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Kasam 1st December 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Tanuja tells Malaika about the whole development, she knew Raaj well and also the end result if Raaj comes here again. Malaika says Tanuja is just making this story up, to take her out of the room. Tanuja says he is in room 203, she may call reception. Malaika thinks this mean she is true this time. Tanuja bids Malaika good night, and goes inside the room.
Raaj enjoys the night tea, then wonders why Rishi didn’t return. He wonders if he should go to meet, as they must have thought it really late. He then fears Tanuja anger, for being awake this late and lay down to sleep.
In the room, Tanuja looks around for Rishi. Rishi comes from washroom, Tanuja complains they had to pose their wedding was going fine until Raaj gets well. He asks then? Tanuja wonders why he is in such a hurry being with


Malaika? Rishi loses himself and was about to fell down. Tanuja feels disgusted that he is drunk, she was upset he isn’t what she thought about him. Rishi comes behind her, smiling and was about to kiss her shoulder. She turns in shock, asking what he is doing. Rishi murmurs I love you. Tanuja considers it an outcome of his drinking. Rishi says he didn’t drink, Tanuja thinks he didn’t drink as there is no smell. She watches the medicine packs, thinking he is in overdose of pain killers. She thinks whatever is between Malaika and Rishi is unreal, Rishi doesn’t know what he is doing. She cheers, then helps Rishi lay down. Her pallu was caught under Rishi which she removes. Rishi stops her, and says I love you. Tanuja was moved. When he saw her in those twinkling lights, she looked beautiful; both recall their first encounter. He remembers her dupatta fell over his face, and smiles; Rishi recalls Tannu’s first encounter. He tells her, he loves her more than anything in the world. Tanuja cries in elation. Rishi asks if she also loves him like mad. Tanuja replies, she does; a lot. The voice echo in his mind. Rishi wonders why you left me Tannu. Tanuja was moved that he was speaking to Tannu. Rishi cries why she went into the other world, and asks for a promise to never leave her again. He lay down in her lap, crying. Tanuja cries then promises Rishi to never leave him.
In the room, Malaika looks around for her phone. Malaika remembers forgetting her phone at Shekhar’s place, and thinks she had put it over silent. She calls Shekhar who was angry and asks how her honeymoon is going. Malaika says nothing happened, because Tanuja came to interfere. Shekhar was annoyed that he is taking stress and she is in someone else’s arms. Malaika was angry and says alright, if he doesn’t trust her she is returning. She slaps the phone as she doesn’t want to speak to him anymore.
At night, Manpreet calls Raaj. Manpreet asks Raaj where he is, and was shocked to hear he is in Mount Tabu. Rano hears this and wonders what he is doing here. Manpreet says next time he has a fight with Ahana he would also come there. Raaj scolds him to fight Ahana again. Rano reminds Manpreet that Raaj has gone to meet Tanuja. Manpreet goes to sleep, but Rano calls Malaika hurriedly.
In the hall, Raaj calls Malaika. He calls it a coincidence that she is also here. Malaika asks if Rano didn’t tell him about business meeting. Raaj laughs, considering is a good idea. He forbids her to pose being good atleast for him, he is Raaj Singh Bedi and is aware she is here for cheating, and to spoil Rishi and Tanuja’s honeymoon. He says she can’t part Rishi from Tanuja, but she shouldn’t waste her time because until he is alive, no one can part Rishi from Tanuja. He tells her to return home and take her job over.
In the room, Tanuja slept with her head over Rishi’s. Rishi wakes up and looks towards Tanuja with the corner of his eyes. He thinks Tanuja looks so cute while sleeping.
Tanuja apologizes Rishi, he says sorry to her. There was a sudden knock at the door, Rishi goes to open the door then cheers watching Raaj. Raaj tells him being here since yesterday. Tanuja tells Raaj Rishi was really late last night. Raaj tells Rishi he is happy watching them together like this, and wish they always stay like this. He looks down smiling, as he can see the mark of their love. Tanuja spots her hair over Rishi’s neck, Rishi removes it consciously with the signal of her eye.

PRECAP: Tanuja confirms the doctor if these reports are true. The doctor tells her she is one and a half month pregnant. Malaika overhears.

Update Credit to: Sona

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