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YoU aRe MiNE SuKoR – part5

I came early this time 😂😂😂with the next epi but its very short 😂😂…I am sorry all of you for making you guys waiting and all my lovely friends thankyou soo much for the love ,support and care you given me.I hope I could live up to your expectation.
Soon let’s start!

She was shocked to see suraj there,by her side …tears started flowing down her cheeks! Her eyes were reflecting her pain! Suraj with his hands ,gently wiped her tears ,feeling his touch she closed her eyes…..When she opened her eyes,she found suraj know where… Chakor started crying badly realizing the fact that suraj would disaaper from her life like this forever!
Mean while Suraj was Resting his head on the steering ,he was thinking about the recent happenings in his life!
Surajs POV


I have no words to express ,what I am feeling now …I am feeling soo much relieved! I became lifeless when you were lost ! I am soo sorry chakor😥 for leaving you alone! I hope you reach home safely ! I promise you I won’t leave you ever again ,I will always, be there for you as a shoulder for you to rest your pain and as a shadow to protect you from all bad eye he said determined …..
He started the jeep to aazadhgangh and also started thinking about each and every moment they spend together yesterday!

He rembered their disasterous dance with steps including pushing and pulling, a big smile appeared on his face….he can’t stop himself from laughing and blushing … hitted his head …then rembered their challenge and her nonstop bak-bak ,asking him to dance & sing!! Suraj in mind “ I think I am missing your bak-bak wild cat”he said while taking a turn and driving swiftly,he was smiling all way thinking about her their unending fights,her irritated look, all things related to her was driving him more crazy……he became restless…he was having a fresh feeling in him. .. He speaks,think & see only chakor !
He stops the jeep aside and came out and sits on the front top of jeep
Suraj : urghhh !!! Now no more I can’t hold it .. I can’t tolerate this feeling anymore and I only know one thing all these feeling are happening because of you wildcat,he said while pouting cutely! What have you done to me !! ( the song pehla nasha plays in the BG). I can only see you ,feel you & think about you! You know you nearly killed me when you left without informing …you know how much I was worried for you.For a moment I thought I lost my love again!….he was numb but he still repeated the word again…L…o..v..e!!

Suraj: what ?…… my love?….. Really !!….nahh he shook his head in disagreement ….but with a confused look he said yahhhh…..and shook his head in agreement.
He jumped from the jeep …he can’t believe it …he is moving to and fro in tension …for about half an hour he was moving like this…now he stopped and took a deep breath closing his eyes and he could see chakor face… suraj opened his eyes suddenly giving a 100V bulb smile showing all his teeth.. Like an idiot and said “ MY LOVE”
Suraj : my love really😅😅 ohh manh and that too for wild cat!!
He now sits on ground and said “ hehee someone pinch me ,hit me because SURAJ RAJVASHI IS I N LOVE” he can’t control his happiness his happiness…..love was blossoming creating a volcano of emotions in him ….he has become crazy now….Crazy in love
He jumps and stood upon the jeep and yelled at top of his voice I LOVE YOU CHAKOR ……💝 I LOVE YOU MY WILD CAT ….yipeee

He just wanted to see her.. Hug her … make her his for ever ….he said in mind you are mine chakor …..he quickly get into the jeep and fled to village to meet his lady love
Suraj in jeep:
Suraj : its now 2hrs 63 minutes and 3sec that you are out of my sight , now no more he said while pouting cutely !! I am angry at you for leaving without informing but… in the mean time I love you for doing that !! If my wild cat didn’t left me how will I realize my love for you…..😍wish I could reduce this waiting…but I started enjoying this waiting ..

Mean while chakor step out of the bus and is walking lifelessly towards her house….her life came to a dead end with her dreams and hopes scattered ….she took each step with a heavy & teary eyes…. her heart is filled with unbearable pain on the other hand suraj is going in jeep to meet chakor with his newly blossomed feelings for her …..with his heart filled with care,love and affection.

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