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“My pain”~Swara (Episode 3)

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Here comes the next episode. I wrote it in a lil hurry so please ignore any typos or grammatical errors..
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Episode 3
The night was ever so dark and ever so long like never before what was gonna happen next could not be foreseen. Things never happen the way you want it right.


The sunrises everyday and it is actually a new opportunity to begin your life afresh letting bygones be bygones..
Was this sunrise gonna really bring a new and positive change in the lives of 5 people still needs to be seen..
The sun rose , making the place all-over bright and adoring it with light.
Gadodia family can be seen involved in their chores was it really that easy for them to forget the previous day’s incident and go back to normal was a question whose answer was difficult to determine..
In the Bose house , it can be seen that Swara is still in her dida’s embrace with wet eyelashes and dark circles clearing indicating she was pained even her sleep and for sure she did not have a peaceful night. Dida is still lost in the thoughts of how to bring back her Shonu and relieve her of all her pain..
Next we can see Ragini, all fresh and getting down the stairs to give her prayers to God for being her side to begin a new life all again afresh.
The scene shifts to the Maheshwaris..
Everyone is awake and yet they seem like they lost their souls. Obviously coz they lost their dear daughter Swara and a loving Dil Ragini..
Yet among all these 3 people are missing and they are Sanskar, Mr and Mrs Laksh Maheshwari…
The balcony door of a room is open and we can see Sanskar by the railing with his eyes closed was he sleeping or not that no one knows…
Then is Laksh’s room where we can see laksh still asleep covered with his duvet while Kavya just stepped out of the washroom all fresh in a pretty pink saree a superstar she is afterall.
Back to Gadodia house.
A beautiful girl in an elegant anarkali is seen doing the Pooja and singing a melodious song and doing the Arti thus disturbing her sister’s sleep. There woke Swara because of Ragini’s sweet voice only to release that her marriage was to break once again for the last time probable. Seeing her dilemma her dida put a stop to her thoughts and asked to freshen up so she could have her favourite breakfast. Thought Swara really dint want to do it, she could not say no to her dida..
Thus, she went out to freshen up.
Ragini finished her prayer and took the blessings of all the elders giving them the prasad and set out to have breakfast with the family..
All of them began to have their breakfast but none noticed their elder daughter missing and probable really dint care for her now coz for them Ragini was their first preference..
In Bose house, Shonu had a lil of breakfast with her dida’s forced feeding and went out to check what was happening in the Gadodia only to listen to Ragini say she has decided she would rejoin the music school to attain peace of mind and begin afresh. These words struck chord in Swara coz now she learnt that she had to forget Sanskar no matter what..

In MM, all had a gloomy day , though all of them did have their breakfast it was just for the reason that they need to eat something..
Then, Sanskar along with his bade papa and papa set out to Karma industries while Laksh took Kavya along and moved to Maheshwari industries..
Swara was yet again heartbroken and dejected.. she no more had the courage and guts to face her family and moved back to her dida’s house requesting her to arrange for bringing her clothes from Gadodia house as she wanted to stay in Bose house. Dida knew something was wrong sure yet she dint ask Swara , thinking to give her a lil time to get set with things..

Ufff. Finally done with the 3rd episode.. I’m sur this way quite a long chapter..
So read and enjoy friends..
And please do comment be the positive or the flaws..
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Till then enjoy..
Bye for now guys and will return as soon as possible..
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