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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kartik getting upset thinking of his dad. She says I used to tell everyone that my mum died but I missed her a lot, we are stupid. He asks do you love me. She asks do you want any proof. He says no, I want to hear. She says I love you a lot. He says we will not talk about this, not because I will feel bad, but I don’t want to hurt you by not listening to you, things got fine now, we will not spoil things. He asks promise. She smiles. He says we will run away and marriage. She asks what and leaves. He runs after her and says sorry, you felt bad, I just said it. She says I also want to say, I will make your bharta, shall I, you don’t think before saying. They argue.


She says if you say this infront of family, they will be ready. He says wow, I did

not think this, I m going to talk to them. She says I will kill you. He says I accept, kill me. He sees her upset and says sorry, I was joking. He holds ears. She says I will think if you help me in making special person’s day more special. He asks who.

Naitik tells Akshara that gem security got tight now, the locker won’t open without any hand prints together, because we are one by uniting. She says we don’t know when two people unite, Naira and Kartik are same, both were away and annoyed with family, their fate got linked. He says maybe they will understand, Kartik helped her unite with us, she will unite him with family. She says they have to open treasure of happiness together.

Its morning, Akshara meets Dadi. Dadi asks you here at this time, is everything fine. Akshara says yes, I dreamt of this home and came here. She hugs Shaurya and gets emotional. Rajshri shows the old photo album. Akshara smiles recalling those moments of childhood.

Vishwamber asks Akshara what is she finding in the pics. Akshara says my childhood. He says you will feel life passed soon. Dadi says yes, life gave us a lot. Akshara says yes, life gave us lots of happiness, we want the same for children. Rajshri asks did you talk to Kartik. Akshara says not yet, I will talk to him, he is lucky to get such a family.

Kartik and Naira argue over party themes. Mishti asks them to stop it, house looks a market. Akshara comes and says I also felt so, I knew you all will fight, so I did my planning for birthday. Naira says we will plan it. Akshara says Naira left and we did not celebrate birthdays, now I want to celebrate it well so that everyone remembers it well. She says when person lost a lot in life, I feel I should hold this moment forever. Naira hugs her and says we will celebrate it the way you want, and call Naksh and Gayu too. Naitik asks what did you think. Kartik says tell us how you want to celebrate. Akshara says fine, make me meet your parents, think this is my birthday gift. He says sorry, I can’t give this gift. He tells Naitik that he has to prepare for meeting and leaves. Akshara says Kartik’s mood spoiled. Naira says don’t worry, I will see him. Naitik asks Akshara to worry for her birthday dress.

Naira calls Kartik and flirts. He smiles and says I don’t know how you got my office number, I m engaged. She says I did not see ring in your hand. He says those need ring who remind themselves that they are committed, I m booked for this birth, I will call you to say about next birth booking. She says you are asking fir number indirectly. He says never, I can give you her number, you will know she is very cute. She ends call. He asks don’t you want her number… Mishti teases Naira for romancing. Naira says I was talking to someone else. Mishti says I know it, your frog is really prince, Goenka. Naira says his surname does not matter to me.

Mishti sits with her. Naira asks don’t you have any work. Mishti says ask me to go, as you have to go tar tar with frog, don’t know when will you grow up. She goes. Naira calls Kartik and says I love you. He says why are you disturbing, i m working. She says fine. I will take it back, you have no time, I thought to tell you. He says I m not busy, tell me. She says mumma said she likes you and….. He asks what… She says she would also find something like me, but after 5-6 years. He says will you marry in old age. She says I m worried for you, you will lose tooth at marriage time. He says very funny, tell me. She says she said we should not hurry, I can’t hurt my parents. He says even I don’t want. She tells about his parents and says sorry, trust me, I did not say intentionally. He says its okay, I will work else I will get fired by Naitik. She says I will request Papa. He says keep it for some other day, bye.

Akshara and Naitik have pani puris. She says I won, you always act like kids, you lost. She eats more. He says what, you can do anything. She says don’t know what will happen to my stomach. He says leave it now, come. They sit in garden. He says this was our place after marriage. She says yes, I remember. He holds her. He gets Naira’s message. Naira asks about guest list. Akshara says I forgot, why don’t we invite Kartik’s uncle and aunty. He says why not, shall we call them. She says no, they can talk about marriage. He says yes, but anyone would do it. She says fine, call them. He calls Akhilesh. Akhilesh says Manish is coming, can you come to meet him, maybe Kartik’s anger, we can battle it, if you support us, he will listen to Naira for sure. Naitik says we should do this by taking children in confidence. Akhilesh says Kartik will not agree, meet Manish once, then decide.

Kartik comes to the same restaurant to handle the meeting alone and wishes Naitik was here. He sees Akhilesh with Naitik and Akshara. Akhilesh sees Kartik and says Kartik….. Naitik and Akshara see him. Kartik says you all here. Akhilesh says I came here for meeting, they came here for coffee, what are you doing here, did you come to meet anyone. Kartik says I came to meet someone, I will go. He sees his dad’s car and gets angry. Akhilesh thinks oh no, its Bhai saab’s car. He sees Kartik getting angry.

Naira says when something good is happening, we have fear that something wrong will happen. Kirti talks to Kartik about patching up with their dad. Kartik refuses.

Update Credit to: Amena

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