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“Yeh Tashan Hei Aur Ishq Hei..” Promo – 2


Scene 1:
  A beautiful girl is shown walking  in the road(yes none other than our TWINKLE)
.She saw a boy is proposing a girl with a bouquet of red roses..
Boy: “will u be my girl friend? I promise u ,i will never let u alone & i always make u happy  I love u..!!!”
The girl(boy’s gf): “Of course I will..& I love u too baby”..


Twinkle( with attitude to herself): “”if one cannot  keep promises then what is d need for giving false promises & dreames..”

She went away with full attitude but  tears on her eyes..

Scene 2:
 A handsome boy is seen in stage by playing guitar & singing a romantic song..All audience cheers for him.
after the show he went to his room & looked into the mirror & says : “may be it is hard to keep  promises & but still waiting for my dreams to come to true..To met u again…  But this time ..I promise u …I will never leave u ..
I need u forever…”😙

Scene shifts to the faces of TWINKLE & KUNJ..

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