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Your dreams are mine now (RagLak) Chapter-1

Hi guys, this chapter will be a little emotional but please do read and comment so that I will get to whether I should continue or not. I will upload the next one tomorrow. The link of prologue, in case you have missed it –



Chap 1

Before 4yrs

A flat is shown in the city of Delhi with a name plate Gadodias. A lady (sumi) was in kitchen preparing breakfast, a man (shekar) was reading newpaper and a boy (arnav-barun) of 20yrs is shown getting ready for college, a girl (ragini) of 18yrs is half asleep waiting for her dad to go to temple for pooja and a boy (raman-karan) of 22yrs is shown sleeping. Time is around 7 and Arnav leaves for college. Shekar is talking with someone on phone regarding social issues, Sumi has finished preparing lunch as she is working as a teacher in school. The girl wakes up and hurriedly goes to the bathe and does pooja in the home temple. She goes to her brother to wake him up to go to office. Raman goes and gets freshed up and leaves for office without eating. Meanwhile Ragini also finishes her breakfast and waits for her dad to return. Shekar after coming from temple drops Sumi in School and comes home to get ready. Ragini is with him serving food, then selecting dress to wear and waves him off.

After there is no one in home, Ragini goes to a photo frame of her bade nani (Jayasree.T, nani of Arnav in IPKKND). Her eyes become teary (guys please note that the photo is of bade nani i.e., nani’s sister who is not in this world and nani is alive in a nearby village) and monologue of Ragini starts
Why nani?? Why have you left us?? I am missing you a lot, it’s been a year after you left us. You were the only person who loved me to eternity and why did you leave me?? Nov 25 I many times feel why did that day come to me? I am no one without you nani. People around me can’t give me the love which you gave me. The family whom I belong to doesn’t care for me as you cared. Today morning while waking up I got a scratch on my forehead but no one noticed it, everyone is busy in their work and I am just acting as if I am happy in front of them. I can’t continue to be like that but I respect Mom and Dad as because of them only I am alive. My friends are going out to have fun and I am in this home crying. Their mom support them and give love to them but I am unlucky to be here. Mom used to say that I am lucky to her as she got job after a week of my birth but I literally feel that I am unlucky that I missed a mom’s love in childhood and even now. I don’t understand why she is just thinking in the worst way always. Everyone says that Love is painful and I am feeling it as I am heartbroken without you. You were my mom, dad, friend, nani and everything. Last week I went to nani’s house, in front of my eyes our calf (2days old cow) died. I couldn’t take it as I saw you in the calf. Please nani, I have suffered a lot in my past and even now without you I am like a soulless human, I just want to have a bright future ahead. I want a family who will love me as I am and a husband who understands my pain. I want to enjoy in this world like other girls but I am restricted to do it. I feel jealous when Swara (ragini’s mausi’s daughter, her cousin) is given freedom though she is not that rich and here though I am my dad is earning good amount I am sad and crying. My life has seen only sadness and loneliness and I want my future to be bright. I just wish it happens as I think. If my future is also going to be hell then all my expectations will be broken and I will be a dead soul in front of the world. My friend used to say me that Expectations lead to disappointment, so don’t expect anything form anyone. That’s what my case is I expect too much and I am heart broken, I don’t know how to be without expecting. Please do something nani, I want my life to be happy.
Saying this she wipes her tear and splashes water on her face. She does make-up to avoid her sad face and gets ready in a salwar and leave home to her so called college. She goes to her dad’s office and gives the key of the flat and asks the driver to drop her in college. If it’s a normal day she would go in public transport but today she has cried a lot and she didn’t want to face public. Her college timing is 1:10-6pm.
Even in college (it’s a women’s college) she feels some kind of loneliness as everyone mingle well each other and her mom has warned her not to keep any friend close. She has a gang of 11 friends but sometimes she will be left out as she restricts herself from doing few things. After 5 hours of boring classes she comes out, her dad is waiting for her in his bike and they both go home.
She freshen up and had her dinner. After that she takes her laptop is immersed in reading any romantic novel of Indian author. When she hears her dad shouting she keeps her laptop off and goes to sleep. She dreams to have a lovely future with her husband. She is so eager to get married soon (this eagerness came after her nani’s death, her mom was waiting for her to finish a degree as she wants her to get her married soon so that her burden is ridden). She sleeps and unknowing to her tears flow in her eyes.

This is her daily routine. Next chapter will show how she meets Laksh and how their story starts…

Hope you guys like it. If you didn’t understand any part you can message me or comment below. I will reply you all for sure.

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