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You complete me by Vrushy (Chapter 9)

Hello Everyone.
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Chapter 9
Make life fun.
Tomorrow isn’t gauranteed.

Sanskar’s Pov.
Never get drunk if you don’t have a holiday on the next day. I had the worst possible hangover. I had suggested that we take a day off but swara had rejected the thought staking that it was our first week at the office. I sat at my table holding my head. I already had four glasses of lemonade but still my head ache continued.
I looked up to see what swara was doing. Her cubicle was exactly opposite mine. I saw that she was writing something, but her hair were disturbing her. She put her hair behind her ear and I noticed a love bite on her neck from yesterday night.
She was such a nice person. Beautiful from inside out and I just wondered what was she doing with a person like me. With an average looking boy like me.
All I know is that I am obsessively in love with her and such love needs to be confessed and not hidden. Even if swara left me today, I would tell her every day how much I love her, till my last breath.


Ahhh, I am so much in love with her. There are days like today when I just sit and stare at her and I feel really lucky. She is so perfect. Suddenly , I remember that 3 days later is our three year aniversary. I had already planned a weekend trip to goa for us. Swara had always wanted to go to goa with me and considering that our aniversary date was on sunday , I had already booked the tickets. I just had to inform her so I picked up the phone and dialled her number.

Sanskar : Hey.
Swara : Sanskar. I am working right now. I really don’t have time to talk.
I could see her while she talked on the phone and a little frown had formed on her forehead. Way to go , I had called her to tell her how much I loved her and here she was who didn’t even have time to talk to me.
Sanskar : But I called you to talk about us.
Swara : Oh really , when was the last time you called me and said something nice ?!!
Sanskar : I called to say that now.
Swara : Ofcourse, you did.
She said this sarcastically.Oh c’mon now, this was what she thought about me. I was romantic but its just that boys don’t always express what they feel.
Sanskar : I really did.
Swara : So what do you want to say ?!!
Sanskar : Well tomorrow is Friday.
Swara : I know that.

Sanskar : And day after tomorrow is Saturday.
Swara : I know that as well sanskar.
Sanskar : Can you just let me complete !! We complete three years on Sunday so I thought why don’t we go to goa for the weekend. We anyway have a holiday on Saturday and sunday . So we will leave Friday night and return Monday morning.
As I spoke this , I saw a smile forming on swara’s lips. She was happy.
Swara : You know I love you right.
Sanskar : Yeah, I love you too. So let’s go to goa ?!!
Swara : Yup. let’s go.
We kept our phones down and looked at each other with glee. We were going to goa.

Laksh’s Pov.
As we walked out of the convention centre, I saw ragini smiling like never before. It was not one of those fake smile. She was smiling from her heart like a kid. I was happy. She had changed just by spending one hour at the convention centre. I wondered what effect it would have on her if she continued to come to the convention centre. She just hopped around like a little baby who had got his favourite ice cream.
As soon as she reached the car, her mouth hung open. This was exactly what I had expected. She wanted me to impress her, then here I am trying my best.
There was a huge heart shaped balloon attached to the roof of my car. “Will you come on a date with me ?!! ” was written over it. I had invested my whole morning in planning this and I was glad that it had affected her. She stood there gwaking at the whole set up. I walked upto her and cleared my throat.

Laksh : So, I earned it right ?!!
Ragini : ummm…. yeah. I will go on a date with you !
Laksh : Thank you, my lady.
She smiled shyly at me as I opened the door for her. She got in the car and looked down at her hands. Ahha, the ragini gadodia is nervous. We went to a nearby cafe. I opened the door for her and also pulled the chair for her.
Ragini : You need to stop being all gentleman, its starting to get on my nerves.
Laksh : Fine. What do you want ?!!
She went through the whole menu and decided to have black coffee. I excused myself and went to the counter to order our drinks. I checked my pocket for my wallet and my heart skipped a beat. I didn’t have my wallet. What the hell !!

No wallet. No money. That too on my first date with ragini !! I was wasting valuable time at the counter. In my hurry to arrange the whole balloon surprise thing , I had forgotten to take the money and my cards. What a disaster. Ragini would think that she is out with a fool, who takes her on a date and forgets hi wallet. what a freak I am !!
The man behind the counter stared at me and I just looked down embarrased at myself. I didn’t know what to do !!
What am I gonna say to her ?!!
I walked towards ragini and she was looking at me witg confussion as I had returned empty handed.
Ragini : Where’s my black coffee ?!!
And with that I told her everything. She listened to the whole story quietly where as I had expected her to be angry. When I finished, I waited for her response.
Ragini : You forgot your wallet ?!!
Laksh : Yes.

And with that she burst out laughing. She laughed so hard that tears brimmed her eyes. Great, now she was laughing at me. As of now one thing was sure, ragini would never let me forget how I goofed up our first date.
Precap : Swasan going to goa, their sweet train journey. Raglak living together for 2 days. Expect the unexpected !!

Let me know what else do you want in the story and how do you like it !!
Keep smiling.

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