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Ishqbaaz ff by nans(part 17)

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Last part avishi avikam patchup is done.anika makes shivay calm with her kiss.finally they all return palace.dadu tells anika tat he found groom for anika.
Here it goes,

Dadu: anu finally I found a groom for u.
All r shocked.anika looks at ram.ram shrugs his shoulders expressing he dont know anything and gives a tensed look.he is standing along with all youngsters at right side of anika and elders at her left side and dadu in front of her.she looks at shivay who is next to ram.he gives her a worried look.
Anika: dadu!! Actually….
Dadu: I know its all of sudden.but u should marry now.its ta age to marry. Evry girl will be nervous but…
Anika: dadu I want to say something.
Dadu: anu u don’t have to wry coz u know ta guy well.
Anika: but dadu….
Dadu: beta will u come here(looking at shivay)
Shivay comes n stands beside anika.both are confused.
Dadu: we want u both to marry.what u think abt our decision?
Shivika eyes are wide open and look at each other.their heart want to dance at ta very moment shout in excitement.but they r controlling their excitement which resulted in weird expression.they r doing salsa in their heart looking at each other for a fast beat.

Rudra goes behind stair case and dances like hell.and he comes back all ta youngsters give lowfi to each other.
Dadu looking at their weird expression:I know I asked u all of sudden.u both talk to each other and decide.
And dadu leaves from their with his wife along with naanu naani.
Shivay dadi comes to anika: I am so hapy anika.sometime before bhaisaap came and discussed this with us.we immediately said yes as we all know about ur love.ur dad also said yes.
Anika smiles at dadi and looks at ram.she runs after him bcoz he was doing drama as if he knows nothing.
Ram running: arey bauji just asked me what will I feel about shivay.his marriage with tia broke na tats why he asked tensedly but bauji didn’t know real story of shivika.
They all giggle.

Anika: ram!! U wait and runs behind him.
Rudra: bhabi I am on cloud9 and he dances.
Om comes and hugs anika rudra too joins them pulling shivay. Shivika look at each other and smile.
All ta family members do huggy huggy.
Dadi: billu what’s ur answer ? Yes or no?
Shivay: u all know na.
Dadi: ha!!! U always get irritated with her y will u say yes for this marraige
Shivay: what?
Pinky: so u don’t get irritated with anika?
Shivay: ya but…
Anika: what? Hmph
Shivay: guys my answer is yes.
Tej: seriously?

Shivay: ofc I love her.(and realises what he said) OK i……lo…..ve………her….
Evryone: ahan…..(in teasing tone)
Anika blushing.shivay feeling embarrassed.
Ram: OK anu u also go n talk with dadu.
Anika : I need to talk to shivay before.
Shivay: we will talk later na first u go n talk with dadaji.
Rudra: someone is desperate to marry
Om gives HiFi to him.
Shivay: shutup guys.
Anika: I need to talk with u before tat.( with worried face)
Shivay: ok
Rudra: romantic couple.!!!
Shivika gives him a serious look.

Later in lawn ,shivika alone.shivay facing anika back.
Shivay: anika what happened?
Anika: actually ……its….
Shivay comes in front of her and holds her face by both hands.
Shivay: r u not ready for marriage now? ( he is so tensed to know answer)
Anika: its not abt marriage.
Shivay: then?
Anika: billuji I am really scared of dark.I mean its not like normal fear.I really get hyper in dark and I even faint and…….( her eyes become wet)
Shivay hugs her tightly.
Shivay: shhhhh! I know y u r scared of dark.u don’t ned to explain. I may not be able to remove that pain but I will share tat with u forever.

Anika breaking apart looks at him emotionally.
Anika: thank you!!
Shivay: I am not doing it for u I am doing it for me.i am kind of slefish u know.
Anika smiles.
Anika: but how do u know?
Shivay: yesterday night I saw u tensed seeing tat locket and asked Ram uncle and he said everything.
Anika again starts panicking remembering all tat.
Shivay notices this and pulls her close by waist.
Shivay: so any other terms n conditions for our marriage miss.anika avanti rajput?
Anika: no!!….actually yes!!
Shivay: what?
Anika: I will talk to ram whenever I want whether it be midnight or early morning.
Shivay: hmm so u will torture uncle even after our marriage?
Anika punches him.
Shivay: ouch.
Anika smirks.

Shivay: what’s next my majesty
Anika: u have to get ice cream for me whenever I ask.
Shivay: OK but in return what will I get?
Anika: what u want?
Shivay pinning her to tree and coming close,
Shivay: for evry bite u have to give me a kiss.
Anika: no way.
Shivay: sometime before u only kissed me.( teasingly)
Anika looking here n there : thats to…can’t u forget that.
Shivay: how can I?
Anika blushing.
Shivay: so deal OK?
Anika: no !!
Shivay: let it be I will take my return gift in my own way.(smirking)
Anika: cunning Singh oberoy!!!
Shivay: hey!!!! U have stop naming me all this.that’s my condition.
Anika: there are many names pending still.
Shivay: what ta wuck!!! U already gave many names

Akhdu sing oberoy
Badtammez Singh oberoy
Besharam Singh oberoy
Calculator Singh oberoy
Stupid Singh oberoy
Stone sigh oberoy
Jealous Singh oberoy
Cunning Singh oberoy
And ya romantic Singh oberoy.

Anika:huh? Tat u named urself OK.
Shivay coming more closer : so don’t u agree ?
Anika pushes him: I agree Mr.romantic Singh oberoy.
Shivay: let me prove it na.
Anika: no and runs.
Shivay runs behind her and holds her.
Anika smiling: one more condition.
Shivay: what?
Anika: u have to stop taking tablets unnecessarily.
Shivay: I take them when I really need them.
Anika: u take them as if they r gems.
Anika: u think it will make u better but it decreases ur immunity billuji.
Shivay: okkk, I can’t promise but I will try.
Anika: pakka?
Shivay: pakka.
Anika: try is enough for me.I will make u leave tat bad habit by my own way.
Shivay: how? Will you work as medicine for me whenever I need?

Anika comes close to him and gently kisses on his cheek.shivay face becomes bright.
Anika: may be!!!!
Shivay hugs her.
Anika: billuji?(still hugging)
Shivay: ha?
Anika: its…
Shivay: I am listening.
Anika: I love you shivay.
A spark enters in shivay eyes.he holds her back looking in her eyes.
Shivay: what?
Anika: I love you shivay.(smiling)
Shivay: think once.
Anika wraps hands around his neck n comes near his ear
And whispers: I love you shivay in my life and death too.
Shivay holds her face ,kisses her for head.
Shivay: I love you too my panika.
And they share a passionate hug.
ll youngsters come there and see them hugging
Evryone: ahem ahem.
But shivika are not listening.
Evryone: shivay!!!
No reaction
Evryone: anika!!!
No reaction.
Evryone: shivika!!!!!!!!!
No reaction.

Then they all look at each other and nods their heads.they all got buckets full of water each.they counted 1 ….2……3……
And splash.
Shivay anika breaking apart.
Shivay: what ta wuck!!!!.
Anika: ye kya raita phelaya aap logomne.
Rudra: romantic scene is going na so rain is needed.
Anika: rain or flood?
Sahil comes and throws water with small bucket.
All laugh.
Shivay anika looking at themselves totally wet.
Anika looks at him and signals him.
There are two pipes in garden.they took ta pipes while all r busy in laughing.
Shivika started piping water at them.all running here n there.
They gave HiFi to each other.
All become wetty wet and again burst out in laughter.all shared a group hug laughing.

Precap: shivika engagement

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