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YoU aRe MiNE – SuKoR – part 4

Tears were rolling down her cheeks!!She was taken aback realizing the fact that, the beautiful memories that she gathered till a second ago was meaningless!
Chakor then broke down into the ground….she cannot bear it any more ….the pain of separating herself from him was killing her!! Every single moment that she spend with suraj was flashing on her mind and is blasting out in her heart as lava…..
She remembered the scene when both of them were on hill top ,viewing the beautiful sight which she thought would be pleasant as their life,then she remembered suraj feeding her in dhabha, then she thought about their cute fights how he irritates her calling fat,their crazy dance ,their face off with kamal narayanan ,she remembered how he consoled her during vimli union and finally she remembered their marriage night….now she started crying more bitterly …her eyes were swollen and face turned pale….chakor then said

Chakor : why suraj?why? Why did you do this to mee😭😭😭 . you gave me soo much happiness yesturday,that I wish for nothing more in my life but the pain you gave me now is severe than death!! How can you pluck me out of your life? How could you give me divorce?don’t you love me? How will I live without you? I am incomplete without you! I need you badly , more than anything in my life! She started crying vigorsily!!


At hill top:
Suraj kept the hot coffee down and scanned the whole area!!
Suraj : offo ….this girl naa 😏😏where she went now? he said while scratching his head … heyy wild cat!! Your milk is ready, Come out, come out where ever you are!!
He started worrying ,when he found no response from her side and started searching for her….

Mean while chakor started walking like a lifeless body !! Her mind stops working and her heart stop responding ,she is numb & is lost and is moving in some directions….she stops when a throne entered her feet,she was feeling pain but its nothing compared to her heart’s pain … she sits under the shade of tree and attempts to remove the throne…and is also crying thinking about suraj!!
Meanwhile suraj is asking to people about chakor he is soo much worried about her ,many bad thoughts were coming to his mind! He cursed himself for leaving her alone! He was feeling that chakor is in pain and is preety much tensed about her and is also feeling guilty for leaving her alone and is in fear of loosing her!
( the song yeah dhooriyaan plays in BG)
Chakor then removed the throne and said “ some thrones can’t be removed”she cannot digest the fact that suraj doesn’t love her.
She stood and angrily yelled at God for making her life hell

Chakor : why god? Why do you plan my life like this? Chakor who never loose to anyone is now loosing in front of her fate!! Are you happy now!!What wrong have I done?Why are you punishing me like this and making my life a hell? Why me ?Always me ? Why god?why do you always snatch my love from me?first vivaan and now suraj! Don’t I have the right to be loved by someone. Am I born only to give happiness to others and gift myself with myseries and sorrows .(she started crying now) .my life once ended when I came to know that vivaan loves imli ,never ever thought I will taste the feeling of love again and that too for Suraj! And now my heart is aching again ,may be its not you god its my bad fate that only leads me to heart break! She started crying sitting there and is thinking of their beautiful moments……………
Suraj was searching like mad ….he was so much worried for her
Suraj : I hope your alright chakor 😭 …I will die if something happens to you … where are you wildcat?
Suraj was passing by the same dhaba ,showing chakor pic to people over there and the same waiter notices him

Waiter : Bhaiyaa! You are looking for bhabhi?? I saw her sitting in bus about an hour ago!
Suraj was shocked to here this

Waiter : yes when I went to market ,I saw bhabhi sitting in bus ,I thought you will also be with her !
Suraj was angry and both sad that chakor went without informing him but he thought he is also at fault as he left her alone!….he remained mum!

Waiter : bhaiya is everything alright !
Suraj shook is head and said “ yaa everything is fine”
And he went towards jeep!he sit on the driver seat and give a sigh of relief as she is safe and he gotta know from waiter that she took bus to aazadgangh he then rested his head on stearing

Mean while chakor is seen sitting on the window seat of the bus….she was looking outside …she wan’t to forget everything!she want to ran out from her pain which she can’t hold on for long! She then turned to right side and was shocked to see a smiling face
I am extremely sorry for the short update .I burned my leg and was in hospital and I am recivering.. I am not satisfied with this epi …I
tried my best hope I could live up to your expectations!
I need you

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