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Yeh Vaada Raha 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


Scene 1:
Location: Ichcha’s and kartik’s residence
Survi is hurt, while lata applies medicines. hema comes and tells them that kartik successfully ate the med laden dessert. they are hopeful that by the efforts of the lord, they shall manage to draw kartik out of this trouble.

Meanwhile, Kishore and aniket arrive at ichcha’s house, and barge in through the window. they look arounbd and are amazed at the grandeur that she has accomplished. they start surfing around. ichchca hides in a drum, awaiting for them to go. after she is confirmed, she comes out, but is scared as they both petrify her in the name of ghost. she is flabbergasted and shocked. they call up survi, who is very happy, as she stands beside kartik’s bed, who is in deep sleep. lata and hema

are also hopeful of kartik’s recovery. they take him up and manage to get him down somehow. but tai intervenes, and they duck before she leaves for her room. after that survi prays to the lord about whats going on and begs for his help. they rush him out.

Later, tai is hungry and demands for food, and bindu says that she shall just get. MEanwhile, hema and lata put their own food, in canned way, so that it seems like a delivery parcel from outside. bindu doesnt doubt and leaves with that food. lata and hema are amused. pyare and bindu dose off, along with tai, on eating the laced food. lata and hema are amused. After sometime, tai wakes up and desperately tries to wake them up. they wake up groggily. she then smells the food, and understands survi’s foul play. she is alert and asks pyrae to check out if kartik is at home. he goes and comes back, and tells her that he isnt at home. tai gets enraged and starts fuming. she decides to teach her a lesson by torturing her husband.

Scene 2:
Location: Isolated haveli
Survi and kishore get kartik drugged and almost unconscious and then bring him back to the haunted haveli, and make him sit in a chair, right opposite to ichcha. aniket asks ichchca not to try anything oversmart, and just scare him, while she is herself handcuffed to the chair too. when he wakes up, Kartik gets horribly scared as he sees her, and tries to restrain free, while screaming for tai. survi and kishore, along with aniket are shocked to see this, as he runs around frantically. he hides behind a chair. survi rushes out as per aniket’s plan to expose the truth. she comes and tells kartik that nothing would happen, as she is a mere mortal girl. he is stupefied with scare. she tries to calm him down but in vain. aniket and kishore come and calm him down too. they open out the door for him and he rushes out anxiously. he accidentally hurts survi in the leg. they both rush out still. kartik is berserk that survi intentionally got him here to get him killed. she says that she isnt lying, and that ichcha is a girl not a ghost. she swears on lord rama. he begins o get convinced. he sits in the car when he finds ichcha coming from afar. she asks them to come soon, while herself leaves with kartik.

Scene 4:
Location: Kartik’s residence
When kartik and survi return home, she s shocked to be confronted by tai and her team. he immediately rushes to her, still scared and petrified after seeing ichcha. survi is flustered, as he starts complaining about her to tai, seeking solace in her arms. Pyare, bindu and tai watch survi amusedly, as she is apalled. tai asks him to do exactly what she says. survi asks her to give her punishment and not him, as he did what she told him to. tai asks her not to be tensed as she shall get punishment but he would give it to her. tai shows him the roof and asks him to get on top of it, and then wait for further instructions. he complies and hurriedly leaves for the roof. survi begs her not to do this, as he shall get hurt. tai asks why didnt she think afore, and asks when would she mend her ways. she says that she was clear what happens, the next time, she tries anything. Kartik meanwhile climbs up on the roof, and asks her whats to be done next. lata, hem, aniket and kishore are aghast along with survi. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Tai asks kartik to come easily to his mother. he complies, and begins to get down stealthily, from the roof. his foot slips and he falls down and they all scream out. they are aghast as he falls down.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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