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YHM Dil Ki Nazar Se Dekho epi 17

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Anu dear u have given me the biggest compliment I have ever received that u have addiction for this ff 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks a tonne This really means alot to me


My dear readers thanks for all ur love n encouraging words I just hope I deserve it

Recap-Mihika confronts Raman as to y did he agree to Abhi’s condition, Raman request Mihika to remain quiet till Ishita’s bday he feels Ishita will be able to sort out everything.Abhi is heartbroken as Mihika has left him

Raman is standing in balcony
Raman’s pov-How should I tell Ishita how should I describe my feelings how???
I dnt know when I fell in love

He smiles

ishra n Abhika have just returned from honeymoon Abhika have argument Raman is tensed
He walks n walks on road he is thinking something
He is tensed
A car passes by

He is hit by car

Mrs bhalla n mr Bhalla r worried
Ishita’ s eyes r welled up with tears
Doc-He is fine its just that he has injured his right knee n would find difficulty in moving n walking

ishra’ s room
Raman is sitting on bed
He is in pain
Ishita senses it
Ishita goes n by sensing brings ointment
Raman-No please this one burns
Ishita-Raman kuch nai hoga u will get relief acha Raman tell me something did u ever fall in ur childhood
Raman-yes when I n Mihika used to play I would run fast ……………..

Raman is excitingly narrating while Ishita tactfully applies ointment while he is busy talking
Raman (amused)-It didn’t burn hehehe

Ishita brings milk for Raman
Raman-I dislike it yucksss
Ishita-Raman just have lil haldi recovers injury fast please
Raman makes faces n drinks

Toshi looks on with smile n sees Ishita taking care of Raman
Ishita holds Raman’s hand with one hand n stick in another n helps Raman walk
Raman looks at her face

Ishita massages Raman’s knee
Raman notices Ishita sitting beside bed in morning

He is touched
Raman’s pov-She didn’t sleep whole night

Raman visits Doc
Doc checks him
Ishita prays
Dr-wowwwww amazing recovery definitely lot of care has been taken with dedication

Raman looks at Ishita with smile

Raman n Ishita r strolling in garden
Raman-Ishita can I ask u something
Raman-Ishita dnt u feel bad at times that u cannot see dnt u feel that u should never talk to god
Ishita-Raman I have been blessed in many other ways I have good sensing powers so I thank lord for what I have n not complain for what I dnt have
Raman I can see n I see with heart its amazing
Dil ki Nazar se Dekho
she giggles

Raman is amused
Raman’s pov-Really u see everybody from heart

***(((***Fb ends*******************

Raman’s pov-Her talks, her care, her actions, her smile, her everything is what I love

Saansoo ko Saansoo mein plays n their moments together r shown

Abhi is walking on empty streets there is a bottle of alcohol in his hand he keeps taking sips his eyes r red
A dog comes n barks he places hand over it n dog calms down Abhi sits on road
Abhi-(caressing dog) u know I hate but now only u can understand me Mihika feels I dnt love her tom when Di comes to know she too will react in same way but u know what I love them love them both n I did n’t want to hurt either of them, Mihika doesn’t want to see my face all is over Alll
He sobs
Tears fall from Dog’s eyes
Tadap Tadap ke plays
Mihika is shown holding Abhi n her pic n crying by hugging it

Raman is going somewhere in car
He stops it
Raman enters a florist’s shop
Raman-I want 100 red roses
He purchases huge bouquet
He goes to cake shop n is shown giving some instructions
He goes to cosmetic shop n purchases perfume
He is in jewelry shop n looks at silver chain it has heart shaped pendant with ishra engraved on it
He smiles His pov-everything should be perfect for my perfect wife

Shagun looks on
Shagun (wicked smile)-sorry baby before any of ur gift can reach Ishita I will give her best gift
She presses send button
Ishita receives voice mail n is shattered to hear Raman telling shagun about Abhi’s condition to marry Mihika
Tears drop from her eyes

Abhi looks at his phone
Abhi’s pov-Mihika hope u will listen to my voice msg I have narrated everything this is my last hope

Friends tom reason behind Ishita’ s blindness would be revealed can u all guess how Ishita became blind?

n my baby lisa I love u n sorry

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