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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla coming home and surprising everyone. She asks Neelu to make good tea and hot kachoris. She says she missed fighting with Amma. Simmi says she also missed you, freshen up and then fight with her. Mrs. Bhalla asks for Ishita and Raman. Mr. Bhalla says they will come. Raman scolds the office guy and asks where is Mihir, how did you not inform me about imp meeting. Guy says Mihir did not come today. Raman gets Mihir’s letter and reads it. He says what’s happening….


Mrs. Bhalla gives list to Mr. Bhalla. Amma comes and asks Mr. Bhalla about Appa. Mr. Bhalla says he joined laughter club and tells that he wants to try new things. He goes. Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma why did she get worried. Amma says he did not tell me, why did he hide this. Mrs. Bhalla

says maybe he forgot, you are also busy, he was telling Ruhi that you are boring. Amma says did he say this. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I also find you boring, do something new. Amma thinks she may lose Vishwa and says yes, I have to do something before it gets late. She goes. Mrs. Bhalla says i told her to go for jogging track, don’t know on which track she went.

Shagun talks to her friend and says there is no diwali party and events, you got boring. Aaliya comes to her and gives the couple contest form. She asks Shagun to participate, as she has great fashion sense. Shagun asks are you serious. Aaliya says yes, I m saying as you deserve it, see my client is launching his new brand, it will come in newspapers and tv too, I thought of you first, please enrol. Shagun says but will Mani participate. Aaliya says trust me, I will manage him, you are lucky one to get the form. Shagun agrees and fills form. Aaliya thinks Appa will be glad hearing this news.

Amma sees Appa and goes to him to give the juice. He says keep it. She says weather is very nice today, you would have fun in laughter club. He says yes. She asks how are you. He asks what happened to me. She says i was staring conversation. He says I don’t want disturbance in crossword. She asks him to have juice. He drinks and asks fine?

She tells about those neighbors divorce and the man’s affair. He says we got one life, and we should do what we want, its okay. She says how can you say this, if anything wrong happens between us… He says I wish. She worries. He says I m sorry, I was joking, you were disturbing me, can’t we talk later. He gets a call and talks to someone. He says Maya, what a surprise, no you did not disturb me, I was free at home, yes tell me…. He goes. Amma looks on and thinks what is this new problem Maya.

Raman goes to meet Mihir at his house. He asks Mihir why is he resigning, could he not talk to him about it. Mihir apologizes and says its right to resign, I m responsible, I took Mihika to meet Kunal, Ishita went to jail, Pihu attempted suicide, I felt I should go away from everyone. Raman says stop it, else I will slap, why do you all do what you want, don’t know what is Pihu going through, I should go away, I did not know you will do this, are we not family, I will accept your resignation, leave all of us. Mihir says sorry, I felt I m responsible for all this, I was confused and took this drastic step, sorry. Raman asks him to get ready to meet client. Mihir asks him to promise, Raman and Ishita won’t fight for this, forgive Ishita please, become normal. Raman agrees.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma why is she crying. Amma says Vishwa does not love me, I went to talk to him, he went off. She tells whatever he said. Mrs. Bhalla says you know he loves you a lot and will never leave you. Amma says he does not want to see me, he has complains with everything, its small signs, such things start then. Mrs. Bhalla takes her.

Shagun asks Aaliya to choose the clothes.Aaliya asks her to go for shopping and get new suit for Mani as well, buy something new. Shagun likes the idea. Aaliya asks her to go spa and she will feel fresh. Shagun says good idea, I will take Pihu along. Aaliya says she will get bored. Shagun says she does not stay with anyone. Aaliya says I will take her to my friend’s house, she keeps maths classes. Shagun thanks her and goes. Aaliya calls Ishita and says Shagun went. Ishita says Mihika and I will come to counselor, you get Pihu, you have to handle everything, can you handle it alone. Aaliya says yes, Pihu won’t know anything. Ishita hopes Pihu tells truth to doctor.

Mrs. Bhalla gets Amma to parlor for make over. She says you want Appa to focus on you, this is necessary, you should look young like me. Mrs. Bhalla does not let her go and makes her sit. Amma says I don’t want any treatment, I m fine. Amma gets a makeover. Shagun is on the way and tells her friend about the dress, and the big event. The car stops. Driver says I will check it. Shagun sees Aaliya with Pihu. Aaliya tells Pihu that aunty will teach you maths with games. Pihu says it will be fun. Shagun sees Aaliya taking Pihu to child counselor, and says Aaliya said she is taking Pihu to her friend. Shagun says Aaliya lied to me, if Pihu says she did not take the pills, I will fall in problem. She calls Kunal. He asks whats emergency, I m in meeting. She tells Aaliya took Pihu to child counselor. He says I don’t understand anything, just come here. Shagun thinks Ishita is teaching this to Aaliya.

Adi, Romi and Mihir ask Raman to participate. Raman refuses. They provoke Raman and challenge Raman to participate in the couple contest. Raman understands what they mean to do, and still refuses.

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