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Yeh Vaada Raha 3rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik and others are boggled, as someone walks in with huge oplomb and pomp, with band playing in. they are aghast to find that its pyare. he walks in saying that he has decided to become a politician, now that he has fulfilled all criterions and somebody has to be in govt to save tai from her crimes. kartik asks who is he, and tai tells him. kartik invites him to stay over. hema tries to speak, but survi stops her, when she finds kartik’s mind is made up. pyare heartily accepts the offer.

LAter, kishore talks to the doctor on phone, as to how kartik’s condition isnt imporving. he is asked to bring kartik in at the clinic. but they all wonder hjow shall they be able to do it, as kartik reports everything to tai. but then

they decide to take the help pf the lord in doing it. they all sit down while survi starts the ramayana recital. kartik immediately gets interested. he asks tai about it, who snubs him off. when he pesters, to get him off her sleeves, she complies to his wish as he wishes to sit near survi and others to be able to hear the story. seeing that he is getting interested, survi continues. finally, kartik joins them. they are amused. survi continues the Sita Swayamvar Kaand. but closes right at the minute when sita is about to marry someone. she cites that she has work. while kartik gets impatient, survi pretends to get busy. kishore takes this chance, to find tai and bindu having their breakfast, and rushes up to sneak in binduu’s room.

In the room, kishore surfs through the drawers and takes the entire meds kept there. then he ducks when bindu comes after freshening up. he manages to scare bindu with fake air, while she presumes its a rat, and she rushes out, he sneaks out too. he comes down to give survi a thumbs up, while she is busy keeping kartik engaged about sita swayamvar. then she hastily retreats to the kitchen, wherein he follows demanding to know. he doesnt let her work, and traps her hand in his arms. she remembers their past romantic intimate moments together and gets emotional. she tells him the rest of the story, and then when kishore comes and again gives the green signal. while he is listening, he is happy as she comments that he too like rama, fulfilled all his responsibilities. he brands her a liar, as he talks about his wife, repeating that he isnt married, while she remembers their marriage. to distract him, she cites that she has to go to the market. he says that he shall come. she asks him to come along. but he says that he shall go and ask tai first. she asks him not to, as he wouldnt get to go, and his story would be incomplete. but h rushes straight to tai’s room, while survi and others are distraught as to what to do now, since kartik would tell everything to tai.

In her room, tai is busy talking over the phone, and is irritated when he keeps butting in. she finally asks him to speak up. hastily he says that he is going to the ground to play. she is reluctant but then complies, asking him not to go afar. as he happily comes down,. they all are nervous, that he might have exposed their motives in front of tai, he surprises them all by saying, that he can go. survi is extremely thankful to the lord, for his help all the way and begs him to continue this further in her mission too.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Survi is amused as kartik expresses the desire to sit inside the auto first, as he is a child, and might fall off if he sits at the side. she complies. they sit, and he holds her hand for safety. he then asks how was Sita and Ram’s marriage. she narrates everything, and answers all of his excited questions. he talks about his impending marriage, and then asks her to share more. she talks about the lavish grand affair of the wedding. he hears excitedly. the screen freezes on her happy face.

Precap: Kartik is distraught and berserk, as they pin electrodes on his head, and inject him with something, to find out whats wrong. survoi tries to calm him down, but she is apalled herself. Meanwhile, at home, anirudh gets tai’s suitcase, saying that he chooses to forget the fact that she is his mother, as he is ashamed, and he might totally forget that, when he asks her to leave the house, and she sticks around. he asks her to get lost. tai eyes him tensedly. lata too warns tai to leave, as even her son isnt there to save tai today. tai reminds her that she came out thelast time, and she shall manage this time around too. tai fumes but doesnt say anything and leaves.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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