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Yeh Vaada Raha 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Episode begins with Kartik telling Khushi to ask Survi to leave.. Khushi hints to her mom she’ll take care of everything… after she leaves, Khushi asks Kartik if she can feed him.. First Kartik replies in affirmative, then remembers his Aai & says that she will get angry.. Khushi tells him she is his best friend & she wont let Tai know about it.. Kartik happily agrees.. Khushi tells him her mom tells her stories while feeding her… Kartik insists that Khushi narrate him Ramayan’s story.. Khushi starts with narrating about Surpanakha.. how her nose was cut off.. Tai & Pyaare enter & ask Khushi to leave… the latter says she’s not gonna leave her friend.. as Pyaare tries to pull her away, Kartik hold her back & threatens that he wont marry

Iccha if they didn’t let her be… Both leave hesitatingly…

Outside BM, Survi tells her gang that they have to ensure everyone is out of the house except for Iccha… Hema notices Bindu loitering around in the garden & signals to Survi… Hema goes up to Bindu & starts pressing her neck for having sided with Tai in the wrong… Bindu spots Kishor & asks for help, the latter mumbles something & leaves… back in BM Iccha is irritated as she quickly wants to gets done with the marriage… Tai questions her since when did she start believing in the muhurat & all… Just then they hear the commotion happening outside & Tai asks Pyaare to go & check…

Pyaare tries to help Bindu but is chased away by Kishor who beats him black & blue with a danda … Just then Bindu touches a live wire & get an electric shock..

Upstairs in Kartik’s room, KarShi are playing hide & seek.. (it was very cute.. go & watch yourself )… Khushi asks Kartik whether he’s having fun.. Kartik happily nods in affirmative…

Both go downstairs still playing & bump into Iccha… Kartik literally bumps her off … she gets wild & asks the two to be careful… Khushi tells Kartik they’ll go outside & play…

By now even Tai is outside.. seeing Bindu getting electrocuted, she goes & turns off the power.. We now have Iccha all alone in BM who’s getting ready in her room… her ex mum-in-law comes in to scare her.. Iccha freaks out thinking it to be a ghost.. the lights come back & she finds Survi standing there & realizes it was her plan.. Iccha again challenges Survi she’s gonna bump off Kartik after marrying him & then the property would be hers… Khushi has already brought in Kartik who overhears everything… everyone walks in.. Survi instigates Kartik that he’s sweet enough to forgive everyone, but then Iccha cheated his Aai even.. that agitates Kartik & he wants to punish her.. Iccha tries to flee & everyone chases her, Kartik included.. Tai tries to pacify Kartik by ringing the bell, but to no avail.. Iccha gets trapped… Kartik picks up a sword from nowhere & wants to cut off Iccha’s nose the way Surpanakha’s nose was cut off… But Survi stops him somehow & tells him Bappa will punish Iccha for her sins.. She asks Kartik to hand over the sword to her.. he relents.. Survi throws away the sword only to be picked up by Iccha.. She takes Kartik by his neck & threatens everyone to back off.. Kartik freaks out & screams for help… (gosh the way he screamed really had me).. Khushi tiptoes & pulls Iccha’s ghunghat… she’s loses control & the sword falls in Survi’s hand.. Kartik is happy for having been saved by Khushi.. Tai apologises to Kartik that she had absolutely no clue about Iccha’s evil ways…

Precap: Tai again tries to instigate Kartik.. tells him that his friend Survi saved his life & that he should do something in return… tells him to get Survi married to someone.. Survi is still in the Ramayan mode .. tells Kartik she is ready for a Swayamvar… & that Kartik has to promise her that whosoever she chooses, will be her husband.. Tai super shocked…

Update Credit to: kiara26

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