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Beyhadh- One Decision chapter 1

Chapter 1

Arjun’s pov.


I am Arjun Sharma. A very well known photographer. People wanted to be like me.

My professional life is all set. I have everything money, home, car.. everything.

I am role model for many people. I am so complete.

But I am seriously complete?

If I will look for my life my personal life. I have no one by my side today. No one. I lost everyone. Every single person.

After having all things with me I still do feel so incomplete. This hole inside my heart is killing me.

This dark pit of loneliness is so damn killing me.

This tells me how I am incomplete without her.

A single wrong decision, makes and breaks me simultaneously.

I wanted her so much. But I cant get her now.

To be continued.

Thank you.

Do tell me how is this?
Should I continue or not?

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