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Beintehaa mohabbat….Manan (Part-3)

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Part 3


Recap: Nandini’s concept of love and Manik dreaming abut Nandini
Suddenly he saw sir coming towards him and sir was abut to scold our dear Manik was fortunately bell rang and everyone ran outside as today’s classes were over, except fab5 and Nandini & Navya and sir but then sir left the class and only fab5 and Navya Nandini were standing Nandini was abut to leave but suddenly stopped thinking of calling Navya to come with her and in a nic of time Mukti called Nandini
Manik was staring at Nandini continuously and Nandini was being uncomfortable due to continuous gaze
Mukti: Hi Nandini ,Hi Navya welcome to our academy guyzz
Navya & Nandini in Unison : Thanku dear

Dhruv: It seems that people here have not being nice to u guyzz. Is it so?? (talking abut navya’s introduction thing)
Navya:(hesitatingly )no it is not really so but ..
Cabir:(Could sense her nervousness ) We understand this,its bcoz u don’t have met real friends
Saying this cabir was extended his hand saying : Friends ???????
Everyone was amazed by this sudden proposal (Fab4 was continuously staring at him as if he have done some kind of sin(crime) bcoz Fab5 had this record of not making friends easily and Navya was pleased by his proposal as such there were no friends made by her in this academy except Nandini )
Navya : (very happily extended her hand towards Cabir) Yup sure, from now onwards we are FRIENDS !!! right saying this she turned to nandu she was surprised but agreed and
Nandini: (extending hand towards Cabir ) FRIENDS!!
Cabir shaked his hand and saw Fab4 looking at him curiously and he told everyone through sign language to extend hands for friendship

Dhruv : (to both)(acted like a kid) me also…
Both laughing and giggling at his expression and told yes friends for sure
Aaliya and mukti also became friends with Navni(Navya & Nandini)
all of a sudden Nandini saw a book lying under the desk so went to pick it up
Now it was Manik’s turn to shake hands but as soon as he was going to extend suddenly all of them told to go to canteen Manik told he will join them in a while and they all left the room except Manik & Nandini
manik (thinking) yipeee finally i got some time to talk to her
Manik(bit stammering ): Nan…nandini
Nandini: yaa Manik u were telling something ?
Manik: yaa i was thinking now all have become friends except us so (nandini interepted)
Nandini: yup Friends???(extending her hand)
Manik : (very happily) friends
When they shaked their hands there was a kind a beautiful feeling both were experiencing but nt expressing through their faces

Manik: Nandini lets go to the canteen our friends went over there only
Nandini: yaa sure Manik lets go
while going outside Nandini’s leg got twisted she just screamed at her highest pitch as she got leg sprain where Manik as soon as saw her in pain could not control himself and took her into his arms while nandu was crying all this time
Manik: don’t worry nandini it will be alright (controlling his emotions or else he would also be in tears)
Nandini: Manik ..its paining… a lot(while sobbing )
Both looked at each other and were able to feel the pain through which they were going through , then Manik kept her down with utmost care on a chair .
Manik: i wll go and bring first aid kit till then wait for don’t move ok
Nandini: no Manik .. u don’t have to go… anywhere u can … take the spray from my bag there the purple one(showing the direction) (stammering due to pain)
Maink: (going in the direction) and gave her the bag (yes guyzz bcozz Manik a person who respects a woman so he won’t open her bag)

Nandini took out the spray and was trying to apply it by herself but could not. Manik took it from her hand and started applying it while Nandini closing her eyes crying in a silent mode .
Manik could nt see the pain and decided to do something .(thinking)
In the canteen
Navya: where r they both left ?? what work they both r doing that they r so late ? let me check(saying this she stood up and started to go)
At the nic of time cabir hold her wrist and they both had a cute eyelock
where Dhruv shouted Bravo!! Bravo!!
Cabir and navya suddenly came back to senses and thought that Dhruv saw their awkward position
Aalu: what happened Dhruv why r u shouting
Dhruv show his mobile screen which was seen with a winner written on it(guyzz he was talking abut the game nt Cabir & Navya)
Mukti: Grow up Dhruv!!!
Aalu: Mukti u only call na Manik
Mukti: i was also thinking of doing so
Mukti called Manik and the bell was ringing but he was not picking up the call

In classroom
Manik: Nandini do u think love can be at first sight (yes guyzzz he heard all the philosophy of love which nandu was talking abut but did nt heard the talk they did abut him )
Nandu saw him with a shocked expression
Immediately without wasting a sec he twisted the leg to the opposite side of sprain and Nandini again screamed and said “U r really a Monster”(in her high pitch)
But suddenly felt relieved and saw manik in total shock …….

Precap: Still thinking….

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