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You complete me by Vrushy (Chapter 11)

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Chapter 11
You are my beautiful little secret…..


Sanskar’s Pov.
We reached goa on Saturday morning . I got our bags while swara got us a taxi. As soon as we reached the hotel room, swara got into the bathroom to shower. She came out an hour later and looked polished. I pinched myself to believe that this thing was in love with me. The air of goa had hit her. She was in her shorts and a T – Shirt but looked smokingly hot. Every girl becomes five times s*xy when she lands her foot on the goan soil and tha same had happened with swara.
Sanskar : So where do we start ?!!
I asked coming close to her and inhalling her scent. I was talking about kissing her.
Swara : You freshen up first and then we would go for shopping.
At first I thought she was joking but then she handed me the towel and pushed me towards the bathroom. I took a long shower. No matter how erotic goa is, it is very hot and humid at the same time. When I came out swara was already dressed and ready to go. We went shopping on the streets of goa in the hot afternoon. Swara bought a lot of stuff and bargained with every shopkeeper. She surely had saved a lot of money. When we returned we were all exhausted and sweaty.
Once we were inside the room, the same thing struck us both. Both of us motioned towards the shower. Swara turned on the water, with her clothes still on. The heat of her body in the cold water turned me on. I kissed her wet neck and nibbled on her earlobe. My hands ran down her spine and she wiggled in my arms.
We wrapped ourselves against each other, growing madder with every drop of water touching us. We were in love with each other and love could not get any deeper. We made love under the shower. It was not our first time but it surely was memorable. We were away from everything and everyone, in our own world. We came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and laid down on the bed. Soon swara fell asleep, exhausted from all the shopping and love making.
Her head rested on my chest while my arms surrounded her. She looked so fragile in my arms. I kissed her forehead. She murmered something in her sleep and tightened her hold on me.
Ahhh…..my sweet swara. With that I also closed my eyes.

Ragini’s Pov.
I was so tired that I just couldn’t persue my muscles to get out of the sleepy haze. I drew my hands tight on the amazing support of the pillow. Whole of my body was warm because of the heat radiating from the pillow. I wondered when had I ever bought such a long pillow. Both of my legs were tangled with the pillow.
Suddenly, the pillow groaned !!
Which pillow makes sound ?!!
My eyes flew open and a gasp escaped my lips. Laksh lay down beside me , wearing only his shorts. His hands were under his head due to which all the attention went on his well built muscles. He had a tattoo on his left hand. The inking was of a writting, maybe spanish. He looked like a greek god sprawled on my bed. I blushed as I was checking him out.
But then the reality struck me, What the hell was he doing in my room ?!!
I poked his arm to wake him up. He frowned by the disturbance to his sleep and then opened his eyes.
Ragini : What are you doing in my room ?!!
Laksh : Sleeping.
Ragini : Ughh…. Why aren’t you in the guest room ?!! Do you even know how inappropriate this is !!
Laksh : First of all , all thanks to your stupid emotional bollywood movie that I couldn’t get sleep and that’s why I came to your room. Secondly , it wasn’t so inappropriate while you stared at me and checked me out.
Ragini : I wasn’t checking you out.
Laksh : Oh come on , why don’t you just accept the fact that you are attracted to me.
Ragini : Because I am not.
Laksh : Ohkay how about I prove the fact that you are drawn to me !!
Ragini : Try as hard as you can , I won’t give in.
Laksh : Be ready by 9 then. We will go out.
Ragini : Should I bring my wallet ?!!
Laksh : Hahaha very funny. Don’t bother, the treat is on me !!
He made a face and walked out of my room. So laksh maheshwari had asked me on a second date.

Sanskar’s Pov.
I was in goa with the woman of my dreams, what else would a man want. Swara and I went for a walk in the evening , as the two of us sat on the beach, seeing the sun go down into the sea. The walk had an amazing feeling. The perfect ambience and the perfect company. It couldn’t get any better.
I looked at swara who looked so ravishing as the sun set down. She rested her head on my shoulder and looked at the never ending sea.
How I wished that everyday would start and end like this……
Precap : Raglak’s second date. Swasan partying hard in goa

Sorry for the short update and also because I wrote less about raglak. Will make up for it in the next chapter.
I have also observed that the number of comments are getting less. Please tell me if you all are not liking it as I will stop writing then. Also if you have a problem with all the happy things going on, do tell me. Actually I can’t write tragic things or seperation track that’s why all the happy moments are there in my story. Any type of feedback is welcomed. Do tell. Keep smiling.

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