn’t want to go alone as I wanted Twinkle beside me so I asked her. “What will I do there with your friends?” she complained. “You be with me! You are coming and that’s final!” I said determined.” “Okay then” she replied.

I was waiting for her outside her building, and she walked down like a fairy with white gown and a white stilettos. I just couldn’t stop staring at her. I mean she was looking so damn cute! She came near me and snapped in front of my eyes. I realised what I was doing and I complimented her “You are looking gorgeous!” making her blush. I opened the car’s door for her and made her sit. And I quickly ran to the driver’s seat and we drove off. There was an unusual silence between us. But none knew the reason. So to end this silence I played the radio. The song played ‘Pal pal dil ke pas’. She looked at me and I changed the channel. The song played ‘The breakup Song’ and in no time I heard her singing the song along with the radio. She enjoyed that song very much and I just couldn’t stop staring her. She looked at me again and I concentrated on my driving. In some time we reached the venue. I held her hand and we walked together. She looked at me surprised when I held her hand.

Twinkle’s POV
He held my hand, I felt shivers run through my body because of his touch. I felt that I hug him tightly and say that I love him so much. He introduced me to all his friends. They all were quite decent and good. He had a great company. After some time I saw him surrounded with girls who were dying to talk to him. I was left out. I felt really bad. He told me that he’ll be with me then what happened now? I was standing staring at him smiling and talking to all his friends. In some time the cake was cut and everyone wished him and gave gifts. After some time the music was played and all of us were invited for a dance. I smiled and walked towards Kunj to dance with him but before I could reach other girls again surrounded him. I was so annoyed. He started dancing with them. He didn’t even bother about me, so mean! I should not have come here at all! I realised someone tapping my shoulder from back, I turned to find one of Kunj’s friends. He asked me for a dance but I refused. He smiled and moved away. I felt bad for him and I also thought when Kunj can dance with someone else then why not me? I went to that boy and asked for a dance, he happily agreed. We started dancing. Soon a romantic song played. I continued dancing with him but my eyes were continuously staring at Kunj. I was looking at him in pain even he was looking at me and dancing. The boy with whom I was dancing, i don’t even know his name uhhh.. so he pulled me towards himself and I looked into his eyes and danced just to make Kunj jealous. He twirled me and soon the partners were changed and I while turning slipped and fell into Kunj’s arms. We looked at each other in pain and a drop of tear fell from my eye. He made me stand straight and wiped my tear. I turned to go as I didn’t want to dance with him. He had already hurt me a lot. But he pulled me towards himself and I fell on his chest. He twirled me and picked me up in his arms and slowly I also gave in. We danced sensually, looking into each other’s eyes. I felt best dancing with him. As the song ended he bent on his knees and held his ears saying sorry. A broad smile appeared on my face. And he got up, I quickly hugged him tightly with some tears in my eyes. He hugged me back. Everyone clapped for us and I stood blushing. Some time later the party ended and we both left the hall. And it suddenly started raining. I played in the rain as it was my favourite season.

Kunj’s POV
She looked so cute while playing. I couldn’t resist and started playing with her. I loved the way she was enjoying. I quickly hugged her and kissed her hair. She broke the hug and shied. I again came on my knees and proposed her.
“Twinkle! I fell in love with you, the day I saw you. Our jogging park. It was love at first sight for me, and slowly I started falling more for you. Will you like to be my girlfriend and my life partner?”

Twinkle’s POV
Omg!! Finally he proposed me. I quickly came on my knees and hugged him tightly saying “Yes! I love you too!!” That was indeed the best day of my life. We broke the hug and he placed his rough lips on mine. I was shocked but that time even I couldn’t resist and gave in.

The End!

So how was this? I guess it was a bit boring but still I want to know your views on it. And thank you so much for your support in my other stories.

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