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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Naira burying the memories. She turns to go and sees Rama. She cries and talks to Rama about Gayu and Kartik. Naira tells Rama that I have always fought with Kartik, don’t you how he fell in love with me, Gayu loves him a lot, she is an ideal life partner, he will understand it some day, I m not suitable for him. Rama says no, you are very nice and everyone loves you, so Kartik fell in love with you.


Naira says no, I want to become like mumma and live for family, everyone used to ask me to become like Akshara, I used to get angry, when I m trying to become like her, I m feeling good and happy, many relations have shattered because of me, I want to tie them back. Rama says but my sacrificing your happiness. Naira says anyone has to sacrifice happiness,

why not me, Gayu is elder daughter and has right on everything first, she did my duties too, I have to do my duty, I want to do something as Akshara’s daughter, don’t stop me.

Baisa says its Dhanteras and Diwali, then Bhaidooj, its all happiness. Devyaani asks her to say if there is some work. Baisa says Guru ji told me something, I will tell it in puja. Bhabhimaa asks Naitik about Kartik. Naitik says his phone is off, I have sent email for him, he will call when he reads it.

Gayu tells Akshara that she is scared, don’t know where Kartik went, I m scared, my fate is not good when it comes to relations, if anything bad happens then… Akshara asks her not to think bad, be positive, there is nothing bad to dream, its not his refusal yet.

Kartik is seen jogging in the park/hotel lawn. Naira dances angrily to get her emotions and pain out. Kartik runs non stop in anger, while Naira dances non stop thinking of him and crying. She falls down and cries. Kartik too stops and cries. They take each other’s names. Kirti holds Kartik. Naira sees Naitik. He asks did anything happen. She says no, I was practicing, I have to be good to open dance academy, else they will call me loser. Naitik says how can anyone say so, my daughter is one in a million, we are proud of you. She says I m hungry, I will go and have food. She goes. He says why do I feel Naira is hiding something, but what.

Kirti asks Kartik what is he doing, where is he lost, what is the pain you are hiding from me, if sorrow and pain got less without sharing, mine would have ended, we have to fight to get rid of pain, freshen up and have food, come. She says I was working on your laptop, mail notifications were coming, just check.

Mishti shows Kartik’s pic to Baisa. Baisa says my glasses broke, I can’t see him. Devyaani says it will come till evening. Baisa says I can’t see. Mishti asks Baisa to try. Baisa says I can tell how I like the guy after I see him well. Mishti says he is handsome. She goes and smiles seeing Kartik’s pic in phone. Naira gets sad and thinks Mishti knows everything, if she tells everyone then….

Kartik smiles seeing Mishti’s video message. She says I miss you, come back BFF. Kartik says I got all messages from Gayu, Mishti…. but not Naira. Kirti says Mishti is cute, if I had a daughter, I would have named her same….. She gets sad. She says Mishti is attached to you. He says yes, others don’t care. She asks what do you mean. He says nothing, just saying. He asks her not to hide anything. He says Sir messaged and called me urgently, I m booking tickets to Udaipur. She says I won’t come, don’t worry for me, I will be fine, you go. He says even I don’t want to go, but Sir called me.

Rajshri shows Akshara’s childhood glass and says Shaurya used to fight for this. She misses Kartik and says he should have come back till now. Vishwamber says don’t worry, he will come. She says he is part of our house, when he marries, will he leave us, we will give him one more room and kitchen, so that he can stay here with his wife, we will make his wife our bahu. He says sure, but did he tell you ever that he won’t go to his house, he will stay with his family. She says leave it, now he is our part of family. He jokes that she will do naamkaran of Kartik’s children.

She says why not, are you joking on me. He says no, don’t have rights on him, his blood relations will be imp to him. She says my heart says we have lifelong relation with him.

Baisa sees face in silver plate and says this is magical mirror. Bau ji says so this plate used to show my and Dadda ji’s fights. Naitik takes plate and sees Naira sad. He turns to see her and she smiles. He worries.

Baisa asks Naitik did he talk to Kartik. Naitik says no, his phone is off. Bau ji says strange, find out where is he and when will he come. Naira asks Mishti about her work. Mishti says mumma’s phone was ringing, so I came to give it. Naira asks Karishma what happened. Karishma says nothing, it was mumma’s call. Naira asks her to go and meet her mumma.

Karishma says no, there will be talks about Naman. Naira says your mom will understand, she will feel good if you go, even Rama is going, you can go along.

Mishti says I know you gave this idea to mumma, you will miss me the most. Naira says everything will be fine and hugs her. Naira cries.

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