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Your dreams are mine now (RagLak) Chapter-4

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Link for the previous chapter, if anyone has missed it – chapter 3

Chapter 4
L: So, let me say about me. I didn’t have any relationship before and I was waiting for my Perfect partner till now. I did Psychology as I can read faces and heart by seeing. London was a beautiful place and I lived a beautiful phase of my life there. I befriended foreigners as no Indian was there to study psychology. I have enjoyed my life in India, Dubai and London with family and friends. I wasn’t left out from anything, whatever I wanted I got it. Thanks for my parents that they believed in me. To become a psychiatrist is my passion, businessman by profession and a caring husband by confession. So tell me about you.
R: I have a lot to share with you. I will say it one by one, have you lied to your parents and got guilty of the same?
L: Actually, I haven’t lied to my parents or hidden anything from them till now. They are my friends and my soul mates, they understand me completely and I didn’t give them a chance to be betrayed.


R: (a little teary eyed) Then my story will be different for sure. I have lied and many of my happiness and sadness has been only with me. I never felt to share it to my parents, they were busy in their works or felt boring of my talks. The first time I lied a little big is when I went to CCD with my friend without their knowledge. I feel a strong connection here, so only I accepted to come here. I have been here many times, if I feel exhausted in my home I come here and have a coffee and debate with myself. I feel fresh after I go from here. I forget my sorrows when I am here. I and my school friends have been to Ansal Plaza many times. For all my best buddies’ birthday we went there to celebrate, I was the overall sponsor for them and we enjoyed a lot. I made sure that I wasn’t been clicked in any if the photos there. Those memories were enough for me for my life time than the pictures taken together. In school days I have went out many times without their knowledge but in my college days I became a book addict that I didn’t leave my home nor my laptop. I had a little library in my laptop and in my cupboard.

I used to read all romantic young Indian authors, I have even wrote a small stories. I have a pen name and in that name I have a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account. These all are unknown to my family, I feel guilty but I have enjoyed a lot with these things. I hope I haven’t bored you.
Laksh was keenly listening her talks and he was immersed in it, until she had not stopped he would have stared her like that till the end. He felt the pain she had gone through and promised in his mind to keep her happy forever.
L: I wasn’t bored, after all I have heard many stories like this. You said you have written small stories, would you mind if I read it and I want to know your pen name. I assure you that whatever you have said to me I will never say to anyone.
R: I will love to give you my stories, my pen name in Tejaswi Prakash. I am glad that I got you as my friend. I am not willing to bore you with my speech the whole day so can we go on a long drive.

L: Okay, Do you want to go by Bike or Car?
R: If you are going to drive anything is ok.
L: Then can we go by our car today.
R: Okay
Laksh paid the bill and both head out to the car, he asked the driver to leave. He opened the door for her in the front seat. She was touched by his behavior, he soon came to his side and they left to the highway leading to Faridabad.

I think I didn’t bore you all, please do comment below and suggestions welcomed. Actually I am a bit tired so I don’t know whether I can give the next one tomorrow but I will try to give it dear’s. Bye guys

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