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Yeh Vaada Raha 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
IChcha is distraught in the room, as to what she shall do, as she isnt used to making food. tai is least bothered and says that its her problem and she needs to deal with it herself but warns her that the food should be tasty. she is disgusted and turns to pyare, who also lashes back at her, saying that he is searching coolkery videos for her only. while they are discussing, as to what ichcha shall prepare, kartik comes in announcing that he is hungry and its time for her to make food and give the test. she is fuming, but he forcibly holds her, and takes her to the kitchen. she has no option but to comply. in the kitchen, survi is already there. he asks her to step aside so that ichcha could make the food. she says that she was merely helping

her by getting the kitchen table ready. then ichcha takes over the cooking arena. he is about to go, when survi suggests tht they should keep their eyes on her, so that she doesnt cheat. iccha fumes, while they comply, and sit and banter, and chatter amongst themselves. ichcha keeps making one goofup after the other, while survi is amused. after the time is over, kartik asks survi to come out, when ichcha says that she shall get the food out for them. survi resignedly complies and leaves with him.

While kartik and others anxiously and impatiently wait at the dining table for food, Ichcha comes and says that the food is ready. she then serves it to everyone. kartik loevs the food. survi fumes resignedly. but then she notices a note stuck underneath the serving bowl. she snatches it out. then, Survi shows kartik that ichcha is lying as its ordered from a restaurant. tai and ichcha are flustered. kartik gets enraged at her and doesnt listen to even tai adovacting for her. he listens to none and sits in a corner. finally survi says that she shall get food for him in five minutes. he calms down, saying that he shall only give him that much. she complies and rushes in. lata and hema rush after her and wonder what she shall make. survi is distraught but then gets the idea of preparing morning rice in an innovative way. meanwhile, aniket and kishore try to keep him busy with video games, but he gets berserk the minute, the clock strik,s five minutes, and then all immediately rush to him, while his eyes keep searching for survi. she arrives just then, with a plateful of hoot food, and describes how it was made. he tastes it and loves it immensely. he applauds her and her food majorly. they are all amuse. tai comes in and survi finds her at a doorgate. she comes to her, and while tai tries to throw a taunt on her face, but she hesitates. tai asks her not to think that its very easy bto be like this, and feeding some bites dont suffiuce for the love that he gets from tai. survi determinedly tells her, that she shall face every challenge, but she shall reignite the love thats in kartik’s heart for her. tai fumes and leaves. the screen freezes on survi’s hopeful face.

Precap: tai gets a coal fire pyre, and says that ichcha is ready to give agnipariksha, as per survi’s plan, but she intentionally taunts survi, and asks her to try it out, and prove her genuinety today. survi complies, and gets atop the hot coal pyre. they are apalled with every piercing pain that she feels.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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