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You complete me by Vrushy (Chapter 13)

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Chapter 12

Chapter 13
Let tonight last forever.


Sanskar’s Pov.
We were way too much drunk. Swara had tripped on every street dog that crossed our path. The pub had closed down and here we were walking on the beach as no cab was available this late. We sat by the shore as the water splashed on the shore and returned backwards.

We could hear “chura liya hai tumne jo dil koo ” playing in the background , Possibly from some dance club located near by. Swara got up and kneeled down on her one leg. She offered her right hand to me and I knew what she wanted. I gave her my hand and stood up on my legs. I caught her by the waist and moved slowly to the music. We moved along and she kept her head on my chest. We were interwined in each other.
Swara : We have never done it on a beach, have we ?!!
Sanskar : Nope.
Swara : what are we waiting for then ?!!
Sanskar : Whoa. I have heard goa police is pretty strict about this and we might end up in jail.

Swara : Oh come on.
With that she got out of my hold and walked towards the water. I followed her and slid my hands around her waist. She threw her head backwards , offering me her neck. I kissed on her shoulder and the slowly zipped her dress down. We walked towards the water and kept on removing all of our clothes. I ran my hand on her tummy , her navel and her hip bone.
Slowly we were inside the water, it was cold but our bodies were heated. I saw her face in the moonlight and thought how could thi beautiful thing love me back. I kissed her slowly so as to savour every moment.
I made perfect love to her. There was no huridness . Everything was perfect with the background music still playing. We were lost in each other. There can not be a deeper emotion than the love I was feeling for her.

Ragini’s Pov.

Laksh caught both of my hands in his and smiled down at me. I looked up at his soft warm eyes. How heart wrenchingly adorable he looked with the soft smile playing on his lips. He led me near the tree and I could see a table for two over there. He pulled the chair for me to sit. I sat down and looked up , the lanterns looked like twinkling stars from below.
Laksh took two glasses and poured us the wine and also removed the covers from the plate. The food smelled amazing. I started eating when I noticed laksh staring at me.

Ragini : what ?!!
Laksh : You know exactly what’s happening here, don’t you ?!!
My heart skipped a beat when he said that. Yeah , I knew exactly what was going on.
Ragini : I know.

Laksh : Then what’s the problem in admitting the truth.
Ragini : and what’s the truth ?!!
Laksh : That you like me. You love being with me. I make you happy.
Ragini : Ohkay. Fine. You win. I like you and you make me happy. But that doesn’t mean we can be together.
Laksh : Why ?!!
Ragini : Look laksh I have a past.
Laksh : So what ?!! Everybody has a past. We have to live with it. We can’t just stick to it and stop living.
Ragini : I am afraid to be in any realation !!
Laksh : Do you trust me ?!!

Ragini : Yes.
Laksh :So let’s give it a shot. If you still don’t want to be with me we will call it off.
Ragini : What do you wanna say ?!!
Laksh : Let’s be in a trial relationship. Atleast give me a chance. I will make sure its worth it.
Ragini : Why are you trying so hard ?!!
Laksh : Because I love you. Its not just some attraction or liking that I have towards you. I had fallen for you on the first sight. I am truly, deeply and madly in love with you !!
Precap : Ragini’s answer to laksh’s proposal. Swaragini’s fight.

I have decided to introduce a small mystry track which would cause a little damage to all the relations. But don’t worry, their relations are strong enough and they will not break. Its just a small track to spice things up. Hope you all will like it. Fingers crossed. Keep smiling.

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