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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Baisa talking to Bhabhimaa and Devyaani about Kartik and Naira’s marriage. Mishti says you are always after marriage, let them do dating and know each other. Baisa says see your age and talks, I will get them married soon. Mishti says I will see how they marry soon. Kartik is on the way and hears RJ on the love show. Akshara is on the way and thinks everyone is waiting at home. Kartik calls RJ and says this is Kartik, I want to dedicate a song for my girlfriend Naira.


Akshara says road is lonely, lights are off, I m much late. Naitik feels something and says what happened, it was strange feeling. He calls Akshara. She stops the car and answers. She says I m coming. He says come fast. She says you go outside and now you are saying this. He says I admit I can’t live without you. She says fine, I will come soon if I drive. He says fine. She says goodbye and ends call. He thinks why am I feeling like this.

Kartik calls Naira and says I did not reach home, I m coming. She asks are you still driving, where are you. He says on mountain road, its beautiful place, I m missing you. She says stop the car. He says I have to come to you. She says you can’t drink, why are you not understanding. He asks her to start radio and hear the love show. She says no, you don’t talk while driving. He says its on bluetooth speaker, hear the song on radio. She hears the song Tenu mai itna pyaar…… Kartik drives.

He says I love you Naira. She says I love you too. Akshara sees a puppy in the middle of the road and stops the car. She talks to puppy and asks with whom are you. Kartik asks are you annoyed with me. Naira says no. Kartik says don’t be annoyed ever, I can’t live. She says fine, reach home fast. The puppy runs. Akshara smiles and turns. Kartik shouts no and hits her. Akshara flies in air and falls far. Naira hears the sound and shouts Kartik. Akshara hangs to the pole and screams. She calls for help. Kartik gets unconscious and falls over the steering. Akshara’s hands lose the grip and she falls. Naira asks Naitik to come fast, accident happened. Naitik asks whose accident. Naira says I will tell you, come fast. Everyone worry.

Police and people gather there. Naira, Naitik, Vishwamber, Bau ji and Shaurya come there and see Kartik injured. Naira runs to Kartik. Police stops her. Naitik asks is he fine. Inspector says we can’t say, doctor will check, let us do our work, wait here. Naira says where are doctors, if anything happens to him, Inspector says he should have thought of it, he was drunken and driving in over speeding. They get shocked. Inspector says I think he has knocked down someone else by his car. Naitik asks who. Inspector says we don’t know, we are investigating, maybe a woman, she fell in cliff, don’t know she is alive or not. Naira recalls telling Kartik not to drive.

Shaurya says call ambulance, he is unwell. Naira says I told him not to drive, he did not listen to me. She cries. Naitik says its wrong, I m worried for that woman, don’t know she is alive or not. Naira says no, if anything happens to her, Kartik can never forgive himself, where is mumma, call her, I have to talk to her, I will tell mumma to pray for Kartik. Naitik checks Akshara’s missed calls and calls her. Akshara’s phone rings there. Naitik and Naira turn hearing the ring and see Akshara’s phone and aarti plate. They get shocked. Inspector says we got this from that car. They see Akshara’s car parked far. Inspector says we called on last dialled number and did not get response.

Naitik says I had kept phone on silence in meeting, Akshara is my wife. Inspector says this guy Kartik maybe he has done her accident. They all get shocked. Naira cries. Naitik runs to find Akshara. Naira cries seeing Kartik. He is taken in ambulance. Inspector asks Naitik not to go, its night and they can’t allow Naitik to go, search team will come. Naitik shouts I have to go to Akshara. Naira stops him and asks him to understand, police will find mumma. She asks inspector to call search team fast and apologizes. They cry.

Mishti cries and says what happened to Kartik, is he fine. Gayu hugs her and says he will be fine. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani wonder where is Akshara, call her. Rajshri tries calling Vishwamber. He calls her back. Bau ji calls Devyaani. Rajshri asks what happened to Kartik, is he fine, did he get hurt. Devyaani asks what happened, even Akshara is not answering. Rajshri asks about Akshara too. Vishwamber asks her to listen, Akshara met with an accident, Kartik was driving. Bau ji says Kartik was drunk and knocked down Akshara. They all get shocked and cry.

Naitik tries finding Akshara. He gets shocked and shows Naira. Naitik and Naira shout and rush to Akshara.

Update Credit to: Amena

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