Hi friends i’m pari. I used to write stories on swalak and ragsan .So its my first raglak ff. Hope you like it.



Ragini gadodia – she is Dr by profession. She is of 25 yrs old. Lives with her family.
Loves them most in her life.

Laksh maheswari – he was a celebrity. All girls were crazy for his acting . He loves a girl named Khushi who is working with him . Loves his mother and can do anything for her.

Arnapurna maheswari – mother of laksh. She had always wished that laksh should marry a simple girl not a actress because she believes that they were all fake.

Sumi – mother of Ragini.

Shekhar – father of Ragini.

Part -1

Ragini was shocked when she received a urgent call from her mother. Her mother doesn’t gave her the reason but tells her that she should come back home tomorrow morning only as she had already sent car for her. When Ragini ask the reason she doesn’t tell anything and cuts the call.

Now Ragini started thinking about her mother .Her mind started her giving suggestions. But she didn’t think like that. Her mind was telling that some proposal had come for her that’s why her mother was calling her. But she denies them and went to sleep.

Next day morning

Ragini went to her senior and told them about her leave. He told her to meet their senior most Dr of their District as he wants to meet her and gave her a letter to give them. She took that one and sit in the car.

Ragini – are kaka what has happened? Why maa told like that. If anything serious.
Kaka – yes beta some thing has happened. Don’t worry you will know once you reach there.

After some hour

Ragini answered the call.

Ragini – maa how many times you will call me. It’s already 15 times you had called me since i started this journey. Now don’t call me I’ll reach soon. She saw her town has reached and kaka has stopped the car.

Ragini – what happened? Why you stopped the car.

Kaka – beta your best friend is coming with us.

Ragini – what? but she didn’t informed me.

Just then her best friend riya entered.

Ragini – hey what’s going on.

Riya – just don’t know yaar aunty called me told me to come to your house. Kaka let’s go.

Ragini – you really don’t know or you are acting.

Riya – why i’ll? Seriously i don’t know.

Finally they reached her house. When Ragini gets up and goes near her house she saw a no. Of shoes are there including three to four cars. . She doubt that really someone has came to saw her. Just then her mother comes near her and hugs her and took her inside. Ragini became surprised because all her relatives were there. Now her doubt became 100% true. She tried to talk to sumi.

Ragini – maa i need to talk to you.

Sumi – okay come inside. And she took Ragini and riya to one room. When Ragini enter the room she became shocked because Ap was there. She goes near her and takes her blessings.

Ragini – aunty you are here. How are you?

Ap – i’m fine beta. Tell me how are you.

Ragini – i’m also fine aunty.

Ap – laksh come inside beta.

Hearing this name Ragini became doubtful And turns and saw laksh was entering the room. First she became angry but control herself and she saw towards sumi in a dilemma.

Ap – Ragini beta i know you have many questions so before wasting many more time i want to tell you something. Actually i’m here to ask you something.

Ragini – yes aunty.

Ap – can you became Ragini laksh maheswari???????

It ends with Ragini’s shocking face. .

So friend here was intro and first part. I know many questions were there as how Ap knows Ragini and what will be ragini’s answer. So guys I’ll wait for your answers. I’ll wait for your them and if you all like it then let’s see what will happen in next part. .Okay till then bye and take care.

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