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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Akshara seeing Naira and Gayu. Pandit asks her to call everyone for puja. Everyone sit in puja. Later, Akshara goes out. Naira and Gayu come to talk to her. Akshara says I will ask something, answer it straight. She asks what is going on about Kartik, tell me truth. Naira is about to say. Gayu runs and hugs Akshara, saying I love Kartik. Akshara gets shocked. Gayu says I really love him a lot. Naira moves back. Akshara looks at Naira. Naira cries. Gayu says I thought a lot to tell you, and was waiting for right time when Naitik came back, Naira got to know and now you also know it, are you annoyed with me that I love Kartik. Akshara says no, love is not a crime, I m happy that my daughter chose a nice person, but did you talk to Kartik, does he feel the same


for you.

Gayu says don’t know, I did not talk to him, but I think he likes me, he cares for me, but what will I do if he does not like me. Naira looks on. Baisa calls Akshara. Akshara asks Naira to come. Naira cries thinking of Kartik and Gayu’s words. Kirti gets scared seeing frog and shows Kartik. He laughs and says its frog. She asks whats so funny. He says someone nicknamed me frog, but now I hate this word. She asks him to share things, if you did not get away, even I did not get away, can’t I understand you Bhai, I m your sister, tell me what is the problem. He says you know whatever I loved was snatched from me.

She says no, I think you got much depressed, you always reacted strongly. I think you should go home back, Papa is missing you a lot. He says if he cared for me, it would be great. She says I know Papa loves you, fine Papa did not try to join relations, even you did not try, you broke relations, not Papa, just try once, maybe something will change, till when will you run away. He says I m not. She asks are you saying this to me or yourself. He goes.

Mishti tells about Kartik. Gayu and Naira get sad. Naira keeps sweets. Baisa asks why did you keep these sweets for prasad, ask your mum. Karishma says come, we will cut Rashmi’s birthday cake. Gayu thanks Karishma and everyone, you all did a lot for me, Rashmi knew just you all will love me as my parents, if I get chance, I will do anything for this family. Naitik hugs her. Baisa says Gayu made me happy by her words and praises Gayu as a blessing for them. Naira looks on.

Akshara tells Naitik. Naitik asks Kartik? Akshara says yes, Gayu loves Kartik and kept fast for him. He says no, maybe Kartik made all this fed in Gayu’s mind, we know Gayu. She asks do you think Gayu did wrong. He says this maybe infatuation. She says no, its true love, I told you our daughters have grown up. He says I m not prepared as you were not prepared at Naksh’s time. She says we have to find out, if Kartik loves Gayu or not, I told you what Gayu feels. He says if Kartik loves someone else…. She says no. Naira comes. He asks does Naira know. She says yes. He says we will ask her. He asks Naira about Kartik’s girlfriend, does he love some girl, Gayu loves him, we don’t want Gayu’s heart to break, Gayu takes care of everyone. Naira promises Gayu’s heart won’t break, when Kartik comes, ask him, I m sure it will be good, Gayu is nice and bad can’t happen with her, we are with her, don’t worry. She goes and cries.

Akshara stops her and asks what are you hiding. Naira says nothing, I m not shy lie Gayu, I m Naira, I don’t keep anything in heart. Akshara says I m sure there is something, tell me. Naira says no, trust me. Akshara asks about candles which Karishma gave her. Naira says yes, I have lighted that for Gayu and Kartik. Akshara asks the frogs which she made. Naira says I kept that to irritate Kartik, shall I go now. Akshara says I got this and shows heart crystal. She says give this to Gayu, maybe she made this for Kartik, it will break if it falls, hold it well, Gayu’s heart will break. Naira says no, I will take care. She thinks I made this heart, but now I have no right on this.

Naitik says Kartik is not answering, do you have his other number. He sees Bhabhimaa hearing him. They all talk about Kartik. Naitik says he is nice guy, whats the problem. Akshara says Gayu did not do any mistake. Bau ji says we did not know anything. Bhabhimaa asks why did Akshara not tell us, we agreed for love marriage before. Akshara says we got to know just now, Gayu wanted to tell us, but she was hesitant to say. Devyaani asks do you think Kartik likes Gayu. Akshara says don’t know. Baisa says we don’t know Kartik’s family background, we have to give girl by knowing well, its about her life. Rama worries and asks Akshara what did she feel after talking to Gayu, if Kartik loves someone else, will she manage. Akshara says don’t know, Naitik and I want to talk to Kartik first, we can’t force anyone to love, to say yes or no. They all see Mishti hearing them.

Mishti says Naitik got a courier, what are you talking, do you want to send me to hostel. Akshara says no, we were talking about office. Bhabhimaa says don’t tell Mishti, she will tell the world, she is Kartik’s friend. She says its time to keep promise to Rashmi, Gayu should not get tears in eyes, decide such that Gayu gets happiness. Akshara says yes, I will also try to do this, its promise to myself. Rama worries. Naira buries the souvenir box. She keeps a flower pot above it. She turns and sees someone.

Naira dances to get her anger out. Kartik is seen jogging. Gayu asks if Kartik gets away from me then……

Update Credit to: Amena

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