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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Raman telling Mihir that he will not lose, he will find other lawyer, he can’t lose Pihu. Adi gets the perfect couple contest pamphlet and shows Raman. Raman likes it. Adi says Bansal liked the concept. Mihir says Aaliya prepared this right. Romi comes and says Adi and Aaliya have great ideas, Simmi is doing its marketing. Mihir says we can make our office employees participate to make this a hit, Romi and Mihika are a great couple, and Raman and Ishita are perfect and can win. Raman says how are we perfect, leave it. Mihir says its good chance to patch up. Romi says leave it, Raman is scared. Mihir and Adi agree and praise Romi, and say Raman can’t do this. Raman says I know you are praising me so that I participate, this won’t happen, actually on second thoughts,


I will participate, don’t forget who won most dashing man contest. Romi says don’t feel bad if you lose. Raman says its perfect couple contest, not muscle competition, I did not show my body yet. I go gym till now. Romi says yes, I made you join. Raman says challenge accepted. Adi asks Romi to make sure everything get fine between Raman and Ishita. Romi asks him not to worry.

Pihu talks to the counselor. Ishita hopes everything gets fine. The lady talks to Pihu. Ishita says I hope Dr. Dixit makes her say truth of pills. Kunal asks Shagun how can she lie about Pihu’s suicide attempt, she is a kid, suicide is punishable offence, if she tells the judge that she did not do this, get out of this mess, cook up any story, Pihu should feel you did that for her good.

Mrs. Bhalla gets Amma home and asks her to go and impress Appa. Amma in her new look goes to her home. Appa opens the door for her. He is on call. Amma goes to him and calls him out. He gets a shock seeing her makeover. He asks what happened, what did you wear, are you going to become heroine in horror movie. Amma thinks he did not praise me and saying bad. She gets sad and cries. Appa thinks what happened to her. He goes. She thinks someone came in his life. He ends call and says what happened to her, I will take appointment from counselor and show her, she maybe in old age depression. He calls counselor and takes appointment. He thinks to take her medical papers to show doctor.

Pihu thanks the lady for the story and new words. Counselor asks her likes. Pihu says I like dancing and go for Kathak classes. Lady tells her about scrabble, make words and I will see. She tells Ishita that Pihu is playing, its a good start. Ishita says I m getting peace seeing her happy. Lady says I will talk to her, our talk will be recorded. Ishita says don’t push more. Lady says don’t worry, I deal with children everyday.

Appa keeps papers and says Madhu should not know of it. Amma asks what, where are you going. He says I m going in friend’s office farewell party. She says I will come along. He says no, you will get bored there, I will come till dinner. He leaves. She thinks what to do, this makeover is of no use.

Lady talks to Pihu about her school, friends or any pressure. Pihu says I have no pressure, my school is nice, all friends like me, they play with me, but that day…. She recalls when Tanu’s mum stopped her from playing with Tanu. Ishita says I did not think Pihu will be badly affected by one mistake, Raman says right, sometimes I hurt my loved ones.

Pihu says I came from that friend’s house and cried, then I had milk and slept. Lady asks her to recall well. She gets call and asks her to arrange cards. She goes out. Pihu gets a message on her phone. Shagun messages Pihu and writes her not to tell anyone about the pills, its not a good thing. Lady says I m sure Pihu is going to say truth and asks Ishita not to worry. Lady asks Pihu to say what she was telling about that day. Pihu asks shall I go home, I m not feeling good. Lady calls Aaliya. Pihu asks Aaliya shall we go home. Lady says we will call your Papa next time and show him how you play with us. Ishita looks. Aansun ka rishta…….plays………….Pihu goes. Ishita and Mihika hide. Aaliya takes Pihu.

Amma is angry and gets to her old avatar. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened, did Appa like the makeover. Amma says he called me horror film heroine, he does not love me, he finds me boring. Mrs. Bhalla says no, he has seen you after many years like this, how will you feel if he comes with bright clothes, give him time, he will get habitual, go and change. Amma asks her to answer call and put on speaker. Amma talks to Appa’s friend and says Vishwa left for your home. He asks why did you not come. She says he went alone for your farewell party. He says what, I did not retire, I got promotion, maybe he went somewhere else’s party, tell him to call me. Amma gets angry and says I will show him horrow, he saw my good side, I will show him my scary side. Mrs. Bhalla says talk to him, calm down. Amma says I will teach him a lesson.

Lady says everything was going fine and then Pihu did not say. Ishita says did Pihu worry, Pihu will not understand all this, are we torturing her doing this. Lady says we have to take more time, get Raman along, so that he knows what is Pihu saying. Ishita says Shagun made her state like this, you are doing this for us, thank you. Aaliya and Pihu reach home. Aaliya asks what happened to her. Pihu says nothing, I m tired. Aaliya says why is she behaving strange. Shagun hugs Pihu and asks did you tell anyone. Pihu says no, Dadi says lying is bad, why did you lie. Shagun says yes, but I did not lie, I was scared seeing bottle under the pillow, promise me you will never touch it. Pihu asks her not to worry. Shagun thanks and hugs her, thinking now she will not tell anyone. Pihu tells that aunty played games, and asked me to get Papa also, she asked about pills, what shall I tell her. Shagun says say truth that you were in sleep, and does not know when you kept bottle under pillow. Pihu goes. Shagun says so everyone is trying to make Pihu say truth, what are they upto, I have to find out smartly.

Aaliya says Pihu has so much fun. Shagun thanks Aaliya for taking Pihu, and asks is that any counselor, Pihu said lady was asking many things. Aaliya says she is child psychologist and was helping her, do you have any problem. Shagun says no, you can take Pihu again, its good for her. Aaliya asks about the fashion show preparations. Shagun says its going good. She thinks to keep an eye on Aaliya. She says I will give milk to Pihu and goes. Aaliya says I gave to warn Ishita that Shagun has doubt on us, we should be careful.

Raman says I want a beautiful and smart partner, I m participating in couple contest, Romi feels his body is better than mine, I m participating to make him lose, someone beautiful and smart is needed to make Mihika lose. Simmi says Ishita is there, beauty with brain. Raman says she is there, but beauty and brain are absent.

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