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MMZ – A painful Revenge (The Reporter’s Diary) – Shot 4

MMZ – A painful Revenge (The Reporter’s Diary) – Shot 4

Precap: Ardhika published the article about the murder which rages Venu and tells them to meet him.

Ardhika reaches their office but makes sure that they should not loose their temper at any cost and handle this situation cleverly. Once they entered inside, they find

the staffs passing their sharp glares on them, even Sam too. Radhika goes to her place, keeps her stuffs and looks at Sam acting to be unaware of the situation.

Before Sam says something, Venu comes out and calls Ardhika to come to his cabin. Ardhika looks each other and follows him inside his cabin, the moment they entered,

Venu throws the paper on them asking, “What the hell you published Radhika? And who gave you the authority to give this kind of news without any solid proof?”

Radhika let out a sigh relief and looks at the paper with the article she sent and the headlines says, “Victim is suspected to be a Rapist and was helped by an

individual from the department. Can this murder be a Revenge for his deeds?”

Radhika smile slightly seeing it but controls it seeing Venu in a rage who anytime ready to burst out in anger. Arjun senses his tension and comes forward saying,

“Venu, just relax. It’s just a suspection only..nothing is wrong in this?”

Venu looks him shocked, poor Arjun don’t know what this kind of suspect gives an impact. Venu looks him saying, “Are you out of your sense Arjun? Read the headlines

clearly. She gave the suspect on an individual from department. It’s not that simple as you think. Even a common man will not be quiet, how can you think the whole

department be calm after seeing this?”. The moment he finished, his landline alerts him and he picks it up after a long hesitation.

Venu, “Hello”

OS, “—”

Venu, “Sir, we just suspected it”

OS, “—”

Venu, “I understand Sir, but when it comes as a suspect, why can’t we give a chance to know the history”

OS, “—”

Venu, “I am sorry Sir, but i am in with it”

Venu’s face reactions changed and now looks at the landline angrily and said, “Do what you want sir. I am ready to face it”

He hangs the call and rubs his forehead and looks at Ardhika when he hears, “Thanks for supporting us Venu” from Radhika with a smile on her face.

Venu, “You are impossible Radhika. I seriously don’t know how we gonna tackle it. You know whom i spoke? Commissioner. He is in rage and shouted asking us to stop

publishing the fake news”

Rads, “How do he knows it is a fake news? Did he has any proof for that?”

Venu nods her head and she continues, “And Venu, i just mentioned an individual, then why simply jumped in the pit when others from the department kept quiet?”

Venu looks her sharply and he understands what she is trying to say, he smirks seeing her saying, “I give the authority to you. Go and find the root of this murder

case and publish the each one what you get. Let us bring the truth out to the world”

Rads gets happy but at the same time she feels bad of using Venu’s influence, she stares him for a while saying, “Venu, you believe us right? Or do you have any second thinking?”

Venu, “Might be, but i am having a great hope on you both that you will not do anything wrong. But tell me onething, how do you suspect a person from department?”

Arjun, “It’s just a suspect Venu. As far as we know, we just gave a scoop and now we got one solid path to travel. Hope we will reach the right place soon”

Venu, “Fine. Go ahead and pls inform me whatever you are doing and don’t give me a shock like this next time”

Ardhika chorusly, “Sure Sir” and they leave from there.

Sam is still in shock seeing Ardhika and expressed her disbelief about the article. Rads chills her down and tells her, “Sam, actually we need your help”

Sam blinks at them and nods her head as No, but Ardhika pleads her, threatens her and finally after saying lovey dovey words and promises her of giving her favourite gifts she accepted it.

Radhika gets a message and she smiles reading it and shows it to Arjun and he widens his eyes reading it saying, “Threatening message? It is threatening to drop this case and investigation”

Radhika nods her head and says, “Commissioner”

Arjun, “How do u know that?”

Rads, “For now, we have to concentrate only on him whether we are sure or not. Now our aim is Mr.Commissioner, if we catch him and then we will finish everything”


Meanwhile, a guy who is relaxing himself in a pool, gets called by his servant saying, “Sir, phone for you?”

He gave the cardless to him and he responded, “Yes dad”

OS, “—-”

He, “What? How and why u did not tell me?”

OS, “—”

He, “This is ridiculous and he is my friend dad”

OS, “—”

He, “How can you ask me to stay here when my friend was dead. I am coming there”

He disconnected the call and gets into thinking about his conversation with his dad and murmurs, “I won’t leave anyone alive who was the cause for my friend’s death”


@ Chennai International Airport

A handsome guy, collects his luggage and walking out from the Airport to get into his car but inbetween he bumped into someone while looking at his mobile. Both falls down and he is on top of the person. He stuns seeing a beautiful girl under him and he is mesmerized in her hazel eyes and wavy hair. He comes to sense when he hears, “Excuse me” from her.

He immediately gets up and extends his hand to her, she smiles and gives her hand to him and gets up and adjusting her dress. He smiles seeing her introducing him as, “Hi, I am Adi…Aditya”

She too shakes her hand with him and introduced her as , “Hi, I am Sam..Samaira”

Adi, “Nice to meet you”

Sam, “My Pleasure”

Meanwhile, Adi’s driver comes and guides him to the car. He unwillingly bids bye to her and goes and before that he gives her his visiting card and tells her to call him soon and goes, leaving Sam and she roots there by rolling her eyes saying, “Nice to meet you…sorry mr.aditya…it will not be nice any more for you”

She then messaged to Radhika and Arjun and texts his Car number also which she noted it from little far, hiding herself behind the pillar.

Radhika reads the message and smiles widely saying to Arjun, “He came”

Both gives hi-fi to eachother and she said, “Now it will be easy to get hold of them”

Precap: Adi asks Sam for a date. Sam spikes his drink and made him unconscious.

***************End of 4th Shot**************

Thanks for reading the 4th shot. I am sorry for making it delay. I need to take some time to write this and pls bare with me. It will have another 2 or 3 more episodes only. So far now, you all would have got a glimpse of this plot, why that murder happened. I just tried something out of my box…i am not sure how much i succeed. There might be some logic lack…and i am so sorry for that.


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