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Yeh Vaada Raha 4th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Kartik holds survi’s dupatta, and she is reminded of their times together earlier. they finally arrive at the hospiyal


Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
Kartik arrives with survi, and asks why are they here. she says that she isnt feeling well. the doctor comes and sees the meds kartik is being given and says that they are wrong dasges and also detrimental, and can even become fatal. she is shocked. he then says that they have to start the check up. she understands. she starts a tantrum, that she wopnt get the check up. the doctor asks kartik to make her understand. he complies. but survi pretends to be scared. she asks if he has had a check up before, and either he gets one first then only he shall be able to. he complies. the doctor

fixes up electrodes. she thanks the lord and begs him to help them out. he says that they have to help conduct many more tests, and for that he needs to calm down. he gives her some meds, and says that he shall be back in sometime. survi tries to get him to take the meds. he says that he takes meds only by tai. she says that she got because she knew he would be with her. he says that he is hungry. she serves him food, giving him the story too. he asks about sita. she starts narrating. then they come back and start strapping him to the chair. she gives him an excuse, but when they start tying up, he gets berserk. Kartik is distraught and berserk, as they pin electrodes on his head, and inject him with something, to find out whats wrong. survi tries to calm him down, but she is apalled herself. they give him a tranquiliser, and he doses off after much struggle.unable to see it, she rushes out and prays in front of the lord’s idol. she says that she knows he would hate her after this, but this is the only way.

Survi comes in to find kartik lying on the bed, and apologises to him, while he is in sleep, adding that she knows she is doing wrong, but she has no other way out, even if she has to face his hatred for that. he starts waking up slightly, when the doctor comes and says that he has conducted the tests, and is now awaiting the results. he asks her to take proper care of him and continue the medication he prescribed. kartik wakes up cursing survi, while they both are tensed. he gets distraught seeing survi, and its very difficult to restrain him, while he continues to accuse her. he rushes out somehow, while survi rushes after him. she tries to make him understnad, but he pushes her away and runs ahead, without noticing the incoming van., survi sees it and is aghast. she manages to throw and push kartik away at the last minute saving his life.

Survi tries to calm kartik down, while he raises the drama, in front of everyone, that he doesnt know survi and she tried to hurt him, and he is scared. she tells about their marital status to people and kartik’s condition,k to clear the confusion. he denies that she is his wife. she says that she isnt lying, and asks him to come along anyhow. but he clutches at someone, and doesnt allow. survi apologises and begs him to come home. but he doesnt comply, and an auto fellow stands and says that he shall drop him home. he complies.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Aniket comes with the lawyer, saying that since kartik isnt in the right frame of mind, they want one person to take the sole custody of the entire business. Tai comes in with pyare and bindu. tai asks why did he bother to make her job easier, but now that he has, she asks him to step aside so that she can talk to the lawyer. she cites reasons and asks him to make her the custodian. aniket starts smiling, and guffaws, rubbishing off the idea. he points out how the wife gets everything, as per the law, not the mother and as it is, she isnt kartik’s mother even and she doesnt even deserve to be called a mother, as she is merely a taint on it. she screams and lashes. kishore asks her to calm down, as aniket is right as per the law. tai says that the law can support survi all he wants but kartik is with her, and asks pyare to go and get him from otuside. pyare goes and comes back, reporting that he isnt outside. tai is boggled. kishore guffaws and says that kartik is with survi, at the doctor’s clinic. tai is shocked, to hear about the right treatment. tai starts fuming. kishore says that she merely got tit for tat, and they know that she is doing wrong with him. they say that they shall make survi the custodian, and have them thrown out. tai asks who shall control him then. lata asks her not to bother as his mother is alive and she shall. the lawyer says that the legal documents are ready, and only survi’s sign is needed. hema points out, that once kartik gets better, he shall come back, and they shall again rot in jail. Aniket and hema gets tai’s suitcase, along with others, saying that now they shall have them all thrown out rightaway. hema and kishore take care of their counterparts while tai remains standing alone, in front of lata and aniket. aniket says that he chooses to forget the fact that she is his mother, as he is ashamed, and he might totally forget that, when he asks her to leave the house, and she sticks around. he asks her to get lost. tai eyes him tensedly. lata too warns tai to leave, as even her son isnt there to save tai today. tai reminds her that she came out thelast time, and she shall manage this time around too. tai fumes but doesnt say anything and leaves.

Outside, Pyare starts accusing tai of bing so begligent, and tai slaps him hard pointing out his uselessness. while they fight amongst themselves, bindu asks them to stop, and find out how to get inside. they again get into a scuffle. the screen freezes on tai’s face.

Precap: Kartik raises a tantrum inside the house, with a knife pointed at his throat saying that he shall kill himself, if survi tries to come any closer. survi is apalled and rushes out to reach to tai, who is in the auto almost ready to drive off. she rushes and touches tai’s feet. Survi begs tai to come inside and apologises for being smart, and says that she shall never do so again. she pleads her to save kartik’s life, and that she accepts any punishment. tai guffaws. but she pushes her away. tai says that she shall go only on one condition, and thats to give the entire property, entire money and business in her name. survi is shocked to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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