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“Yeh Tashan Hei Aur Ishq Hei..” part-1


Scene 1:
  A Boy is seen in boxing gym..He is Fighting wt his competitor..
All people are shouting…”YUVI…YUVI…”
 Face of a handsome boy is revealed..
He wins in the match..
Girls are shouting by saying. “We love u Yuvi”..
A smile appears in his face.
He pass a flying kiss to his fans..& he thinks ..
“Boxing jeetna aasaan Hei.Lekin ek sacha pyaar milna itni aasaan nabi Hei…( “It is easy to win in boxing..but it is hard to get a true love”)..
Scene 2:
 A beautiful girl with a beautiful salwar (looks like modern)is walking through the park.She saw a girl wearing salwar &with a specs(like a simply village girl) is crying & a boy  is teasing her..
Boy:”look at u..do u realy think that anyone can love u..u foolish..came to propose me..u behenji….stay in ur limits..”
The boy picked dupatta from the girl & started to laugh at that village girl.The ( village) girl is weeping by placing her both hands across her  chest..
The girl watching this come near to the boy & slapped the boy.She pulled the dupatta from his hand & give to the crying girl & turning to the boy: “Who give u d right to insult a girl.if u don’t love her,then say it directly.dont afain try to tease girls like this..u  got it!!””..
A voice is heard :”MAHI….if teaching is done ,come quick  “..
By hearing this girl who slapped the Boy  turns & says:. “Haa..coming..”
Mahi passes an angry stare to the boy &Mahi left with the crying girl..


Scene shifts to Face of  YUVI & MAHi (same who slapped the boy)….,😊😊

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