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Kasam 30th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 30th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Tanuja arrives at the hospital where Rishi was being operated upon.
Raaj consoles Bee ji not to cry. Doctor comes to ask them for blood, as his surgery might be needed. Tanuja had just arrived and was taken aback, she goes to the nurse who tells her to go get the blood. The blood bank person informs Tanuja that they must donate blood to get the blood. Tanuja agrees to donate the blood and goes to the room.

Rano cries watching Rishi being treated, and says this all is because of her. Had she not cursed him this shouldn’t have happened? Malaika reach the hospital, wondering if Tanuja told them about her. She was ready to take the risk to meet them, and makes a crying face while coming to Rano. Manpreet takes Rano aside to get seated. Malaika comes to Raaj, and says it feels as if it was her accident. Raaj asks if really, it’s not visible by her face. Malaika thinks this Raaj doesn’t even let her do some acting. She was happy about the timings of this accident, no one could know about her reality.

In the room, Tanuja was praying for Rishi’s life. The nurse appreciates her concern for her husband. Tanuja forbids the nurse to tell anyone about her donating the blood. She sits up to find Raaj waiting for her. He tells Tanuja that Rishi got the blood, the nursed informed his wife arranged it. He informs her that Rishi’s surgery went fine. Tanuja begins to cry. Raaj says until she is there for him as a shield, his death would also return; as Tannu is back in Rishi’s life as Tanuja. The nurse brings a form for Tanuja to sign.

In the room, Rishi comes to consciousness and tries to sit up. The nurse goes to call his family, they all hurry in the room. Manpreet assures Bee ji that Rishi is now fine. Rano takes the blame over herself. Tanuja arrives in the room, Rishi looks towards her saying reason is something else and she doesn’t want to agree. Raaj was angry with Rishi for taking tension, he scolds him for driving while drunk. Rishi apologizes. Raaj insists he must come to him when in tension. He demands to go home. Manpreet says doctors won’t let him leave, Raaj takes Manpreet to speak to doctor about it. Rishi coughs, Tanuja hurries to get him water out of worry. Rishi denies taking it, Rano sends Malaika to take care of Rishi. Manpreet comes to inform them about Rishi’s discharge.

At home, UV helps Rishi to the room. Raaj tells Rishi that they will take care of office work, he must only relax now. He comes to Tanuja and says he is sure she would take care of Rishi to the full. He takes UV and Manpreet along. Rano leaves Malaika near Rishi, advising to give Rishi’s medicines in time. She then warns Tanuja to stay away from Rishi. Rishi was trying to sit up, Tanuja comes for help but he raises a hand, saying its ok. He takes the medicines from Malaika. At night, Tanuja comes to the room when Rishi had fallen asleep.

There is a leap of 5 days… Tanuja prepares soup for Rishi but Malaika takes it from her instead. In the room, Tanuja stood at the door. Rishi watches her, intriguing Malaika.
Ten days later, Tanuja comes to the room, and watches Malaika dressing Rishi up. She leaves the door.
After 15 days, Tanuja was taking water for Rishi. Rano takes it from her and gives the glass to Malaika. Tanuja watches Malaika giving it to Rishi. She turns to see Smiley looking towards her. Downstairs, Tanuja tells Malaika about Rishi’s medicine. Malaika says she always finds ways to go to Rishi. Tanuja says this is wedding, not betrayal but love. Malaika reminds she had a divorce with Rishi. Tanuja says she believes in all the promises of their marriage; Malaika should stay away from Rishi as he is her husband. Rishi stood with Rano at the door, and says yes he is her husband by all the rituals but not by heart and soul. This relation broke the day he found someone else has a right over her, it had all finished. Malaika cheers. They hear a clatter of plates, a cup had fallen off Raaj’s hand who felt unwell on the stairs. Manpreet runs towards Raaj.

PRECAP: Rano shows the report to Raaj. Everyone in the family was worried.

Update Credit to: Sona

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