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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Naira saying Kartik will never come till you feel normal. She asks Gayu not to go. Gayu asks her to listen. She says I m going so that your relation blooms, I need some time to prepare myself, please understand, I want to forget everything, it will be good if I leave now, I want to forget pain and come with happiness to shower on you and do an elder sister’s duty. She hugs Naira. Bhabhimaa says I told that children’s courage should not break. Gayu says no, I m going to get new hope, so that I come back with happiness. She hugs Akshara, Naira and Mishti.


Naira gets paratha rolls for Naitik and Akshara. She says I have to take care of everyone till Gayu comes back, finish this, I have to do my responsibility. He says till when will you do this, your

prince has come. She asks did you get insecure and smiles. He asks did you talk to Kartik. She says no, frogs jump and come, sometimes they hide and then come on own, Kartik will come.

Rajshri gets Kirti home. Kirti greets them and says I m Kirti, Kartik’s elder sister. They get shocked. Kirti says why are you shocked, you are Naira right….. Kartik’s car breaks down and he gets stuck. He thinks to call Kartik and takes driver’s phone. He could not connect and says Rajasthani message, Kirti has come here, maybe because I did not call her back. Someone asks Kartik to come.

Kirti asks did Kartik not tell you. Naira says maybe he does not want to say, its fine, we are not in hurry, he has become part of our family, we respect his feelings. Kirti says I knew my brother’s choice is good, but did not know it will be so good, every sister has fear that her brother’s partner will understand him or not, you proved you understand him very well, thanks. Naira says relation just started, there is much to learn and understand, I m glad someone is there to help me. They laugh.

Baisa says we are worried and you all are joking. Bhabhimaa says Kartik told that, Kirti came and now we get to know he has his family, we want to know why Kartik lied, and Naira is joking. Baisa says its about Naira’s life, and asks Kirti whats the matter. Kirti says I will tell everyone, I will call Kartik once. Kartik comes there with his uncle and aunt.

Kirti hugs Kartik. Kartik says I m sorry to lie to you all, this is my family, you all met Kirti. Naitik asks are you Kartik’s parents. Kartik says no, my uncle aunty. Uncle says he is like our son. Naira signs Kartik. Naitik welcomes them.

Aunt says Kartik told us about Naira, we came to meet you. Uncle says Kartik should not stay with us, Kartik’s self esteem is high, he decided he will do his work, we have big family business and did not stop him, we gave him a chance. Naitik says yes, I also wanted to do it. Kartik and Naira see each other. Aunty says he did not miss us, thanks to Naira, he met us. She thanks Naira and compliments her. She says Goenkas has good choice, be it Kartik, Akhilesh or Manish. Akshara says Naitik, we heard Manish Goenka’s name. Naitik asks is your brother Manish Goenka, the business tycoon. Uncle says yes. Naitik says I took Kartik’s interview, he worked for many months and did not tell us, he did not let us know. Uncle says he has no interest in business. Bau ji asks do you have your own business, I have never seen you with Manish. Uncle says yes.

Baisa says Kartik’s parents should come, we are girl’s family and have worry. Aunty says yes, we would worry like you and ask such questions, Manish and Bhabhi ji are not in city, when they come back, we will tell them. Kartik says aunty please…..I don’t want to lie more, I have no relation with my dad now and will not happen in future, I stay away from him, just Kirti, uncle, aunty are my family, please accept me like this, I will be glad.

Naira says you explained me about relations. He says your case was different, you had misunderstanding, I don’t have such. She asks how can you be sure. He says I m sure, you all accept me like this, you can decide. Naira says you should feel right first. He says I told how I feel, can we end this discussion here, I don’t want to talk to anyone. Naitik says fine. Aunty says we will leave. Devyaani asks them to have tea. Aunty asks Kirti is she coming home. Kirti nods.

Kirti tells Naira that she is glad meeting her, girls are taught to be silent, you know to keep your opinion. Naira says people misunderstand when we stay silent, so its imp to speak heart out. Aunty hears her and says Naira is understanding, she will manage our Kartik. Everyone talk about Kartik’s family, his dad is very rich. Mishti says he is really a prince. Baisa says he has big fight with his dad. Rajshri says he never let us know he is from rich family, he helps us a lot and is so simple. Bhabhimaa says there would be something serious. Rajshri says Kartik missed family. I think he is punishing himself for parents mistake, he left home, why did they not find him, Naira also left him, Naitik tried finding her so much. Dadi says truth will come out. We should pray all misunderstanding should end. Naitik says its tough to say, we will talk to Kartik, there will be some way.

Kartik is at the cafe and recalls how he left home. He says he has no right to interfere in my life. Naira comes and keeps momos with a smiley. Kartik says sorry, I m not interested if you came to talk about mu family. She says not interested in talk or not. He feeds her momo. They both apologizes. She says I don’t know having it by chopsticks. He says even I did not know, dad has taught me……He stops saying. She looks at him.

Kartik’s uncle and Naitik meet at cafe. Uncle worries seeing his brother’s car. Kartik sees his dad’s car and gets angry. Naitik sees him.

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