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Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai new story part 1

Yeh rishta new story part 1

I’m beginning with November 2 story I hate gayu so I will make sure to have twists


Akshara: who’s locket is it
Naira: it’s mine I love Kartik
Akshara gets stunned while gayu is shocked
Gayu: Kartik loves me and I love him
All family members hear it And come
Bhabhima: call Kartik here
Kartik come after 15 minutes
Akshara: gayu and Naira live you who do you love
Kartik: Naira
Gayu Is shocked
Gayu no you were mine Naira this is your fault
Naira: di
Kartik: gayu I love Naira
Naira: I love you too
Gayu: yes you Both are together that’s what I wanted
Everyone is tsuunned but happy for kaira

Gayu goes in her room
Gayu: I will not let kaira became kaira
Gayu: I love Kartik he’s mine

Akshara feels restless
Akshara: I feel like something is gonna happen

Precap: Akshara hugs gayu and thanks her gayu smirks with evil intention

Please comment if you want it to continue

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