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You complete me by Vrushy (Chapter 12)

Hello everyone.
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Chapter 11

Chapter 12
Baby, if all I got is your hand in my hand.I would die a happy man.


Ragini’s Pov.
It had been 15 minutes that I had been waiting for laksh. He forgot his wallet on the first date and was already late by 15 mins on the second. I have no clue what was I doing with this boy. I cursed him for some time.
It had started getting cold and I was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt. If this boy didn’t come soon then my teeth would surely rattle off !!
That’s when I felt him. I could sense his presence before actually seeing him. He draped a jacket around my arms from behind. My nostrils immediately took in his cologne. His smell.
Laksh : Shall we ?!!

With that he caught hold of my hand and interwined our fingers together. I felt his body heat surround me and immediately I wasn’t cold anymore. We both walked a little and then my eyes saw to where we were heading. A sports bike was parked with two helmets. It looked like a large monster ready to roar.
Ragini : This is what made you late ?!!
Laksh : Yeah, I rented it. I thought you would like it.
Ragini : I love it. Can I drive ?!!
Laksh : Aren’t you already cold. It would be better if you sit behind and cling on to me.
Ragini : Funny !! Fine. You drive.

We sat on the bike and the Harley Davidson roared up on the road. I put my hands around his waist in a lock and grabbed onto his t-shirt. The bike zoomed fast on the road. I peaked up from behind his shoulder and enjoyed the night’s breeze . When the bike stopped, I peered around and it looked like a vineyard.
I got off from the bike and laksh parked it. He came and walked towards me and took my hand again. I looked down at our joined hands , how perfectly they make each other complete. I so don’t like feeling this way. I was falling weak, laksh was making me weak. I knew it but I just couldn’t stop it. I tried hard to stay away from him but I just can’t. It like I am a moth and he is the flame. No matter how hard I try , I just can’t stay away from him.
If this ends on a bad note,I don’t know what am I gonna do. If he breaks me I don’t even know if I would ever get fixed again. Its like taking a leap without seeing, just trust that exists.

As I was thinking something bright blinked and I had to cover my eyes. As I opened my eyes again, it was the most beautiful views. There was this huge tree at end of all the grape vines and the most spectacular thing was every branch had a glowing round lantern. It just illuminated the whole vineyard.
Laksh : soo ?!!
Ragini : I love it.

Swara’s Pov.
It was our second night in goa. We had decided to do something that goa was made for. Partying.
We had spent the whole day lying in bed and watching tv. We had ordered all the food in our room and didn’t even bother to leave the room. The whole day had been lazy. We said sweet noting to each other and also read our old chats to revive the memories. Sanskar had gifted me a white dress as an anniversary gift while I had given him a laptop. The laptop had all our favourite pictures, songs and movies that we had watched over and over again all through out the day.
I let sanskar get ready for the party and sent him out of the room. I wanted him to see me only when I was completely ready. I let him wait outside because I knew he would be anxious to see how I looked.

Sanskar’s Pov.

I waited outside with bated breath, and finally swara walked out of the room. The sight blew me away. The smooth white dress starting from under her arms, flowed down till her thighs. It was a kind of dress that only some people would carry off. Swara really owned the dress. She made the dress look good and not the vice versa.
She came close to me, and I saw her hair flowing down till her waist. Her eyes were more deeper and her lips more prominent. Her face was more fairer. She was just so perfect.
Sanskar : Shall we ?!!

Swara : We may .
With that we walked hand in hand to a pub that we had checked on internet. We only had one thing in our minds. Each other. The pub was posh. The music was smoothing and nice. We grabed a corner and started swaying to the music. We weren’t relly dancing. We were just hugging and swaying to the music.
Swara : How about we get drunk ?!! Like really drunk.
Sanskar : Don’t be irrresponsible.
Swara : shouldn’t that be my dialouge.
Sanskar : Yeah yeah. Ohkay. Let’s get high.
And we moved towards the bar. Ordered some shots and…….
Precap : Raglak’s date continued. Laksh proposing a deal. Swasan getting high and making out on a beach.
Sorry I couldn’t write more in this chapter, it had already got too long. See you soon.Do comment. Keep smiling.

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