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Your dreams are mine now (RagLak) Chapter-3


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Chapter 3

Laksh was very desperate meet Ragini, but to his disappointment he got to work more to crack a deal. While working he concentrated on his work though the picture of the sweet girl came to his mind sometimes. Since he has studied Psychology, he tried to control his mind. It was after 2 weeks, he would be coming to India. He chatted with her daily about the wellbeing and about her job. It’s just 1.5 hrs difference between India and Dubai which made his conversation long enough with a peculiar silence. He wished to see her and talk with her as he couldn’t get anything on phone. He is just attracted to her voice which makes his worries fly away. He thought to take her on a drive whenever he reaches there. He was thinking about her fully, he did all his jobs perfectly while his heart was just thinking about her.

Ragini was upset that he didn’t come soon. She wanted to meet him, she has thought to go to a psychiatrist to solve her problem but she couldn’t as she will be caught in home. She felt some kind of happiness after hearing about the proposal. She felt a little loved whenever she talked with him, she was not knowing this feel was love. She has read, heard, saw many love stories but whenever she sees his photo or talks with him, her heart skips a beat or two or it may have stopped.

She wanted a person who will understand her and not judge her, she had cousins but she couldn’t trust them. She thought a life partner will understand and waited for one. Now she has got one person who she thought to trust. Ya, she trusted him even before seeing him. She felt some feeling which she has never felt before. She saw his eyes and she wanted him to be her partner in life. She was a little afraid as she might have heart break but it was overcome by seeing his photo. He was mature and happy person. (Guys, she has a different connection to her heart, if any of her loved ones are in pain she feels the pain, she is afraid of that only as has loved her family and she didn’t get enough attention from them)

After 2 weeks, Laksh arrived India. He went to his bhai’s place and enjoyed with them. He called Ragini and said about his arrival and both of them decided to meet outside a coffee shop. Ragini informed the same to her parents, first her mother was reluctant to let her go but she didn’t mind to listen her and got ready to meet him. Shekar said the importance of the meeting alone to Sumi, though her mind was not allowing she agreed. Ragini just informed them and she didn’t want to seek a permission as she knows it will be a no. She has started to earn so she decided not to take her mom’s words seriously.

She reached the café at the current time. She heard a horn sound and turned to see a black BMW i18 coming towards the shop. She heard a mind voice that intimated her that this is Laksh. She was just seeing the car and her mind was somewhere else. A super handsome man in his perfect suit came out with a bouquet in his hand. She was frozen like that. She wished the time to stop, she wished to hug him like there was no tomorrow, she wished to marry him that day itself, she wished that he loves her, she wished that she gives herself to him fully. She was just staring at him not noticing that he does the same. Their eyes met and talked a lot. He reached her and shake her a little to make her come back. His touch made her senses stop. They both exchanged HI’s and introductions. She was praying to god to make her his wife. Laksh also seemed to be lost in her, but he controlled his feelings as he knows his limits. They both went to café, she ordered herself a Devil’s Own (my favorite cold coffee in CCD) and he ordered himself a cappuccino (my favorite hot coffee in CCD).

L: So, you said that you want to know about know about me
R: Ya, I want to know who I am going to marry fully as I don’t want to marry a stranger.
L: Nice, I thought to say no as mom firstly said you’re a traditional girl, but you seems to be interesting for me. A traditional girl with modern thoughts.
R: Hmm, we are in this modern world and my thinking is not old but I don’t like to wear western clothes as I dint feel comfortable in that. I am traditional not to my family but for my friends as all are modern which makes me left out.
L: Sorry, but I like you. I want you to share everything about you. Let us be friends, what say??
R: Sure.

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