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Your love changed Me ( swasan ss) Part 5

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Kakali this part is mainly for you. I don’t know when I will able to give next part. Hope you like it.
Sry for delay frnds , nowadays with busy schedule and I was not able to pen down things properly. After lot of struggle finally I completed this part. Hope you like this part.
As usual day both were sleeping in each other arm.
Sunrays peeking in their rooms which make cause to open her eyes.
She kiss his forehead and caresses his hair.
“ I don’t know when my dream will become true. I just wanna see you fine, I don’t want to you….”
Her trances broken by feeling ticklish near her waist. Sanskar peacefully sleeping while his neck buried in her waist.
Swara “ sanskar wake up”
Sanskar “ doll you never let me sleep”
Swara” but it’s your Medication time na”
Sanskar “no that’s boring, nowadays you’re not taking me to any new places”
Swara” oh so my sanskar wants to go somewhere “
He put his head in her lap and nodded in yes.
Swara” okay today we both will go somewhere. But sanskar where you want to go”
Sanskar “ me “
Swara” ha you”
Sanskar “ big house, there are my fav things”
Swara “ not there …..”
Sanskar “ no I wanna go there only, till you not agree with me I will not speak to you”
Swara” I will buy your fav things na”
He turned his face and went in washroom. She banged on door fearing he don’t do something which can hurt him.
After sometime he came outside and started to become ready.
Swara” sanskar “
Sanskar ….
Swara” arre talk to me I will give you lots of gifts”

Sanskar” nope”
He started to comb his hair.
Swara” but why are you becoming ready ? Do you ….”
Sanskar” now I am big boy na so I will go alone”
Swara “ but..”
Sanskar “ you never keep your promise “
She held his hand and make him sit on bed.
Swara” you want to go there okay I will take you”
Sanskar” sacchi”
She nodded in yes.
Sanskar” I love you doll “
Swara “ but later don’t cry when that bad uncle again slap me”
He remember that day how someone slapped his doll.
He immediately stood up and says” no I will not go there. No one can hurt my doll. I promise doll from now onward I will never say you to take me there.”
Swara” pakka”
He nodded in yes with little sad face.


Sensing his sadness, she felt bad not able to fulfill his demand.
Seeing her sad face, he become more sad and says” doll don’t be sad I don’t want those things”
Swara smiles listening him.
“ my sanskar always understand me na, so today I will take you on shopping “
He started to jump happily and as usual kisses her cheeks.
Sanskar “ sanskar’s doll is very good. I will make my shopping list”
Swara” okay you go and I have to become ready “
Sanskar” today I will choose for you”
Her eyes filled with tears it’s first time he want to select dress for her.
Sanskar “ bro says crct girls always started to cry. Don’t cry your sanskar will never demand anything “
Swara” I am not crying”
Salskar “ then why are these tears “
Swara” you make me happy naso these tears are due to happiness “
Sanskar “ uff,so much complications.”
He opened cupboard and started to select dress for his doll.

After lot of struggling he give her pink saree and says
“ you looks beautiful in saree”
She happily take it and pecked his cheeks. He also kissed her cheeks and go for making his shopping list.
After sometime she came outside wearing it.
Forgetting about his list, he started to see her without blinking his eyes even for one second.Today there was some different spark in his eyes.
feeling his gaze first time she blushed little.
He came near her and put kajal near her forehead. She felt happy seeing this change.
He said doll today you looking very beautiful.
She “ thanks but not more than you”
He” how can I look beautiful , I am handsome na. “
Saying it he started to laugh loudly.
Swara” okay my handsome sanskar now come with me or else we will be late”
He happily nodded in yes.

Both reaches shopping mall, again there was changes in his behavior. First time he didn’t hold her finger being afraid of crowd.
Swara” thanks god you’re helping me in my mission. Now that day is not far when sanskar will not need my help. He will able to manage everything on his own”
Sanskar “ doll ,where are you lost. Come na we have to biy lots of things for me and my small frnd( Raglak’s daughter)
Swara nodded in yes and began to shop for both of them.
After doing some shopping, both seated in cafeteria.
Sanskar” doll, I have a question “
Swara” ask”
Sanskar “ why everyone call you swara?”
Swara” because swara is my name. “
Sanskar seems to be confuse by her answer.

Swara” kk see just like your name is sanskar ,my name is swara.”
Sanskar” but you’re my doll na”
Swara” yeah I am only your doll but for other peoples I am swara”
Sanskar” then who I am to you”
Swara “ you’re my sanskar “
Sanskar “ no I also want two names like you.”
Swara” kk we will think later but first finish your ice cream “
Sanskar was about eat it from her hand but before she could do so someone else eat.
She looks upward to scold him but in next moment she became happy seeing that person. She stood up and hug him.
Swara” omg kabir I can’t believe you’re here “
Kabir” doll I should say that”
Listening doll ‘s word sanskar become angry but remembering swara’s word not to loose control he choose to sit quietly there.
Swara” yeah everything is changed now. “
Swara become busy with kabir. Otherhand sanskar not feeling good seeing his doll with someone else. To gain her attention he purposely make fall ice cream on his own cloths.
Sanskar “ doll see na it fell on me”
Swara and kabir looked toward him.
Swara” sanskar what you have done?”
Sanskar “ sry but i was eating only but by mistake it fell on me “
Kabir” its kk doll, don’t scold him now. By the way who is he?”
Sanskar “ my doll never scold me and you don’t call her doll. She told me she is my doll only. You call her swara”
Swara “ sry I forget to introduce him”
Both seated down.

Swara” kabir ,he is sanskar my husband and sanskar he is my best frnd “
Sanskar’s eyes lit up hearing husband word but in next moment he felt bad hearing best frnd.
Kabir forward his hand for handshake, he also forward his hand.
Kabir” very bad doll ,you married without informing me”
Listening bad doll,he immediately spoke up
” my doll is good. And I told you na don’t call her doll”
Kabir thought he is behaving like it due to jealousy. He decided to make him more jealous.
” ohh so you feeling bad I am calling her bad but you don’t she is really jhalli. You should change name I am calling her doll from childhood “
Swara” kabir stop it, sanskar you finish your ice cream”
Sanskar “ but you’re feeding me na”
Swara” I will feed you later”
She again become busy with kabir.
Sanskar( to himself) “my doll is not feeding me due to him. She is also not talking with me. He is very bad boy.”

He again sees toward them both are holding each other hands, unknowingly a different kind of fear came up in his heart.
Sanskar “ why he is holding my doll hand? No he will snatch my doll from me like in orphanage bad people used to snatch my fav thing. Bro told me I should protect my things by myself. Yeah I will not give my doll to him”
Sanskar “ doll I want to go home”
Swara” but we have not completed our shopping still na”
Sanskar “ no , I don’t want anything “
Kabir” arre chill down sanskar, why are behaving like child”
Sanskar “ I am not child ,I am big boy”
Kabir looks toward swara unbelievably.
Sanskar “ doll come with me”
He held her hand and started to move from there.
Swara” sanskar, why are you behaving like bad boys”
Sanskar” I don’t like him. You told me you’re my doll but why he called you doll. He is very bad. And now also you scold me due to him. He is very bad”
She understood his feeling, he is feeling jealous of him.
Before she could say anything he hugged her.
“ doll you will not go away from me na. You know my bro told me you’re only mine. I have to protect you. I Promise i will always protect you from bad boys”
Swara” never sanskar, I promise you na. Okay I will scold him how dare he call me doll. Sry for scolding you.Now happy na”
He nodded in yes.
Swara” now can we complete our shopping”
Sanskar “ no I wanna go home”
Swara” okay”
Next day , mrng
Sanskar came down rubbing his eyes, his eyes widened up seeing next scenario.
Swara freely talking with kabir.
He go close to them and become shocked hearing kabir’s word.
Kabir” doll ,why are you spoiling your life. He will never able to keep you happy. Why can’t you see that he is mad. Due to him your life is also spoiling”
Swara about to say something but kabir stop her.
Kabir” first listen me, 8 years had been pass already. Pls move on and start afresh”
Sanskar went from there without listening swara’s rply.

Swara “ kabir it’s not like that he is improving now. There is lot of changes in him, you know yesterday he felt jealous of you. Not only this he is understanding things. You only met him yesterday but I am with him since 8 years. I can able to see changes in him. I am sure now he will be soon become fit and fine”
Kabir” as your wish doll but think once again.”
Swara” no need of thinking anything now.”
Kabir” okay where is your ragini and laksh”
Swara” both are happilly married with each other. They also have 8 year old child “
Kabir” perfect life, okay bye doll I need to go now”
Swara”if you don’t mind pls call me swara, he don’t like if anyone use this name. First time when I met he called me by this name only”
Kabir” ohh this much love for him, okay I will call you swara only now happy na”
She nodded in yes and bid bye to him.
Swara go toward their room ,she sees sanskar still sleeping by covering himself with comfort.
Swara ( monologue)” I am very happy for you. Day by day your behavior is also changing. Doctor told me now there is 70% chances of your well being.”
She go near him to wake him but become shocked not finding him there. Instead of him there was pillow, she become panicked and started to find him. But nothing seems to be happening in her favour.
Otherhand , someone weeping in dark and thinking something.
“ was he saying right?, my doll is not happy with me. That day bad uncle was also saying I will spoil her life and bad aunty also said same. Am I spoiling my doll’s life. I will go away from my doll life. I am mad na, if I will go away”
He slept there only due to continuous crying.
Whereas swara condition was also very bad, she started to scold herself not able to take proper care of him.

Precap: swara’s accident
Note: you all have noticed sanskar is so much changed. First he used to understand only swara’s words but now he able to understand everything. Do you like this sanskar? Just bear me for one or two parts. This story will soon going to end now.

Now start to shoot your cmnt….

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