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MMZ-Written on Stars!! (Chapter 16)

Helloo Darlings!!! Thank you soooo soooo Much for your amazing respond to previous Chapter..Neil’s pov..It was highest reveiwed chapter till now in WOS..I’m sooo sooo happy you liked and lived Neil’s thought…M soooo overwhelmed by your love..Thanks to each and every who commented…I love you guys and i hope i can see reveiws from you well in the future too….I like to read them a lot….

Chapter 16: Graduation


I stared at my reflection. I was wearing pink Kurtha and white leggings matched with white dupatta, I brought it from our celebration shopping spree since Nandu was officially engaged to be married. She kept getting emotional about how romantic it was. How they spent night seating on lawn looking at stars and how he went to knee and asked her hand that he needed her and her alone always. Even I got teary when I heard it.
When I got downstairs I greeted by many relatives that hadn’t seen in forever. I knew papa arranged small get together tomorrow after graduation. So I felt lucky that I could celebrate with Neil and his family, since he was going to get graduation gift from his parents.

I grabbed my gown and cap for graduation, along with my parents I got into car and headed towards university campus. When I reached I look around the area and took it in.it was a last time I was gonna be here, after this moment all things gonna change in our lives.

Mom and dad went to seat with everyone and I slipped into the room to get ready. Girls were wearing their black gowns. So I did the same. After adjusting my gown, I ran my figures to smooth some wrinkles

“Hey, Sam”

I turned to find Nandini in her normal beauty. Her inner joy was radiating on her face of both graduating and becoming Mrs. Sidharth Malhotra.

She stepped forward and readjusts everything and helped me slip on my cap and pin it to my head that it wouldn’t fall off.

“Nervous?” she asked. She knew that I was gonna give speech.

“a little bit..you know I never talked infront of people, especially this many people..” I mumbled to her

I felt warm hand reach out to touch me, and this cause me flinch little, when I turned I saw Neil’s twinkling eyes and face.

“Don’t worry about the people out there. You will be fine. I have faith on you….” I whispered.

“Thanks..” I couldn’t able to understand why he was so sure about my abilities when I wasn’t even sure of what I was doing at the moment.

“if you get scared, just look at me and imagine it just you and me there.talk to me and me alone…”

He and his words always gave me strength. He was my biggest support no matter what happen to me.

Mrs D’souza asked us to gather in auditorium and ceremony gonna start in a minute. While entering in auditorium I found my parents and they were clicking pictures like kids and it was when I saw him. Armaan Arora.

He was sitting with his father not far from my parent’s seat and I noticed that his eyes watching me keenly, a warm smile playing on his face. I tried to not look at him but my eyes seem captivated by him for a moment. Luckily I got seated on my seat, my back at his haunting eyes. Husshhhh…

It was then Mrs Kapoor called second topper Sonia. She gave a very impressive speech. And I knew mine wouldn’t be able to compare to it. As soon as she concluded, I felt sick. Mrs. Kapoor stood again and before she speaks I know it was my turn to go.

“Ladies and gentleman, it’s my honor to announced this year gold medalist and topper of the university, Samaira Khanna”

The audience broke in round of applaud when I stood and walked to the stage. As I stood I got scared when I looked out to see all people staring at me. I turned my attention to the shinning black pair of eyes of Neil. He nodded at me in encouragement. I stepped in front mic and cleared my throat before I began my speech.

“ Welcome to my Respected Teachers, elders and friends. The day finally arrived that we have been waiting for. Today is the day we embark our lives beyond the walls of university.
Four year ago, we came here as freshers,innocent to the college life and in blink of eyes we are receving our degrees and we will saying good bye to each other and heading off into our individual lives.as we say good bye we should remember where we came from.its’ time to apply the lesson what learnt here.

We were like samplings , we were nurtured by family, friends and teachers and now we are grown into full trees. It’s time to branch out into this big world and plant our roots and show the world what we can do.
So, My friends,its time to go out and seek our dreams but part of us going to stay it our always..in our heart…I wish you all the best for future and hope you find everything in your lives….”

The hall broke into round of applaud and I looked down to see Neil watching me and his crooked smile shined with one of his classic winks. I took my medal and returned to my fellow classmates.

After few minutes, Mrs D’souza called us by our names and gave us piece of paper that say we are officially graduated.

As our whole class gathered, we throws our caps in the air.we had done it. We were graduated. I looked around many of my classmates hugging and crying. I looked at Neil whose eyes looking at me.he was deep in thought.

A tear dropped escaped from my eyes.

“ Sammy, what happened? “

“It’s over. Things are going to be changed…” I sobbed

“SHHh…Sam, know this.i promise I will never change and I will never leave you. I will be always by your side…” he hugged me tight like there was no tomorrow.

We clicked pictures with our groups, families and other friends. We went to click pictures with our individual families


Turning around, I found Armaan standing behind me, holding bouquet of red roses.

“ These are for you…” he whispered

I took the bouquet and leaned down to inhaled their incredible fragrance “ Thank you..you didn’t have to”

“ A Beautuful woman deserves the beautiful roses on her graduation…” he said and winked at me. Oh god..his flirtings…..

“ Hey Sammy….you friend? “ Neil rushed to me and asked

“Neil, this is Armaan Arora…Family friend….Armaan, this is Neil, my best friend….”

I watched Armaan examine Neil and he let out a chuckle, I don’t know why. It was almost like he was checking who in his compitation. Both guys extended their hands to each other, my heart felt weird nervousness on that sight.

Neil came close to me and whispered in my ear “ Come in minute…we are waiting for you in my car..Radz already jumping in excitement to see my gift…”

“Yeah…you go..i will be there in a minute…”

He ran towards Radz and I turned back to Armaan, I could see he was examining something between me and NEIl.

“ He isn’t deserve you Sam..I know…..I wouldn’t refuse your love Sam…”

Looking straight into his eyes I was confused how he reached that conclusion which was so near to reality.. “what?”

“I saw the way you looked at him but he doesn’t returned the look of love…I would worship you Sam…” he said as he took my hand in his.

”Armaan..it doesn’t matter he love me or not…we can’t help who your heart fall for…”

“Hopefully..you look at me that way….i will treat you as princess….”

He pulled my hand near to his lips and placed kiss on it before turning towards his dad who was talking to my parents. The sensation of his kiss wouldn’t compared to the Neil’s sweet kiss.

Slipping near to my parents, I told them that I was going at Neil’s place.they hugged me night and told that how proud they were of me. They are best parents you could ask for.

After reaching Neil’s house Prerna aunty and Rah welcomed and congratulated us. It was then they led us to the back yard of the house.

There was his gift standing on lawn. Harley Davidson. A navy Bluish colored metal shinned in night lights…

I don’t know much about bikes. It was the same he kept talking about always. When he stepped over and sat he looks different guy..like GQ magazine model…

The celebration went well and everyone left and I was lying on the grass looking up at the stars.

“Can I join you?”

I turned to see Neil standing right behind me. I nodded and he sat down beside me.

“What a speech Sam..I’m so proud of you….” He whispered

“ Credit goes to you idiot..you motivated me….” I replied..Yess he was my motivator..That black captivating pair of his eyes were my strength…

“Sam, I wanted to you know something and I never said it to you….i think you really need to know about it…..”

His words worried me, for what reason I really don’t know..but I was scared to hear again something heartbreaking words from him.

“You think you are so ordinary and that people don’t notice you but you are special Sam…it was people get jealous of you…..it’s not you are lucky to having me for friend but I’m the lucky one Sam…you are great person…”

I sat in owe of him. His words were perfect not normally he says to anyone. I kept looking at him without blinking….

I yawned and then I felt myself being lifted off the ground and I looked to meet Neil’s eyes

“Where are you taking me?”

“to my room…” he stated calmly

“ W-H-A-T?” his room…whats going on here….

“Untill you want to sleep on top of Sid and Arjun on couch..and I don’t really you want it..and Radz’s room is already occupied by Nandu…you knew their sleeping yoga postures I guess…..you can sleep on my bed and I will sleep on couch….”

“ Neil…Maa and paa are waiting for me…”

“Radz already called them…told them that you were staying with us….”

“But Neil Ho…..” I started to protest but he shushed me and he pushed the door open. He movede swiftly and placed me on his massive bed..As soon as my body touched the softness I wanted to sleep.

“Hey Sammy..you can changed into this ..i don’t think you can sleep in that dress…” he gave his T-shirt to me which was ten times bigger for me.. he smiled and went to bathroom.

I reached out for his T-shirt and quickly pulled my Kurtha and got into his T-shirt. I took a deep breath..taking a deep smell of his cloths..they almost smelled just like him…

“Can I come ? “ he called from other side of bathroom..


He opened the door and stepped out from the bathroom wearing comfoy T-shirt and shorts…I let my eyes drift from his chiseled features , but I quickly looked away from him blushing like a fool infront of him.

He took a pillow from bed and dropped it on couch. then he come to me and made me lay on bed and pulled cover on me…” At your service Mam…”He chuckled and I laughed

“Good Night Sammy….” He whispered as he walked to switch off the lights. I watched me walking to the couch and lying by pulling blanket over him.

I watched him for a while. He looked so peaceful and distressful…I was gonna hurt him by telling him that I was going far from him for PG..How will I face him…how he will react….

I had this feeling of dread..All were so happy today..My two girls..Neil….My love…But soon something bad going to happen..i could sense that…which was going to tear us apart……

Hello Lovelies…How’s it? All goody goody na..This is silence before up coming tornado in their lives…Excited for it??

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