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Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar (RagSan) episode-7

Thank u so much for ur lovely comments friends…guys laksh doesnt have any feeling towards ragini…he trates her as good friend nd ragini too..nd sanskar will defenitely feel jealous but it takes sometime…

Episode 6


Sanskar got ready nd about leave somewhere..sujatha stops him..
Sujatha:where r u going
Sanskar:to meet my friends
Sujatha:no u dont want to go anywhere
Sanskar:y mom ..today sunday na what will i do being here
Sujatha:we r going out
Sujatha:ha..we four
Sanskar:no mom i wont come…
Sujatha:u have to come
Sujatha:i ddnt ask ur permission..im ordering u
Sujatha:chup ..
Sanskar nodded helplessely..ragini came nd
Sujiram nd ragsan leaves…
Suji ,ragini did sime shopping…ram&sanskar carrying bags…sanskar(in mind thats y i told i wont come but this mom na..now i become a coolie…

After that they went to orphanage…
sanskar: dad y we came here i mean we didnt came here before na
Ram:ragini asks to take here
Sanskar:that behanji asked
Ram(glares at her):sanskar
Sanskarr:sry sry
Sujatha ,ragini went inside with some gifts nd food items nd distribute them…ragini was playing with kids…after a while ram nd sanskar came inside…sanskar sees ragini who was mingled with kids..she also become kid nd enjoying…sanskar smiled at her childish behaviour…suji nd ram also felt happy seeing her happy…ragini looks at sanskar who was staring at her..she become quite nd bid bye to all while giving kisses to their cheeks..after a while they leaves…
They also had lunch outside…sujatha asks ram to take shopping again..
Sanskarr:y mom..already we done na
Sujatha:that is for kids..it is for us..
Sanskar:k but mom dnt asks me to carry ur bags
Sujatha glares at sanskar
Ram:areh sujatha ,he was not experienceed na like me..he has to take some time
Sujatha angrily looks at ram while ragini giggles..

Sujatha asks sanskar to select saree for ragini..sanskar said no mom i dnt knw selection…sujatha drags sanskar to saree section..ragini ,ram follows them….sujatha sees sarees..sanskar irritatedly stands there…jst then rohan nd vinay came to mall..sanskar spotted them nd become tensed…suddenly he drags ragini to some corner…ram nd suji wr confused by his sudden act…ragsan wr in some corner…ragini asks what happend…he said his friends came here,what if they saw us thats y….sanskar slowly peeps nd sees they r coming this way only..sanskar turned nd cups ragini…ragini was closed her eyes as sanskar was very close to her..his hot breath touches her face…sanskar looks at her ,he lost in her angelic face…after a while sanskar came to sense ,nd sees their
closeness , composes himself nd he moves a bit back…ragini opened her eyes nd sees sanskar who was peeping out…sanskar
turns ragini nd asks her to come as they wr
nowhere..ragini nodded they went to sujiram….
Sujatha:sanskar y did u take ragini
Sanskar:vo mom i saw one beautiful dress
there so to show ragini i took her
Sujatha:then where is dress
Sanskar:ragini doesnt like that dress
Sujatha looks at ragini nd asks is it true ragini nodded as positive…
They leaves after completing shopping..

Ragini brings milk for sanskar…
Sanskar:u like kids
Ragini:ha i like kids..i always used to play with kids in my village…nd i always used to spend most of d time with them nd
Sanakar(cutted her words):bas bas…now sleep..
Ragini stops nd goes to sofa while pouting…sanskar smiles seeing her cute pout…

Next [email protected]Ragini comes to her cls nd sees laksh who was upset..
Ragini:u r looking upset kya hua
Laksh:my girlfriend angry in me she doesnt talk with me
Ragini:u had gf
Laksh:ha ..actually we r childhood friends nd become lovers..
Ragini:so sweet ..what is her name
Laksh:swara bose
Ragini:y she was angry on u
Laksh:yesterday i promiced her to tk her to movie..but i forget about that nd i slept keeping my mbl silent..
Ragini:u hurted her na so u have to bear punishment
Laksh:u r my friend u hould support me
Ragini:but its ur mistake na
Laksh(keeps pout):ha..u knw what i liked to fight with her..when she was angry she looks like a kid..she cant be angry on me more time..she she loves me alot nd me too…
Ragini looks at him smilingly
Laksh:btw dont u love anyone
Ragini was shocked by his question she dont know what to told…by her goodluck ,prof came md started classes…laksh become busy in classes while ragini was lost she says in mind ha i love someone he was my life ..i also wished in my lovestory have some cute fights ,care ,understanding love but..she remembets sanskar behaviour nd rears starts frm her eyes she wipes beforelaksh could notices this….

Raglak r going to canteen…laksh got a call frm swara..laksh smiles nd shows to ragini whike saying i told u na she cant …ragini
smiles…after talking swara…laksh asks ragini to go canteen i will come in15min as swara was waiting for me infront of our clz..ragini nodded nd went to canteen…
Ragini sits in canteen rohan sees her alone nd came to her nd sits opposite to her…seeing him she was scared..
Ragini doesnt reply
Rohan:hii dnt u remember me..that day i saved u frm some of boys…its me
Ragini was nervous
Rohan:dnt be nervous feel free…can we friends?
Sanskar sees this who was jst came canteen…he says to himself what is rohans problem ,y he always ragini back…its became my headache to stay away rohan from her…he moves to them…ragini feels happy seeing sanskar..sanskar said areh rohan what r u doing here,kavya vinay r waiting for u come na..saying he drags with him…ragini smiles…

Sanskar:btw rohan what r u talking with her
Rohan:nothing..im jst asksing her frienship
Sanskar:is she agreed
Sanskar(smiles):i knw
Rohan:how do u knw
Sanskar:vo i mean i gussed
Rohan:oh..but i will earn her friendship
Sanskar(tensed):y yar
Rohan:i want to be her friend
Sanskar:but i dont like
Rohan:what nd y
Sanskar:vo..vo..i mean she is behan ji na..? i dnt want myfriend become a friend of that behan ji..
Sanskar:areh no buts nd vuts ,leave her nd stop this matter here
Rohan nodded confusingly…while sanskar takes a realiaf…

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