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Ishqbaaz 1st December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shivay says everyone would have slept, you can go. He takes Anika downstairs. Everyone shout surprise. Om asks Dadi shall we start rasam. Dadi says yes and lifts the ghunghat. Sometime before, Pinky says I have kept lassi ready, we will do ring finding ceremony now. Shivaye asks how many rasams now. Dadi asks are you tired. Pinky says even Tia and we all are tired. Shivaye says exactly, we will do rasams tomorrow. Jhanvi and Pinky argue with him. Dadi says don’t argue, children are tired, we will do rasams tomorrow, rasams are happiness if done by heart, take rest, we will do rituals tomorrow. She asks Priyanka and Soumya to take them. Priyanka and Soumya take Anika.


Rudra asks Shivaye to sleep in their room if he wants. Dadi says mad, he is just married, why will he sleep in your room. Rudra

says Shivaye’s room is now Tia’s. Om says Rudra is seeing stepmom in Tia. Dadi calls them mad. Om asks Shivaye to go now. Rudra says no, Tia took our place in his life. Om says Shivaye, we have to tell him now. They ask Rudra to shut up.

Mrs. Kapoor/Tia’s mum slaps her and asks by asking whom, did you decide this, you knew this marriage and merger was important for us, even then you have run away. Tia says what would I do, Robin… Her mum says shut up, if he was capable, we would have not done this and hidden your marriage, what did you see in him to marry him, you did mistake to marry Robin, you did bigger mistake by not marrying Shivaye, we got ashamed because of Robin, everything ended because of you. Tia says sorry I did not think. Her mum slaps her and says no use to think now, everything is finished, and Shivaye, you think he will be quiet, no, he will ruin us Tia, just because of your mistake.

Anika sees mirror and thinks of Shivaye’s words. She thinks of Sahil and calls him. She asks Sahil is he fine. He says yes, why are you worried, why did you not come home, why are you crying, you are crying seeing bidaai right, why are you emotional, its someone else’s marriage, not yours. She recalls her marriage and says yes, its someone else’s marriage, I m stuck somewhere, it will take time for me to come, take care, don’t open door for anyone, have food on time, I will come soon. She ends call and sees Shivaye. Shivaye sees her and walks ahead saying what a mess.

Om smiles seeing the pics. He sees pic of Shivaye holding Tia’s hand. He zooms and gets shocked. He says its not Tia’s bracelet. Anika says I have to go home right away. Shivaye says you can’t go now, leave after everyone sleeps. She says I can’t wait till then, I feel suffocated by supporting you in your lie and cheat. He asks really, I thought you have habit to lie and cheat. She asks when did I lie, when did I cheat, who are you to tell me, you are a big liar to fool the family. He says mind your language. She says the one who is world’s most ill mannered man, he can’t talk of manners. He stops her. She says you can’t force me. He says you don’t need to say what I can do and what I can’t. She thinks of his words.

Rudra asks is this necessary, I m tired. Om says be quiet and come. Rudra says its their suhaagraat and none should disturb them. Om says just come. Anika says I did not know you can do this. He recalls Daksh’s words and says even I did not know you can do this. Rudra reminds Tia’s pandit’s words. Om says my pandit also said something, shut up.

Anika asks what did I do. Shivaye says I don’t need to say. She says fine, then I m going. He says don’t you dare move till I give you permission. She walks away. He shouts Anika. Om and Rudra are on the way. She asks why are you afraid, everyone will know it, why not now. He says I will decide who will know and how. She says I m going, stop me if you can. He holds her hand and pushes her aside. He says don’t move and goes to open the door.

He sees Om and Rudra. He asks you both did not sleep till now. Rudra says don’t know about Om, I was feeling sleepy, then suddenly Om decided to give welcome gift to Tia. Om says yes, its imp, where is Tia. Shivaye says she is in bathroom. Om says we will wait. Shivaye says no, she may take time, she is tired, I am also tired, I need some rest. Om says its worry than tiredness on your face. Shivaye says I m okay, I need rest, you both go now, give gift to Tia in mu dikhai in morning. Rudra says I told Om before. Om and Rudra leave. Shivaye shuts the door and says did you see, that’s why I said, go after everyone sleep, I don’t want any drama now, did you get that. She nods.

After some time, Anika says I will leave. Shivaye says everyone would have slept, you can go, I will call driver. She says no need, I will manage. He asks are you out of your mind, its late, if anything happens. She says its not worse than what you did. He says leave, Anika….. He covers her with the ghunghat. O jaana…..plays………… They see each other. Anika thinks of the moment when Shivaye lifted the ghunghat off her face before. He says I don’t want anyone to know you are under this ghunghat. She asks but how will I see through this ghunghat. He holds her hand and takes her downstairs. Everyone shout surprise. Shivaye and Anika get shocked.

Shivaye asks what are you all doing here. Dadi says you got shocked right, this was Om’s idea, he said we will do mu dikhai tonight. Shivaye sees Om and says mu dikhai today, why Dadi. Om says why not, you said rasam matters, not the day and time, its better to lift the veil sooner. Pinky says yes, mu dikhai will happen now, we want to see how Tia looks in bahu’s avatar. Om asks Dadi shall we start rasam. Dadi says yes. Jhanvi makes Anika sit. Om asks Shivaye to take it easy. Pinky says I have big surprise for my bahu. Dadi says first I will give mu dikhai to my bahu and see her face. Dadi goes to Anika and says take this gift, its your mu dikhai. Anika thinks he is not saying even now, I can’t be quiet, I can’t cheat Dadi, I will say truth. Pinky asks Dadi to show bahu’s face. Dadi lifts the ghunghat and gets shocked. Everyone get shocked seeing Anika.

Pinky says its joke right? Why is Anika sitting instead Tia? Jhanvi says that means you married Anika. Dadi says it means, what I felt is true. Rudra says she is Anika, not Tia, am I dreaming. Dadi asks Shivaye what Jhanvi is saying, is it true. Tej asks how is this even possible. Shakti asks Shivaye why did you not tell me. Jhanvi asks so you knew its Anika, not Tia. Tej asks how did you hide such big lie. Pinky asks Shivaye to say. Shakti asks why did you cheat me. Shivaye says quiet everyone. Pinky says no, we will not be quiet, why is Anika sitting here. She says Anika you…. you came to plan Shivaye’s wedding, we blindly trusted you, and you showed your middle class status. Anika cries. Pinky says girls like you are hungry for money, not love. Everyone look on. Pinky says its not your mistake, we were mad to get you on our head, why did you do this, will you just cry or say why did you ruin my son’s life, how dare you. She raises hand. Shivaye shouts mom and holds Pinky’s hand. Anika looks at him.

Om asks was this decision right. Shivaye asks what would I say, would I say Oberoi’s would be bahu has run away, stick prices would have fallen down, business would got loss. Om says you care for stock prices, you don’t think that you fell low by this. Shivaye, Om and Rudra go somewhere and pay ransom. The man throws someone in sack. Shivaye shouts Tia.

Update Credit to: Amena

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