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Your love changed Me ( swasan ss) Part 3

Sry guys, I didn’t thought anyone of you will effect by it. A pretty pls forgive me . Okay I will not end it, forget that part. I will continue for those readers who are liking it. I had mailed tu to delete it. For me fb is not important , I even not know what is response there. Whenever I send my parts to my frnds only that day I checked response there but on telly after updating every single moment I used to check response. Telly is really very important for me. Kk leave all that read this part.

Their conversation disturb by someone’s voice.
“ bhabi, I will kill your daughter”
Anni immediately hided behind Ragini.
Ragini” now what you had done”
Anni “ nothing much, I just kept some alarms clock and..
Sanskar came there angrily and interrupt her “ and she kept some eggs there”
Annie smile sheepishly
“ not only this bhabi, she also kept Jasmine flowers. You know na swara has allergy from it”
Swara came there coughing badly.
Ragini gave her water and angrily turn to see Annie.
Ragini “ from where do you had learnt these things?”
Annie” from dad”
Ragini “ from laksh??”
Annie” yeah mom, he told me to do these things “
Sanskar “ bhabi don’t trust her…”
Ragini interrupt him and said “ no sanskar, laksh can do that”
Swara still coughing badly, sanskar make her sit and caresses her back.
Seeing her condition Ragini started to scold Annie, meanwhile laksh came there to save his daughter.
Laksh” arre Ragini that was my plan, do you remember on our marriage night they both specially sanskar disturbed us a lot”


Annie innocently looked at laksh and ask him what he had done.
Sanskar looked down and signal swara to stop him.
But Laksh not gave any heeds to her , he started to tell her how on their marriage night sanskar end up with sleeping between them.
Laksh” what you thought , you spoiled my marriage night and I will not even take revenge “
Sanskar make puppy face and says” bro that time I didn’t had any idea na”
Ragini angrily sees laksh and Annie , both started to hide behind each other.
Laksh “ arre Ragini I only ….”
Ragini angrily stamped his foots and turned toward anni “ anni, you go to your room “
Annie “ but mumma story”
Ragini” your punishment is story is ended here itself “
After sending Annie from there she turned toward swasan.
“ swara, today you both will stay in my and laksh room . I am going to your room and laksh will slepp in hall”
By saying it she went from there , laksh tried to stop her.
Laksh also tried to went behind her but sanskar stood ahead him.
Laksh “ now what”
Sanskar “ nothing , I am going to enjoy and you can keep dreaming.”

He closes door at his face, laksh kick door and went away from there.
He tried to pacify Ragini but she didn’t even give him single glance. At last he went in Annie room.
Annie” oh, mom kicked you from your room na . she did very good ,only due to you I don’t able to listen story…”
Laksh “ oye mom’s daughter shut your mouth if you had done your work properly then we are …”
Anni stood in front of him, she kept her hands on her waist and says “ what was my mistake, you only told me do those things?”
Both started to fight with with each other, listening it Ragini came there. Seeing her both become quiet and stood there like innocent puppies.

Before ragini could speak anything, laksh spoke “ Ragini, we were just playing “
Annie think something and smirk little.
Annie “ ha mom, vo dad was saying he will tell me further story hai na dad”
Laksh mouth become open listening her words but now he didn’t have any further option or else Ragini will throw him out of house. He nodded in yes .
Ragini “ okay fine, but don’t dare to make any plan against them”
Both nodded in yes, she went little far away but turned toward them and spoke “ next time include me also in your plans”
By saying it she went from there, laksh and Annie give HiFi to each other.
Annie “ now tell me choti ma luv story”
Listening “ choti ma luv story “ a smiled formed on his lips.
He started to tell her further story.

Fb begains
Now two months had been passed since Swasan had married. Still there was no improvement in sanskar’s condition, he was still child from mind.
Daily swara used to take care of him , sometimes she used to become tired by doing so many works but seeing his cute antics she used to forget her tiredness.
Whenever she used to become tired ,he used to make her eat with own hands. Sometimes he used to make her sleep in his laps and caresses her hair in same way like swara used to do. While more than helping her he used to increase her work. Yet everytime he used to try his best to make her happy.
Both were trying at each other level to make other’s one happy. Swara being mature she well aware the fact of his caring nature.
Whereas sanskar’s whole world depend on only one word” Doll”
For him doll is his everything, like a child don’t able to live without his mother. Same way he don’t able to live without his doll.
Destiny again going to take test for swara’s love and care for him. Swara not aware of upcoming event which is going to change her life.

Now date of laksh parents coming closer. Finally that day also came his parents finally arrived there but seeing further scenario both swa-lak became shocked. Along with laksh parents, swara’s parents also came there.
Swara ” mom dad , you here”
Nidhi ( swara’s mom) ” why we can’t be here ?”
Swara ” mom ,I didn’t mean that..”
Before swara could further speak , she felt burning sensation on her right cheeks.
Sanskar seeing all these from little distance, seeing someone slapping his doll he came out and hugged her.
Sanskar” you bad uncle , how dare to slap my doll”
Saket( swara’s dad) ” hey you mad, go from there”
Before he could touch sanskar to separate him from swara, sanskar pushes him with force.
Sanskar” I am not mad, doll say na I am not mad na”
He started to throw things on everyone expect swa-lak.
Swara tried to stop him but only he was repeating one line” I am not mad”
She signal laksh to give him injection , laksh inject him injection . After sometime he started to become unconscious before he could fell swara held him and make him lie on her lap.
She kissed his forehead and kept some pillow under his head.
Swara ” sry mom dad, I married without your constant”
Nidhi” ragini inform us everything,we are not angry due to you married without our constant but how could you choose him”
Swara” mom, what is fault of him? If God make him like that”

All started to looked down, no one has any answer of her question.
Swara” answer na, what was his fault if his parents leave him in orphanage. They never dare to see even once he is alive or dead..”
Before she could complete someone slap her.
Vioce ” what you know about his parents? You only met him some months before and you develop such feeling for him. Ever you thought in what condition his parents had to leave him”
Laksh interrupt him and spoke ” what wrong she had said dad?”
Dp ” you know na everything still you are taking her side”
All become silent member of this drama.
Laksh” you know dad, I wish if you had also kept me in orphanage with him. At least I had took care of him na”
Dp ” you..”

Laksh” not today dad, you always think of your pride but never think about about your children feeling na. Kk then fine I am leaving this house you can live here peacefully”
Dp “ whatever we had done that was only crct at that time. If we had not kept him in orphanage it may have destroy our image”
Laksh “ go hell with your image”
Swara” uncle,is image more important than own child?”
Laksh “ Swara they are blind due to society’s rule. I am going to my house. You can come with me”
Before swara could answer , nidhi stop her.
Nidhi” beta, leave him now . Now his family will see what to do with him”
Swara looked at her mother and closes her eyes remembering her moments with sanskar. Remembering all those moments a smile crept on her lips.

Swara ” no mom, I can’t leave him with these people I don’t know why they did it with him but I don’t held his hand to leave him in mid. I love him with his all goodness and faults. In every situation I will stand with him. ”
Saket” okay then fine choose one of us , either this mad man( point toward sanskar) or your parents”
She held sanskar hand.
Saket” we got our answer”

They started to leave from there but stop due to listening swara ‘s vioce.
” Mom dad, I know you are angry with me now . I can understand it , anyone could behave like it if they get to know their daughter had chosen life partner like him but trust me one day he will become fine”
Without giving any heeds to her, both leave from there. Ragini standing there in all guilt, swara and laksh make sanskar stand. Ragini tried to help them but laksh jerked her hand.
Laksh ” enough of your help, I will manage”
One last time swara and laksh looked at their family for support but all turned their faces.
Swara signal Laksh to give a minute, he nodded in yes. She went near dp.
Swara ” don’t worry uncle one day my love will cure him. I know that day will come soon and you will proudly say sanskar is your blood only”
Still, no one speak anything.
Laksh” leave it swara, they will never understand anything”
Trio went from there.
After sometime , sanskar started to gain conscious. He still murmuring only one sentence I am not mad.
She caresses his hair, he started to hit her with his hands. She tried to make him clam but today he is even not ready to listen her.
With no option left she shouted his name.
“ sanskar “
Finally, he sees toward her and repeat same line .
“ doll, I am not mad”
She cupped his face and says “ who told you, you are mad? You are my strong sanskar na.”
Sanskar” that bad uncle “
Swara “ arre they are liar,you know one thing”
He nodded in no.
Swara” they all are jealous of my sanskar.”

Everytime when he used to listen “ my sanskar “ from her mouths an unknown feeling raised in his heart. He don’t able to understand what kind of feeling is this.
Sanskar “ jealous of me”
He pointed toward himself.
Sanskar “ but why?, trust me doll I never ….”
Swara “ arre they are jealous because your doll loves you very much na. “
He childishly laugh at her and says “ yeah, my doll only loves me and I also love my doll. “
He sees toward laksh who is driving car with smile listening their conversation.
Sanskar “ doll, I also love bro .”
Laksh “ so finally you remember your bro”
Sanskar “ sry but ha I love my doll more.”
Laksh “ not fair,you love your doll more than me “
He nodded in yes.
Sanskar “ my doll also love me very much. “
Laksh “ kk, you both love each other fine.
He nodded in yes.
Swara “ sanskar, now take rest for sometime”
She try to make him sleep but he was mood of playing. He started to play games in her mobile.

After half an hour, laksh stopped car near flat.
Laksh “ swara, this is my house. I had bought it from my money. You both can live here.”
Sanskar “ no, I will not live here. I wanna go to big house”
She sees toward sanskar, which make him quiet.
Swara “ but laksh , how can we. You don’t take tension I have…”
Laksh “ I know swara , you have your own house in other city but think about sanskar he can’t travel so long and most importantly I also want do something for him. Pls agree for him betterment. You think how will you manage in new city and also new doctor.”

She sees toward sanskar who is angrily looking at them. She nodded in yes.
Laksh “ thanks but will he agree?”
Swara “ I will handle him”
Laksh went inside with their luggage.
Swara came outside but sanskar being adamant he not even move single.
She open his side and forward her hand.
Swara “ sanskar pls na”
Sanskar “ no I want big wala house”
Swara” arre this house is more beautiful “
Sanskar again nodded in no.
She think something and smiled . she began to move from there. He seeing her with corner of his eyes.

Swara “ is this your final decision? “
To be continued..

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