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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita coming home along with others. Amma stops them and gets aarti plate. Ishita asks what is all this. Amma says its rituals and Mrs. Bhalla would have done this if she was here. Dadi says Amma is right, rituals get good vibes at home. Amma does the rituals and makes Ishita enter the home. Music plays…………….

Bala asks Raman why is he in hurry, we will take you inside, come. Raman and Ishita enter the room and see it beautifully decorated by flowers and candles. Raman asks are you marrying for the first time. Adi says we don’t need to tell this to you. Amma asks them not to tease Raman and Ishita, and sends them. Amma asks Raman to sleep soon, its first Diwali after marriage, you have to get bath by Ishita’s hands in morning, Ishita will apply oil and uptan, its Tamilian rituals, you have to accept this if you married south indian girl, sleep now, I will come to wake you up. She gives the milk glass and goes. Ishita says i m so sorry.

Raman says its not our first marriage. Ishita says I know, its awkward. He apologizes for behaving that way. She says its okay. He says its Diwali and its said it gets new hope, I wish our only hope gets fulfilled. She says I really hope so, I will clean this, you sleep. He says let it be, children worked hard by love, we will not break their heart. He stops her from sitting on bed and says I know them. He removes the sheets and shows papads. He says when I saw Adi and Aaliya laughing, I understood its something wrong. He compliments her and says I m proud that my wife is world’s best mum. She thanks him. An alarm clock rings. He gets the clock and shuts alarm. Another alarm ring. He says these kids…… She switches it off. He says I m much tired. She asks him to relax.

Romi asks Mihika is everything fine, we were decorating Raman’s room, I called you many times, where were you. She makes excuse and says I was thinking to change phone. He says fine, its Diwali, I will buy a new phone for you. She says I was thinking to change sim, its damaged, I will change number. He says you can get another sim, why to change number. She says number is old and service messages get irritated, I will give new number to selected people. He says fine, we will get new sim, give me a glass of water. She thinks why am I hiding, I should tell him everything, he will change sim himself. She turns and sees he slept. She says he got tired by the work. She thinks to tell truth to Romi or not, if he does not believe her or if there is any misunderstanding then?

Amma asks Ruhi to complete rangoli. Ruhi gets oil and asks importance of rituals. Amma says its new year beginning with Diwali, oil and uptan bath makes out negative feeling out, mind and body should be clean for welcoming Maa Laxmi, she gets happy and gives us prosperity. Simmi asks where are Raman and Ishita and jokes. Ruhi goes to call them.

Ishita wakes up and says its 4.30am, we have to go. Raman does not let her go. She says leave me. They smile. She says we are getting late. Ruhi calls them to come fast for oil bath. Ishita says Tamilian culture, come.

Adi and Romi also get the rituals done. Ruhi says this year, we will apply oil, next year Aaliya will do this. Romi says Adi, get Madrasi wife, this had to happen. Amma records them and says I will send this to Mrs. Bhalla, she will be happy. Appa says hurry up, Raman and Ishita are waiting for us in temple.

Dadi makes arrangements for Mani. Mani asks why are you doing this, I don’t think Shagun will do this. Dadi says I know she won’t come, but I m doing thi for you, you are like my son, and mum can apply uptan to a son, after what Shagun did, I don’t want her to do anything. She says I feel bad for Mani, how did he get trapped by Shagun, she is breaking Pihu from her parents. Shagun asks oh really, you lied to me and took me to Chennai. Mani asks her to relax. Shagun says aunty taunts me, this is my house. She asks Dadi to leave from their house. Mani asks her to apologize to Dadi. Shagun refuses. Dadi says stop it, I don’t want fight on Diwali day, I have seen Adi and Aaliya’s engagement, the house where I don’t get respect, I will not stay there for a min. Mani asks what are you saying. Dadi says book my ticket, I have to go back. Aaliya says no. Dadi says no discussion, I will celebrate festival at my home, I will come back in Aaliya’s marriage even if Shagun does not like. Mani asks Shagun are you happy now. He goes. Shagun cares a damn.

Mr. Bhalla talks to Mrs. Bhalla on phone and says I got all puja items, is Shaila fine, tell her not to have more sweets. Ruhi wishes happy Diwali to Mrs. Bhalla and says Dadu looks sad, he missed you, come back soon. Mihika and Ishita make sweets. Mihika asks is there more Suji. Ishita asks did Simmi not get it. Simmi gets Suji and dry fruits. She says she met Romi on the way, he gave this. Mihika checks. Ishita says new phone with new sim card. Simmi says wow, Diwali gift, get ready, we have to go office for puja, wear new saree, you look good. Mihika asks Ishita to give earrings. Ishita says fine.

Mihika says thank God, I took a new number, now that blackmailer can’t call me. She goes to washroom. Ishita comes to her room to give matching earrings. Mihika calls out from washroom. Her phone rings. Ishita says whose number is this and tells Mihika about it. Mihika says answer it, it would be Romi, I did not save contacts. Ishita answers call. Its Kunal. He says smart girl, you changed number. Ishita asks how dare you blackmail my sister. Mihika comes and takes phone. Kunal says you feel this will end, our yaarana just started, your husband will not believe you, you have to get scared now. Mihika says shut up and ends call. Mihika says he knows everything about me. Ishita asks her to tell Romi, he will help. Mihika says no, I tried to tell him, I did not get right chance, blackmailed has my pics, he Romi does not understand me then, once I get pics, I will tell Romi. Ishita says fine, don’t get scared, you did not do anything wrong, stay confident, we both will together catch the blackmailer, we will go and meet Mihir. She worries for Mihika.

Raman gifts Ishita and says you are never satisfied. Ishita says you get angry always, this is worth 1.5 lakhs, your love is priceless for me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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