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Kaala Teeka 1st December 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Pavitra overhears what pandit said and hides behind the pillar. Pandit is coming in that direction. Pavitra hides behind a door. She says in heart Manji ma is in trouble I have to do something. Pandit ji is checking the whole house. He comes in that room. Pavitra locks him in the room. He knocks on the door and says open the door. Pavitra tries to wake everyone up but no one does. Pavitra calls Kali and tells her everything. Pavitra says please come I am scared. Kali says listen to me I am coming with police. Close all the gates and doors of the house. Pavitra locks all the windows and police. Kali says I am coming. Pavitra says don’t hang up. Kali says I am calling police. I have to call police. She calls police station. The thugs come to house and call the fake pandit. He says

that little girl locked me in the room. Pavitra tries to wake everyone up. She pours water on their faces. The thugs are trying to break the gate. Pavita runs upstairs. The men try to climb the balcony. Pavitra sees them coming. She is scared. Pavitra throws pots on them. It hits his head and he faints. Another thug says we won’t leave her once we get in. Kali is trying to take auto. Kali says I am on my way Pavitra. She calls her and says I am coming don’t worry. The men are trying to break the gate. Pavitra sees pebbles she throws them on the floor.
Guru dev is doing pooja for her in the jungle. All of them fall. The thug says I will not leave you. Pavitra runs. He takes out his dagger. Pavitra saves herself and runs in the kitchen. She locks the kitchen.

The thug gets a call from Jakturi she says bring Manjiri soon. The thug says we have to leave this girl. Call the fake pandit and ask him where he is and lets go with manjiri. Kali’s phone slips out of auto. Pavitra is in the kitchen she sees naina fainted there. Pavitra tries to wake her up. Pavitra wakes her up. Naina says how I came here? Pavitra says so many bad people are here to take Manji ma with them. And mummy’s phone is off as well. They sees the thugs taking Manjiri with them. The phone rings. Inspector calls and says let me talk to manjiri ji. Naina cuts the call. She says the battery has ended. Naina says they are taking manji ma.Kali’s auto is out of gas. She takes another one.

Pavitra says leave our manji ma. The thug says go shut them up. They set the door of kitchen on ablaze. Naina and Pavitra cry for help. Naian says someone save us. They put manjiri in their jeep but the man on horse comes there. The thug says go beat him down. He jumps from his horse and hits all the thugs. Kali comes home running. She sees the masked man beating the thugs.

Precap-The man jumps back on his horse. Manjiri says to Kali whenever I am in trouble he comes from nowhere. Inspector says I called some kid picked it up and cut the call. Pavitra says didi picked the call. Kali says why did you naian? Why didn’t you tell him everything?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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