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Kartik accepts the accident blame in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

The family does not have food and stay lost in Akshara’s memories. Singhania’s family lost their smile and happiness. Naira and Gayu prepare breakfast and feed the family. Kartik accepted his mistake and cries in lockup.


The family keeps a Shanti puja at home. Manish reaches the police station. Manish and Akhilesh come to get Kartik’s bail. Kartik refuses to get bailed out, and asks Manish to accept the truth that Naira told. Kartik is hurt that Naira told he has killed Akshara. Kartik tells Singhania family is his family. Akhilesh explains Kartik to accept bail and prove to Naira that he did not do the accident. Kartik reaches Singhania’s house and apologizes to Naira. He dreams of the old moments when they were happy.

Naira does not forgive Kartik and leaves from home. Kartik follows her on bike to see where is Naira going at night. They reach the accident spot. Kartik gets accident flashes and cries recalling Akshara. Mishti gives everyone the gifts and notes. Akshara has bought the gifts for family before her death. The gifts get delivered. Everyone read the notes and cry getting emotional. They hug the last note from Akshara’s side. Keep reading.

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