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Yeh Tashan Hei Aur Ishq Hei Episode 7


Hlo frnds ..
Here is d Link for  Episode 6:


��so let's start wt d new episode..☺��

Scene 1:
  TWINKLE is went to her room after dinner.She was going to sleep,den her phone rings.she took d phone without looking d no.
TWINKLE(in call):"hello!!"
CALLER(male voice): "TWINKLE PUTTAR.."
TWINKLE stood silent after listening the voice.tears filled in her eyes.
CALLER: "TWINKLE PUTTAR..why r u not talking my PRINCESS?& Ur MOM said u r not receiving her calls. PRINCESS,r u still angry wt ur MOM?"
TWINKLE(by controlling her pain words): "ss.i never want to talk wt u both & plz never ever call me wt d word "UR PRINCES".u lost d right to call me in dat name."
CALLER:"BETA,listen..w r ur REAL PARENTS.so we hv all d right on u."
TWINKLE: "no…u lost all d right upon me.only ASHOK PAPA & ANITHA MAA hv d right on me.. becoz for me,they r MY PARENTS.so only they hv right upon me..so plz don't ever try to disturb me..u both.."
TWINKLE ended d call.

She feel restless & she walked  towards her cupboard.she took a small box from it.she opened it.she take a chain from it. a chain with heart â�¤shaped as locket..she went to  d balcony wt it..
she opened dat locket.there was a picture of two children(one boy 👦& one girl👧about 8) together👫 in one side & other side of d locket a text "SIDMIN" is written..she hold d locket closely to her heart & started to weep…😢😢

YUVI was passing through d room saw TWINKLE in dat state.
YUVI(thinks): "i think I should leave her alone for some tym…she really need it.."
YUVI   went to his room & sat on his bed.he took d picture frame in d table.it was a photo of both YUVI & TWINKLE together ..in funny mode😎😎. .
YUVI: "I know TWINKI . How much u try ..u can never…ever …hate HIM… 🙂.u still hv d feelings for him..😊
   SID…w r u.??? Plz come back..MY BABY DOLL NEED U…plz come back..just for ur JASMIN…"

 ðŸ”¶ðŸ”¶SCENE 2:
      A stage is shown..All d audience cheering up saying " KUNJ. KUNJ".
Behind d stage,in d dressing room,a boy is seen standing,facing d mirror.his face is not revealed.. He wears  a white tshirt with black jeans &  a black jacket over his shirt..he hold a chain in his hand.d same chain as TWINKLE hv..he opened d locket..(same pic & text as in TWINKLE'S locket👫).
BOY: "again..dis for U JAS…ONLY FOR U MY JAS(JASMIN)…"he kissed on d photo & smiles😘😘.he wears d chain."
He take d guitar🎸 & entered into d stage.. 🎙🎙.    🔶🔶


🔷🔷Scene shifts into TWINKLE's room..
TWINKLE: "u know..u know dat how much I try.i can never forgot u & can never hate u….den .. why SID!!!!!😢😢""🔷🔷

🔶🔶Scene shifts into d boy.light falls upon d boy.a handsome,hot boy wt a charming face is shown..(ss none other dan our KUNJ SARNA…🤗🤗)
KUNJ moves near to d 🎙🎙& starts to sing  a song while playing 🎸🎸.

 [🎵🎶🎵🎶Song "Baatein Ye Kabhi Na.." from  D film "Khamoshiyan"plays in background.frnds..plz listen to dis song while reading.🎵🎶🎵🎶.]

""🎶🎶Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhoolna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha
Jaaye tu kahin, bhi ye sochna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha
Tu jahaan jaaye mehfooz ho
Tu jahaan jaaye mehfooz ho
Dil mera maange bas ye duaa

Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhoolna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha
Jaaye tu kahin, bhi ye sochna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha..""🎶🎶(�song paused).

[ ' KUNJ is singing d song,in full feelings..he didn't saw anyone before his eyes.he only saw his JASMIN (14 yr old JASMIN) everywhere..He was singing d song only for her😘'].

(â–¶Song again..)
  ""🎶🎶 Humdard hai, humdum bhi hai
Tu saath hai toh zindagi
Tu jo kabhi door rahe
Ye humse ho jaaye ajnabi
Tujhse mohabbat karte hain jo
Tujhse mohabbat karte hain jo
Kaise kare hum usko bayaan…

Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhulna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha
Jaaye tu kahin, bhi ye sochna
Koi tere khatir hai jee rahaa
🎶🎶""['Here KUNJ remembers some blurred past memories."2 children playing,one boy & one girl about 12 & some of their funny moments"..he left d stage by passing his cutest smile to d audience'.].

(Now song will be in female voice.so scene shifts into TWINKLE👧)

"🎶🎵🎶Jaagi bhi hai royi bhi hai
Aankhein ye raaton mein mere
Kyun har ghadi milke tujhe
Lagti rahe bas teri kami
Hum toh na samjhe tum hi kaho
Hum toh na samjhe tum hi kaho
Kyun tumko paake tumse juda

Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhoolna
Koi tere khatir hai jee rahaa
Jaaye tu kahin, bhi ye sochna
Koi tere khatir hai jee rahaa..🎶🎶""

['Here TWINKLE is walking through d balcony by holding d chain & also she remembers some blurred past memories.d same children's fight &     
Funny moments.👫.she tightly hold d chain near to her heart & sit in her bed..']    🔶🔶
🎬🎬Camera shifts into d screen where d screen spilts into two halves where faces of KUNJ & TWINKLE at each parts. 🎬🎬

        â�ªâ�ªEPISODE ENDSâ�©â�©

PREECAPE: " wait….😉😉"

â­•â­•Frnds..I don't know whether d song suit for dis situation or not.but dis song is one of my favorites .. dat's why…
😀😀 I hope u lyk it…â­•â­•

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