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Your dreams are mine now (RagLak) Prologue

Hi guys, this is Varsha back again after a long time with a FF on RagLak.

A bedroom is shown and two love birds are sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace. The rays of sunrise disturbs the girl and she wakes up with a smile in her lips seeing her husband cuddling with her. She feels complete seeing him like that. She pecks his lips and removes his hand on her waist slowly and goes to the restroom. Under the shower, she thinks of her past life which made her tears flow away. Husband wakes up knowing that something is wrong and knocks the door. Girl wipes her tears and says she is fine and will be back soon. She forgets her past seeing her husband. After few minutes she comes out and finds her husband eagerly waiting for her. She moves to him and he sees her eyes full of happiness and he goes to restroom. Girl dries her hair.


She goes to cupboard and takes a shirt and pant for her husband and then she goes to the mirror and wears the jewelries. When she was about to tie her mangalsutra, her husband came out and made her wear it and he filled her maang with sindoor. Her eyes were full of tears of happiness. She hugs him and he breaks it and wipes her tears. He kisses her forehead and she makes him wear his dress.
He: Ragini, I should never see tears in your eyes
She: I will never do anything which you don’t like
He: That’s like my girl, now tell me where can we go today evening
She: Can I ask you a question, it will be silly but you should answer
He: Hmm
She: Why do you love me this much Laksh and Why do you want to fulfill my dreams
He: I can’t answer for the first one as I myself don’t know the answer for it. Whenever I see you I fall in love again with you Ragini. For the second one, Your dreams are mine now. I don’t want you to feel alone and be depressed like you were in your past, now your my wife and I love you so much
She (feeling happy and blessed to have a husband like this): I love you laksh

So guys, what do you all think has made their love story. RagLak are the main lead and SwaSan, Parish are side characters and IshRa, ArShi, AbhiGya, DevAkshi, IshVeer would be coming in any of the parts as cameo. Hope you guys enjoyed it, I will continue if I get a good response only. Please do comment, suggestions welcomed.
Bye guys

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