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Forced and Hatred Filled Marriage Track in TV Shows

Forced marriage tracks where one or both characters are tortured and subjugated into matrimony, later to be humiliated through various circumstances are common fare in Hindi TV shows. I find such tracks sadistic. But I am not looking for social reform through TV . I understand that this is light hearted entertainment so that people can forget their real life issues and enjoy a story, some romance, some comedy, and thrill and intrigue for some time. My bigger issue is with the fact that such tracks often ruin characterization and what we are left with are inconsistent, schizophrenic, and psychotic characters whose actions we justify just like we may justify a parent’s, a child’s, a sibling’s or a dear friend’s wrongdoings because we just love them to the very core. Creatives know this human weakness and use it to the hilt getting away with bizzarre and even heinous tracks. But why? Let me clarify my question.

Why forced marriage? What is the charm of it? What is the socio-cultural mindset underlying the appeal of such tracks. Here are a few things I have figured out.
1. All classic romance has frail, dainty heroines , possessive macho men, and eventual subjugation of the female in front of a more powerful male who is loving and doting until his jealousy is aroused. Arrogance in man is seen as attractive while in a woman as shrewish and bitc*y. So there something attractive about the heroine being completely made powerless by an overpowering testosterone oozing hero.

2. The romance that an audience wants to see between the leads is only permitted (in out society) between married couples. Any premarital indulgence in intimacy would mar the female protagonist’s character so a marriage is devices by hook or by crook to give various (permitted) opportunities of intimacy. It’s thrilling after all.

3. If for the sake of intimacy a marriage us devised without any Hatred and conflict, the necessary friction and edge needed to keep up the audience’s interest going will be lost.

But will you accept marriage tracks devised through any torturous situations? Does it not compromise the character of the lead we love so much? Is there no other way of maintaining friction and edge without CVs being so brutal to the male and female lead?

To conclude, I love the leads in Ishqbaaz. I love how complex Shivaay is. How gray he can be.
And that is why I resent the writers ruining his characterization so badly.And when Anika forgets this ultimate torture and indulges in romance with him in distant future, it will also ruin her characterization as well.

Sorry for any boring rants and hurt feelings. Please do post your opinion on this topic so that I may look at this issue from various perspectives and have a better understanding of and insight on this matter. Thanks for reading.

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