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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


The Episode starts with Simmi and Mihika writing their lists of items to get through Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla looks on and thinks to stop them, as Ruhi is going on imp work, not shopping. She asks them why are they giving list. Mihika says its good thing to get things from abroad. Simmi says you also like imported things. Mrs. Bhalla says if she does shopping, when will do her imp work, I mean her concert. Simmi says concert does not go on all the time, she will get it. Mihika says Ruhi will manage. Mrs. Bhalla says I will give her the lists, go and make veg list and get from market, go. Simmi and Mihika go.

Mrs. Bhalla tears list and dumps in bin. Raman tells staff that he is going Australia, don’t let anyone know this, manage my meetings, I hope everything is fine, whenever you need me,

call me. He thinks to inform Shagun and Pihu that he can’t come for few days and wishes he could meet Pihu. He calls school and teacher says Shagun took Pihu, they went out of Bangkok. He asks where, I have right to know, I m her Papa. Teacher says Shagun said she is going Adelaide with Pihu. He says Australia, fine. He ends call.

Simmi and Mihika talk of Australia. The bin falls. Mihika says I told Neelu not to keep bin here. She gets the list in bin and shows Simmi. She says it means mummy ji have thrown this in bin, maybe she did not wish us to give list to Ruhi. Simmi laughs. Simmi says I know why mumma did this, we did not ask her if she wants anything, so she has torn our list, she would add our things in her long list and would have given Ruhi, we will add more things and message Ruhi to get gifts for family. Mihika likes the idea. Adelaide is shown. Ishita lands in Adelaide and talks to the agent guy. She says this is not my bag. The man asks her to check once, maybe flight landed from Bangkok, luggage got exchanged. She asks about lost and found department, she needs her bag.

Raman asks what do you mean my bag got misplaced, I need my bag, where is baggage claim. The lady apologizes and asks him to come. They don’t see each other.

Adi calls Ruhi and asks did you land in Singapore. She says yes, I have flight for Adelaide in 3 hours. Adi tells this to Mrs. Bhalla. Simmi says tell her to call us after boarding. Ruhi hears them and smiles. She says tell them not to worry, I m fine. Adi asks them to go and do their work. Adi asks Ruhi to find the leads, I informed Papa, he would be reaching Adelaide, he is going to give divorce to Ishi maa, you have to convince Papa and make them meet. She says yes, manage home, else everyone will get in tension. Mrs. Bhalla hears Adi. Adi says no one has clue that you went Australia to find Ishimaa, sorry to send you alone. She says I m fine, don’t worry. He ends call.

Aaliya comes and asks are you shocked Adi, you have no excitement meeting me. She hugs Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi, and taunts Adi for forgetting to pick her up from airport. They support Aaliya. Simmi says I think Adi should be punished.

Mrs. Bhalla says its not Adi’s mistake, he went on his father and laughs. She reminds how Raman left Ishita in valentines party. Simmi asks Aaliya to come to her room. Aaliya says no, I will stay in Iyer house, where is Ishita. Ishita gets her bag and thanks the man. He asks her to come, her car is waiting. He gives her Australian sim card. She thanks him for the good services. Raman comes out with his bag. She feels strange and thinks why do I feel Raman is here. She gets down the car to see. He gets in the car and she misses to see him. He leaves.

Ishita is on the way and likes the city of Adelaide. She calls Vidyut. She gets his number off. She checks itinerary and gets note from Vidyut. She laughs and says is this treasure hunt. She reads and asks driver to take her to Mall. She thinks this was first stair to reach Vidyut, I m impressed. Raman calls Shagun and says her phone is off. He thinks she changed her number, I know she would go to mall. He asks driver to take him to mall.

Simmi is worried and asks Shravan to help her in moving the car. She talks to Mihir and says I will take time to reach office, I have to drop Ananya. Ananya gets Vandu’s message and keys. Simmi goes to Vandu and asks her to move Bala’s car. Simmi says I have presentation things in my car, how will I take your car. Vandu says I can’t come in gown. Simmi asks her to come. Vandu and Simmi argue over car parking. Vandu defends Bala.

Their argument get serious. Vandu says you have no husband, you won’t understand how a wife feels seeing a hardworking husband. Simmi gets sad. Ishita reaches mall and calls Vidyut. He says come on, you reached the mall. She asks where are you, are you seeing me. He says you came here for first time, you should get ready and meet me, this is your next clue, figure it out if you want to meet me. She goes to change her clothes. A lady gives her dress and shows her the trial room. Ishita thanks her and gets note from Vidyut. Vidyut writes I hope you like this dress, get ready well and come. She think to do treasure hunt to meet Vidyut. Raman comes to same store and says I know Shagun would have come here for shopping. He asks a lady about an Indian lady, typically dressed. She says ya, I have sent her there. Ishita is in trial room. Raman waits. He asks the lady what girl is she talking about. Ishita hears him.

Ishita and Raman are too close and miss to reach other other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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