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Yeh Vaada Raha 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in



Scene 1:
Location: Temple
People pray at the temple, and joining them is a young girl, who prays devoutly too. its khushi, who is an exact replica of survi, by face and personality. she remembers her promise to her mother. the priest hopes her wish gets fulfilled. she says that she just wishes to see her father happy. she talks to the lord, that she never complained, and that she only wants her father to be happy always.

MEanwhile, kartik is busy distributing sweets, when a boy breaks coconut right in the middle of the stairs, and one part hits him and it starts bleeding. then she goes and reprimands him, while he lewdly waives her off. kartik asks her not to bother. she says that she shall file a complaint, and holds him, but he jerks her away and she

falls on the ground, hurting her elbow. kartik gets enraged seeing this and tries to attack him, but the aides of the goon start beating him up, while she frantically tries to get him out of their grip. a heated scuffle ensues, until finally kartik beats them all up with a stick. he is about to hit the goon fatally, when a suited guy comes and asks him to stop, referring to him as a mad man and taunting him. seeing him go out of control, she makes him swear on the mother, and he refrains. while the manager lashes at her, and branding kartik as a mad person, survi too reprimands him, asking him to understand that kartik is sane, and did only what he did, because of concern for his daughter. she then takes her father’s hand and steps out, while all clap. the guy is embarassed.

Scene 2:
Location: KArtik’s residence, Chawl
Khushi reprimands kartik for roaming around to get hurt. he too taunts and lashes at her for being so bossy. she tends to her wounds, and goes to get warm water, while he goes to survi’s pic, and says that its proven that she doesnt love him, hence left this arrogant snob with him, who restricts him on everything. she gets water back, and finds him talking to survi. she asks if there is anything else left to be said. he takes offense at that too. she asks him to enumerate them then. he starts one by one, starting by asking her to laugh. she says that there isnt any reason to laugh. he starts telling how she scares everyone away, branding her as snob and arrogant. she pretends to be indifferent, while he asks how would she get anyone, if she continues to be like this. he talks about how some lady was telling him to teach khushi the way to live life. she says that she doesnt wish to get married as it is. he says that noone shall agree even. they then decide to leave for work. he goes to change, while she eyes survi’s pic.

Outside, khushi does his laces of the shoes, and then heads for office.

Scene 3:
Location: Cafe
AS kartik comes to the cafe, he feels sick. she asks him to take leave. but he is too excited for his promotion and doesnt want to take it off. he starts mingling with other people, who are glad to have him there, while khushi eyes from one corner of the room, appreciatively, as he keeps bringing a cheer and smile to their faces. her phone rings and leaves. the employees talk about the snobbish attitude of their new boss. but kartik is confident that he shall win him over and cheer him up too. he goes into give coffee to the fellow, and identifies him as the same man from the temple, whom they insulted. kartik drops the glass in shock. the manager is still enarged, and again brands him as mad. one of them informs her outside about the commotion inside, and she cancels the call, and rushes inside. she sees that its the same man. they again start fighting, when he threatens to fire him. she asks him to go ahead and try and give a plausible reason for firing. he shows the damage he does almost everyday. she agrees and says that it never was a problem afore. but he wouldnt understand the emotions through which he is connected everyday. she says that she shall herself take her father away. but the entire staff and customers too get up to go, as they stand by kartik.

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